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Playing in Mud again.

Sick of going ‘roon and roon’ with the mandalas and needing to connect with my, creative, inner child.
So it was no real suprise to find myself playing in mud again.
I get so lost in it.
It fits every need in me.
Just soil/earth and water. Nothing else.
And so giving. Endless possibilities.
This time I have been exploring printing techniques.
I am very excited by some of the effects created, but still have little control over them!
The print dictates the image, rather than having a plan!
Earth speaks through the medium.

I make a mono-print and then ‘draw out’, by simply moving ‘earth about’, what image I see ‘sleeping’ in the shapes made.

This mud art is very difficult to photograph well,
All these experiments are done on white paper, even using photoshop editing on them is prooving difficult.
It is impossible to simply replace background on these as much of the subtlety is lost, and, in some instances, seemingly impossible to loose ‘the blue’ of white paper.

To the best of my ability I have reproduced these images as true to their real appearance as possible!

kat robertson artist
Initial first experiments with printing in mud.

This print below has to be my favorite.
(See the top picture in this post, top left, for a truer idea of the colours and subtle texture in the mud, after applying linseed oil fix.)
This wee mud fairy was clearly calling to be ‘drawn out’ of the mud!

I have been experimenting with adding pigments/fixatives to the mud.
But this does not work.
The pigment stains the paper in a way that then does not allow further, effective, manipulation of the mud before it dries, which is more than half the fun!
I discovered (during the creation of Delta State) that I can add pigment to the dried, finished, piece if I require it.
I am also experimenting with some alternative fixing methods, as I feel these prints loose a lot of texuture when the linseed oil is applied.
More muddy experimenting to follow!

kat robertson artist
kat robertson artist

Delta State.

Delta State a
Inspired by Grayson Perry’s Art Club to do some drawing.
It has been a while.
The prompt was ‘Dreaming’.

I did a few random searches on ‘dream states’ and was reminded that the name of the brainwave, associated with deep dreaming, is ‘Delta Wave’. These brain waves, electrial impulses, now recorded using electroencephalography (EEG).

I meditated on these words and an image began to take form, behind my eyelids.

I really enjoyed a return to charcoal (probably still my favorite medium of all time!). Burned Tree.
I used a plastic stylus to invisibly carve ‘rivers’, running from the centre out to the edge, each reaching a ‘delta’ at the edge.
Then, when I took the charcoal over the page, it worked like a rubbing, the ‘rivers’ remaining white.
I worked it up from there, getting lost in the ‘mountains’ and land forms that appeared and disappeared with the swipe of an erasor or the rubbing blackness of my finger. Enjoying all the accidental illusions.
As I worked I began to wonder if I had made a mistake making the centre ( that had also clearly became the pupil of an eye) so very dark?
Perhaps the rivers should run from the edge and become delta near the centre? With the ocean as the pupil?
No possibility to change that now.
I introduced soil pigment and was amazed at the sheen it had to it when used with charcoal in this way.
And eventually reached a point when the piece could be worked no further.
One of those pieces when the best versions lie hidden under later layers.

I googled ‘river deltas from space’ and sat, open-mouthed, gaping at the Beauty of these branching, sediment carrying, ‘tree’-like, neuron, blood vessel, veins of Life.
Each finding their own way, pulled by Gravity, following paths of least resistance, at last to join, the Ocean.
I learned that, apart from the threat of rising ocean levels, our world’s great river deltas are actually sinking.
This is due to damming and other human-made, water diversions, higher up stream.
The sediment is no longer washed down to the sea.
Less and less, new, silty land is being created. Fewer nutrients feeding our shores.
This natural barrier to coastal erosion removed by our own, ignorant, subtraction.
(Sub-traction. Ex-traction. These words now haunt my Dreamtime. Our human obsession with all things ‘traction’ so tied up with removing the very earth’s surface we seek ‘traction’ upon! Mechanically hauling ourselves forward. At what cost? ‘Progress’ and ‘traction’ becoming the same word in my kookie mind……)
The real irony is that these deltas provide such rich, fertile, plains, on which huge numbers of humans have made their homes.
And now they are the first to suffer ……

