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To understand is to destroy..

This little, rhythmical, section was the culmination of my first performance poetry work, ‘Relevant Nonsense’, devised and performed in Brighton in 1990.

For some reason it has been popping up in my mind since beginning this new mindfulness journey!

“As stranger things that stranger be.

A slower sense of to be me.

A stranger lower hum of being.

‘Me’ing in my inner tree.

That branches, probing, inner ‘me’ing,

Meowing leaving twigs behind.

And blindly sitting, beady eyeing

You, with me, pulled through these

Leaping, squealing, straining words.

To understand is to destroy.

To live is only to ask why.

And smaller squirmings crowd, like worms, among the life of  apple pie.”

Kat Robertson
(last stanza of degree show, Visual and Perfoming Arts BA, 1990)