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Used engine oil suminagashi print.

Perhaps, after all, the most obvious connection between the used old engine oil and its origins in trees is in the tree ring effect that suminagashi is so famous for.

This print was created using the technique, but with old engine oil, instead of ink, and soap.

More experiments would be necessary to heighten the depth of colour.

The simplicity of this pleases me.

Suminagashi traditional print created using old engine oil.

Suminagashi tree rings and oysters.

I thought I’d have a play with a technique I stumbled across on the internet.
Such fun. The delicate dripping of pigment and soap onto the water’s surface. This was a near perfect print of the ‘tree ring’ effect created.
I am looking for new ways to speak for the trees and something in this intrigues me.

Trying out the ancient, Japanese, art of suminagashi.
suminagashi marbling
print taken using suminagashi marbling technique.

I also went for a wonderful wander along the shore that day and picked up a few old oyster shells. The largest of my experiments looked very like an oyster shell!

'Oyster shell' suminagashi.
‘Oyster shell’ suminagashi.

There is quite a local back story on these two shells. Our native oysters are now under threat from farm introduced pacific oysters and local community are working out ways to support, perhaps farm, our old local variety here on the West Coast of Scotland.

Musing about the layered growth of all things natural.

oyster mirror
oyster mirror digital image.