I created a ‘sketch’ mandala using Nasa photograph of the Great Ganges River Delta from space.

kat robertson artist

Delta State b
I loved the colours of this mandala and resolved to work again with this vision.
This is something I rarely do as my experience is that, everytime I attempt to re-do, better, a vision, it looses rather than gains anything! It seems always to become more contrived.
This time I used my mud preparation and ‘drew’ the rivers through that with a wet brush.
It made sense to try using actual soil/earth, with the direction this idea was moving in.
I sought out my beloved Prussian Blue watercolour and painted an ocean around. I soaked the paper around the ‘mud Earth’ with water and delighted in watching the sediment joining the ocean, the exact same green from the photo mandala glowing through, as the soil met my artifical watery blue…..
It became clear to me that the ‘pupil’ was now an ice cap. A polar region. Each river now beginning as a glacier.
The centre of the ‘eye’ became frozen, white.
Perhaps also a dreaming/trance eye? Pushing the subconscious, mental ‘sediment’, out into a wider ‘field’ …..?

In truth, I did not like this version much.
The rivers did not flow and they reminded me more of roots.
The mediums used seem to clash somehow. So many elements I loved, but overall I found no Beauty in this work.
I learned a few new tricks with mud, but again reached a point of no return. Over-worked.
(I was also reminded how extremely difficult it is to photograph this mud art. These images do little to represent the original, but are the closest I managed to get! It is something to do with the colour/quality of the mud. In edited pictures it always looks more ‘pooey’ than to the naked eye!)

Delta State (final version)
I sat with it again.
One more attempt.
This time only soil/earth on paper. Pure Mud art.
I worked slowly , more mindfully. Mapping out the precious deltas.
Working in negative.
Only adding what needed to be added.
Never ‘taking away’.
The rivers and oceans were the page itself.
Water is Life.
I took great care to leave them alone, not to ‘dam’ them.
Where they met the ocean, I used my finger to sweep the powdered earth out into the white paper ‘ocean’ surrounds.
This time a definite , snow-capped, volcano, began to take shape.
Lying in the centre of this ‘earth-eye’.
It’s crater, the focal point.
I found, again, great pleasure in simply moving the mud to create valleys and mountains, seeing how the terrain morphed and and changed, with the slightest sweep of the brush.
A joy to work with such a slow drying medium. Even when it has dried, it can be rehydrated with water and softens again.
Water and Earth, with the brush playing the part of Weather and Time.

kat robertson artist

Then it was finished.

I fixed the piece using linseed oil, which, again, changed the finish.
I feel it lost some of the ‘magical detail in its terrain’, but this step is necessary, to stop the whole thing crumbling to dust.
(Note to the cynics out there, I will not give away all my secrets, but this method of fixing does work! I now have mud art pieces that are over a year old and show no signs of crumbling! )

The photographs do not really do it justice, but it pleases me.
It now is.
Another piece of physical evidence to prove my ‘doing’ …… to document here …. to qualify my existence …..

I did enter it to the TV show, but hold little hope of being chosen. Image not screen-grabbing enough? Not really Grayson Perry’s style either. I do not have a mobile, so did not record my video ‘on my phone’ as requested. I do not do Zoom or other facetime apps, so would probably prove to be a bit of an awkard body, even if they did choose to feature ‘Delta State’!?

I did enjoy working to this prompt though.

Words often provide the gateway to the image in this ‘artist’s way’.

I may revisit this idea again, sometime.

It has traction.

A Joy Spiral for Kathie W.

All in the link!

“What happens when an online sister requests of the world that her freinds connect with each other and create Joy Spirals as her birthday wish. Asks for them to do something, anything!
In this instance, one plays violin, sent the clip to another, who then paints in mud while listening! Never having met before, yet all connecting in the moment. Such fun!! Let us all create Joy Spirals!”
Kat Robertson

Busy Bee and Me.

This is how I have been internally these last weeks. Mind buzzing around. Jumping from one domestic job to the next. From one possible explanation for this chaos to the next.

