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Illusion in a Pringles can!

My teen boys buy Pringles crisps.
I never know what to do with the empty ‘cans’, so hoard them!
They look so useful for something!

I made some simple kaleidoscopes, as gifts, last year, and aim to use up my, growing, collection making more, for sale from the Gaia Hut next year.
So far I have assembled 9 tubes.
Just need to think of a way to decorate the tubes….

I’m going to experiment with imagining other crafty uses for the Pringles Can.
So many tubes.
(I have explained they are not real food….)
Possibly enough now to make set for a puppet show?!

Had a bit of fun trying to photograph what the viewer sees when they look through.
These are taken just holding an A4 scan of dried flowers between the Light and the kaleioscope, and moving it around.
I will probably cut this image out and use it for these kaleioscopes, but it can be changed to anything.
The image viewed can be any print copy of anything!

Loved this tri-fairy that popped up!

Some more practical creativity!

Not all ‘in artden’, 2D, creativity going on, here on the hill.

A socially-distanced, garden, ‘get together’, when I produced a totally disfunctional chair for a freind to sit on, prompted some long over-due upcycling!

I bought these old style, ash?, kitchen chairs about 9 years ago at an auction for £5 the pair! The pine stool was from the dump.
Since bought/found, they have sat, outside, in our porch, out of the wet, but exposed to the elements.

Believe it or not, the chairs (and stool) were varnished when I bought/found them, but Time outside meant they have slowly lost their sheen.
I love this ‘driftwood’, natural, finish, but, as we discovered when my friend tried to sit on them, the glue in the joins had well and truly perished and I saw I really needed to give them some lovin’!

I began by re-gluing all the joints in the chairs, then I painted the stool with some old, oil-based, primer.
I hated it.
It dried so fast on the sunny day and everything felt sticky.
It was hard to clean up after and I was covered in spirits.
I realised I did not want to do this to my chairs!
Then I remembered I had some bees wax!
It was such a delight to sit outside, ‘feeding the wood’ of these, now re-glued, yet, beautifully, ‘wonky’ chairs.
They make me smile now everytime I see them.

I had some blue satin emulsion too, in an old tin, so decided to paint the stool blue.

Got some ideas for further decoration of these chairs…..we’ll see what happens….as you can see from this post nothing happens fast up here!
I highly recommend this ‘lazy’ approach to varnish removal though….most of the work had already been done for me, by the elements!! Thank you Ma!

Another related tale, that makes me smile, is that a freind, recently, shared with me, that her young daughter always remembers me as the ‘lady who feeds the wood’!
Isn’t that wonderful!
They had come up to visit my Gaia-Hut Open Day, last year, just as I was waxing some stunning old wood ‘samples’ that my wood-turning grandfather had made.
She had helped me rub it in for a while.
That’s me.
The lady who ‘feeds the wood’.

Talking of the Gaia-Hut, (the tiny gallery/outside,travelling, studio/workshop/puppet show/venue to celebrate all things Gaia), work continues, on these sunny days, at that same incremental speed.
Sometimes I worry that the tyres will rot before I get to go anywhere with it!

Table/storage/bed system prooved a bit of a headache, as I kept making small changes that affected previous descisions. Happy to say it is now functioning properly! And now I have had another idea that will extend it’s multi-functionality into becoming a ‘sofa’ too!

The plywood I found at the dump has become a wooden floor.
Still wondering about how to finish this.
Bees-wax is a no-go as the ply is coated and does not take the wax well. Considering more burning….perhaps a full, shu-sugi-ban, burn?…or maybe some pyro-designs?…I do not want it too dark.
It is looking like, whatever I decide, it will still need a polyurethane coating to protect it….something I had hoped to avoid.
Even wondering, as a lover of natural wear and tear, if I could live with it slowly changing with use, but it would then look ‘dirty’ at first, until the patina really kicks in…
I have cut up some old lino, which will become part of ‘the kit’ for messier activities, to cover it while I decide what to do….

The honeycomb storage was also a departure from my ‘only recycling’ breif to myself. I was going to make something like this, using up lots of mismatched bits of wood, but then I saw these craft boxes for sale, at £3.50 each! I couldn’t resist! And this has saved me so much work!
I do feel a bit as if I have cheated though….

As yet, while work continues, unable to use this tiny space as a studio/plein aire escape…still full of materials and tools….but getting closer each day I work on it.
Washing machine ‘window’ in the door next and shutters for the window side….

The swallows love to roost on it, so it has it’s uses.

Fish Eye.

This was a fun one.
The prompt from our local, lockdown, Art Challenge was ‘Fish/Boat/Sea’ Wave’.

As usual I always use this challenge to push myself out of my comfort zone and already knew that for this week I wanted to ‘build’ something, using some of the vast collection of recycled bits and bobs I have been gathering over the years, keeping out of the landfill.

As I sat in the art-den and contemplated what I could do, I began to wonder what a fishing boat might look like from the point of view of a fish!?

It was not long before I spotted an old, wall-light, glass staring at me, unblinking.

And so this piece began to intuitivley build from there!

I used some up some old glass paint and painted a simple fish eye, on the outside of, the frosted glass.
I then looked at some images of photographs, taken from under water, of boats.
Then turning it over, I painted a basic boat shape and a few fish ‘dots’, then placed an old lemon bag net on it, and, messily, began to layer two shades of blue crepe-paper over that.

I had no idea if it would work or not!

But was very happily suprised when I held it up to the sun. really quite an effective illusion!

As a family we enjoyed the way it changed as night fell….

So, another peculiar, ‘object d’arte’, curiosity to clutter up our house!

Such an odd thing!