Batak Bhairavi 2017
The painting that started it all. The finding of my inner creative goddess.


Like an awakening

It is happening very fast, much faster than expected.

Sometimes too fast, the need to keep grounded and breathe is overwhelming.

Hard to tell if this is personal, accelerated, hard-won healing,

Timeline’s artificial, chronological self-programming
or, really, a more global, evolutionary, phenomenon.

The world delights and enlightens, disgusts and shames, with a new intensity.

Perceiving all so clearly, poignantly, yet struggling to express,
due to the speed and force with which these bass understandings rise up and stand before.

The entire journey has never made more sense than it does now.

The very prison that was, once, a solid cage has now become
a sanctuary, a studio, an echo chamber, a lover, a life’s work, a sky, a canvas, a page.

Happiest alone and re’a’sonating wildly,

The fearful, self-isolating, exile has now, some would say at last,
morphed into that immense gift, of time and perspective,
A home.

Embrace artistic alchemy and balance that with mother.

Uniquely prepared for this journey.

Learning to cope using meditation and immersed in OM.

Chanting in the face of fear, offering hands and
asking that same awakening force
to guide them, true, into creation.

Informed only by Love.

For where there were, previously, too many paths to choose from,
A terrifying labyrinth of choice and fear,
There is now only one, holistic, mysterious way.

Proceed with immense care and consideration.

Learning how, this time with wholehearted dedication,
To be mindful.

Less most definitely more.

Tuning in and surfing balance flexibility, both prey and predator,

Open and trusting,

Presenting spirit, always humbly, to the light, wherever it can be felt shining.

And learning to


until the next.

Katarina Robertson. February 2016