Settling down again now.
Assimilating the financial worries and new routine.

So lovely to see this. Sat there for some time just watching.

There have been some wonderful, local, online, initiatives recently also, as a response to the lockdown.

A local art class opened their weekly prompts up to the entire community.
This week the theme was ‘Boots’ to celebrate the footwear that takes us all out and about around here.
The whole collection was fab, but not sure I can share here without permission.
So many talented creatives living here!

This was my offering.

This is a still-life of my beloved, old, Merrell boots, painted only in soil and water, then fixed with linseed.
The technique I am ‘working up’ still and using to create illustrations for a friend’s book.
Interesting to try a still-life with mud.
A very different approach to asking it to ‘show me’, but very rewarding.
I learned new ways to ‘work it’.
It was only later that I realised they were off, but placed in a landscape.
(Not parked on the doorstep as some others chose to do, I guess referencing the lock down)
This is typical of me, as a consummate bare-footer, whenever possible!

‘Muddy Boots’ for Craignish Art Challenge

Then there was also this wonderful invitation, from a dear artist friend, to carry on her ‘red thread’ idea on this side of the peninsula.

This shows her original post on our community page.
I messaged her saying how wonderful I thought it was and she wondered if I’d like to carry it on over the hill!?
A few days later I collected the, suitably quarantined, red, organic twine from a box outside her gate and threaded along our road.
I had to be quite careful how I arranged it, bearing in mind animals and birds.
The idea was to make it look like it arose from the landscape and disappeared back into it.
It is very subtle and only visible if you really look.
But great to look out for when out walking!
Sometimes I sewed it through the verge….
It really felt like I was weaving connections too.
(I enhanced the photos a little to try and make it stand out.)
Click on first image to see as a gallery with more information

Isn’t that a gorgeous idea!?

The blackthorn blossom is really beginning to glow here too.
It was singing at the side of the road when I made our weekly, 38 mile return, shopping trip today. No-one else’s orders to collect or deliver this week.

In honor of it I thought I might also share one of my very first (and favorite ever) mandalas. From the 10th April 2017.

blackthornblossom mandala 2017

And I know I wrote that I had finished with the, almost sci-fi, speculation (re-5G and this virus) of the last two posts, but this popped into my mind during a messenger conversation with an online sister today.
I thought it would take me forever to find this piece, (hidden deep in my first blog experiment from 2013/15: An anonymous transcribing of all my old diaries. ‘KATALYZOR : A Pile of dissected diaries’ ), but it leaped up with such force I bravely decided to share on my Facebook page.
I might as well weave it in here too.

This seems to show well what I think could really be lost if 5G is switched on…and just how long I have been ‘walking this walk’…..barefoot.

Link to diary entry on ‘energy being everything and evolutionary shifts in consciousness’

(Woah…the first swallow just flew right up to my open window and darted away again. I can hear them chattering away somewhere near. Going to check it out!)

ice thickens on streams 71/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Dalkan’ / greater cold, 20th January – 3rd February.
Micro climate ‘ice thickens on streams’ 25th January – 29th January.

The Ice here comes and goes.
We’ve had, heavy, hail storms and one morning we had snow!

I made this mandala from the photos of the Pixie Cup (Cladonia Pxyidata?) lichen.
Apparently Cladonia lichens are quite difficult to identify, as there are so many of them. The photograph online that most matched mine was titled this, and the site seemed like they knew a lot about lichens, so I am going with this identification!
I’ll probably spend the rest of my life thinking of all Cladonia as ‘Pixie lichen’ though. I love Common names.

Loving the tiny spore ‘antennae’ that popped up in this mandala.

The Gaia-hut looked very authentic in the snow.
It often ‘calls’ me, but the weather and exposure here have meant that I am, effectively, waiting for a real break in the weather before starting work again.
This Time has proved, though, that it is weather tight and I have had the fire on a couple of times.
There is quite a bit of ‘stuff’ stored inside and, as it is such a tiny house/gallery, it will not function comfortably until all the ‘tricks’/storage are built into it.

