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I was not going to add this to the blog, but in the spirit of documenting all of my creative endeavours, it might as well be shared!

I thought I’d have a go at composing a tune for my extremely, talented, musical Dad, to celebrate his 8th decade on this Earth.

It is the first time I have tried writing music.
It is a simple wee ditty.
Like me.

Many thanks to my talented, multi-dimensional artist, friend, Hannah Boaden, who used her magic software, to type set it for me!

Some folk think it has a nautical feel ……. played well it does have a carefree tone.

Certainly fits with my recent experiments.
Moving ‘as Water’ through Life.

He seemed to like it.

Then I thought it might be fun to make a short video, using my best photos from May 2021 to accompany it.
Hopefully they can distract from my clumsy attempt at playing it!
Though I quite like the ‘child practising in the back room’ feel to it. It is honest somehow.
It does sound much better when he plays it on his baby grand.
His score has all the slurs and other notations hand-inked on too.
Wish I had copied that before I gave it to him.

This new old-piano was rescued from the dump this week and had a bit of a bumpy ride, from the forgotten container to here. As you can hear it has not even been tuned yet!

Our old old-piano now sits in the garden.
It has come to the end of its musical usefulness.
Lots and lots of ideas for what to create with it.

I will share a post here later ……. if it comes to anything beyond fire wood!