But it waits and I am excited to get on with it!
Do not know where it’ll take me in summer 2020!

This pile of pith is the by-product of the floss siemmens, (soft rush rope), making.
Such an interesting material.
I am so curious as to possible uses for it as this grows everywhere here. Local farmers would love it if someone came along and harvested it, even on our own patch we have a lifetimes supply.
I learned that it was one of the first forms of home lighting, so played around with making small dipping candles (re-purposing old wax collected over years!) and using it in more traditional ways, as a rush light.
The 10cm candles lasted about 15 minutes with a bright clean flame.
The rush lights could have burned for twice that time.
But this time I only tested it quickly just dipping it into our smelly ‘fat jar’.
It was clear how well this would work, but better to do it with a clearer fat/oil! And pick fat, autumn rushes….

I am totally in love with this process.
My fingers seem to remember it.
I have 14.5 meters of it now!
Sitting in the kitchen, twisting rushes and listening to great podcasts…while cooking. Perfect!
And, as I make it, so many different ways of using it come to mind.
Definitely a good ‘craft’ to ‘carry in mind’ with the tiny gallery!
My professional bushcraft mates tell me that they have great results with autistic kids and adults with learning difficulties when they introduce this so simple, primal technique to them. I can feel why!
Traditionally it was the children who harvested, prepared and replaced the rush lights in the home.
It was their responsibility to bring light.
Such a poetic ring to that.

The finshed cord has such a wonderful spring and life to it and it will change quite a lot with age.
It will lighten, become more tan in colour.
I saw, and felt, some my friend had made years ago and it was still waxy and soft. More beautiful, if anything.

I have not trimmed the ends, as I think un-trimmed looks great for an organic, art project, but normally all the ends would all be trimmed.

I love making it so much I might make loads more and widen the band. Using braiding perhaps? Tying objects in?!
Deadline is in April, so excited to see what grows from this…

The Earth Grid image is still nagging me, so I experimented with working it in mud.

I really wish these photographs did them justice….they really do not….but here it is…
Earth Grid 1.

kat robertson artist

pheasants start to call 69/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Shokan’ / lesser cold, 5th January – 19th January.
Micro climate ‘pheasants start to call’ 15th January – 19th January.

Not hearing the pheasants now.
Come to think of it I’ve missed their calls in the Autumn.
Normally more aware of their shrieks.

I am sitting here hearing a wood pigeon coo, through the open window, though.
And we never heard them up here until a few years ago.

All change.

My son swears he heard monkey’s shrieking in the woods the last few nights!
We ‘joked’ about climate change.
I am pretty sure though it is our longtime, night-time, lullaby here, the screech owl.

It makes me wonder that he has not heard them before.

Perhaps its because I now turn the wi-fi off every night!


Yesterday we were treated to the most spectacular sunrise and sunset here on the West Coast.
Witnessed this awe inspiring sunrise from our backdoor and found myself wondering about the old phrase ‘Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning’…. such an unusual ‘column of light’ effect….

Then I drove, the 150 mile round trip, to bring the boys to see their Granny in Southend, Kintyre.
(the very end of the bit in Scotland, that pokes right out into the Atlantic Ocean, trying to touch Ireland, I always think.)

I love the salt-tasting air, wild coastline and big skies ‘down’ there.

After the most delicious treat meal out at Muneroy’s Tearooms we came out to see this!!

It really was glowing like embers.

The picture of the house shows how this sunset reflected in its windows.
For a moment I thought that they had the most incredible, psychedelic, wallpaper!!

‘Red sky at night shepherd’s delight’!!

A day of perfect openings and closings.

Deep Gratitude for such wonders.

Here, in Argyll, we have been experiencing the most weird lights in the sky, this last week or so, as these wild, unpredictable, fronts swirl around the UK.

One day the whole sky was yellow, then another day really quite violet, now this!

It really makes me wonder about the path of the Rainbow Serpent.
I feel it in my dreaming.
Like something profound and wonder full is percolating.

I choose this, informed, optimism.

I have been very inspired, by a program I watched recently, explaining quantum entanglement.
I feel like I ‘get it’ completely!
To me this is wholeness.
The Gaia Theory in micro.
The huge ‘entanglement’ that is all Life on Earth.
Unbidden, my mind began to dance with images of Celtic knotwork and how these, ancient manuscripts, seems to speak of this knowledge/science.
I experienced visions of the ‘inhabited world tree’ used in the book of Kells.
They called to me.
I simply had to try it out.

(Partially influenced by a real need to find a way to produce work that:
a) is sale-able/attractive to the many tourists here and
b) continues to hold any fascination and integrity for me, to the extent that I could reproduce the process again and again.)

This seems perfect!

Celtic, painted with the soil: and also a very meditative, dream-like process, which I am falling in complete love with.

I know in my bones there might be great possibilities for this in mud for me.

This is my first experiment. I learned so much, doing this, about how to approach the next one, that I am rearing to go with a whole collection in this style/medium.

I am also, now, inspired to experiment with painting, miniature, mud-landscapes, the hills and islands around here.
Another possible, locally sale-able, ‘pot-boiler’.
Each tiny originals at an affordable price!

So interesting this Journey of Divine Timing, how it takes me.
Through soil, to ancestral, cultural roots and the land.
Almost as if being led at times.

I did actually take these to a local art gallery a few days ago.
I felt they did not know really what to make of them.
A pretty cool response (and my now normal, anxious, social psycho-babble did not help! I really have got to work on this!)
I am so sure, though, that this will work, that it is my ‘thing’, I am just going to keep on with it.
Staying positive.

I have also been looking into sending some of my vast collection of poems to publishers.

I still find it pretty difficult to get my head around all the submission rules and regulations, but have gleaned that most are not keen on anything that has previously been published online.

As a poet who regularly grabs the moment, (and the words that grab me), live, online, and publishes straight away, that would mean that almost none of my poems would meet their criteria?!
I have also ‘collected’ loads of my older work in the form of a transcribed, diary blog. (2013) Really just as a way of documenting it all and this process formed a big part of my healing journey, as I had lost sight of myself. Few of them were fully crafted either, I had always intended to re-visit them.
But in theory all of them are ‘out’ too, despite the extreme lack of traffic I have ever managed to earn, on either of these blogs!?

I had already decided to include writing as part of my daily practice in 2020.
But now have decided to write on Word only and not to share.
Then, hopefully, I will have a whole batch of fresh words to send to different publishers in a few months.

My original 2020 plan was to simplify my Rolling Om to just an art piece and a poem each week, but now it will just a picture and no words.

Much as I have enjoyed taking part in online projects that require commitment and to be seen to their conclusion (they have really helped with my self-discipline issues!) I am looking forward, now, to sinking into my own rhythm again, with all this learning behind me and a clearer path ahead.

I am being pulled away from this screen in these Times and deeper into the 5D experience now, which I am excited about.
I have the feeling of having built, solid foundations, have better control of the reins.
Now I simply need to have a bit of trust in this natural creative fountain/channel that is me! And keep it flowing!

Fed up with turning over the past.
Protesting the future.

And all this feels like it is fitting together like a perfect, but strange, puzzle.
Going to roll with it.

These words poured out of me the other day, in response to hearing an authoritative speaker, on the radio, refer to ‘bright-siders’, those with more spiritual, energy-based, approaches to ‘healing the Earth’, in derogatory tones.

The Bright Side.

The bright side is the side that SHINES.

That takes the Time to see the sun rising in the morning,

sending shafts of brilliance over dew diamond grasses.

The frost that sparkles on tree boughs and twigs.

Hears the stream that giggles and froths ever toward the sea.

Marvels at the tiny seed.

The bright side is always connected.

Resting in the moment.

Always enabled to find beauty, and power, in the humblest of natural forms.

Is aware of its birth by the push and pull of huge, unfathomable, forces.

That side that breathes in the GIFT of breath,

That feels constantly supported by gravity, earth, water, fire, and fresh air,

Is never alone and exists in innocence and trust.

That shows gratitude for what has not yet gone and weeps asking forgiveness for all that is being destroyed.

That only desires to give back.

The bright side sings with the wind

And bows to the storm.

Bending like a willow in the blast or, with gratitude, finds shelter in between the stones, or in the roots of a tree.

Allows itself to dance with moonlight on its skin

And sees visions in the flame.

The bright side dreams, with fierce dedication, of a love that can only lead to wholeness.

The bright side shows trust in Creation and lives for each glorious day.

And the bright side knows the darkness better

than the darkness knows itself.

The darkness fears the bright side

for when the bright side looks towards the darkness,

The darkness is scattered by its Light.

Kat Robertson 16th January 2020

This might be one of the last poems shared anywhere online for a while.

Going to be interesting to see if the words still come, without the immediacy of feeling like I am ‘speaking’ live!? The sense of possibly being received!?

Perhaps I will have to ‘do it’ on Facebook, then cut and paste!

I learned a new ‘category of artist’ from a Billy Connolly documentary yesterday too (of all things!)

A Surrealist Automist.

I quite liked that! Seems to describe this process pretty well.

A Surrealist Automatic Optimist even!

Only 3 more of these, often uber-honest, 72 seasons, experimental posts, to complete, before this new, minimalist, regimen commences….

All change.

And Mind The Gap.

Note to self:
“LIGHT does not have to be seen shining for it to be LIGHT.”

springs thaw 68/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Shokan’ / lesser cold, 5th January – 19th January.
Micro climate ‘springs thaw’ 10th January – 14th January.

I am increasingly confused by these seasons.
We are nearly the same latitude as Japan.
This season is ‘lesser cold’, the next is ‘greater cold’ and yet ‘springs thaw’??
I found this Japan tourism site which suggests the seasons in Japan vary quite a bit from north to south, but that they are distinct.
Not something that can really be said about Scotland, although also an island, with a warm west and a bitter east.
Famously we get a lot of rain, with more light in summer and a lot less in winter.
Having lived in, and around, central Europe for 4 years, I find I miss ‘real’ seasons.
I love SNOW and with this warming effect I feel we may get even less of it here (although the climate is so ‘up in the air’ (pardon the pun!) who, frankly, knows?!)
I also love hot, dry summers.
Living in the wrong country for those too!

I am where I am and thankful for the humidity in so many ways, even if the relentless, greyness of days can get me down sometimes.
And when the light shows off here, it really is a blessing!

(Just tried again to get the 72 seasons app on my android tablet, to see alternative titles. Sometimes much gets lost in translation! This time it downloaded properly. A bit late for this project, but interesting to note that it titles this season ‘the spring water holds warmth’ which makes altogether more sense to me!
This winter ground so alive despite the bleak upper levels.)

Things in the artden keep buzzing along.

I made this gif while focusing intention/prayer on the Aboriginal ceremony at Uluru on the 12th.
“May the path of the Rainbow Serpent be clear!”
(I also made another, more psychedelic, video intention piece featured in the previous post on that day, using my orginal Rainbow Serpent and Egg drawing)

This is what the gif above ended up as while intuitively feeling into the wet mud after making it.
I see ripples on water with leaves floating on it?

Quite a little collection forming now.
I have had some issues with folk online commenting that they look like ‘shit’. Not very encouraging and difficult, now, not to think about it when I am working, but still believe there is something in this medium, soil, that is not ‘just shit’!

While I was putting this offering together, there was the most almighty, single, lightening strike outside and all the lights flickered!
The boys both thought it had hit the house!
I had to go out in the dark to check that my husband was ok!
But his car has gone too, so he must be on walk-about.
Very strange. Just one rumble. Just one flash. As if the energy had built up and just needed release. All the hairs on my arms are standing straight up!
Perhaps this is the re-balancing caused by the ceremony?!

The weather certainly has been wild.
The winds the other day were touching gale force 12 at times.
My kids were nearly stranded at the school due to the sea-roads being bashed by high tide storm waves and our local bus being unable to get through.
There was a stunning moment during that storm when the sun suddenly came out.
Shame I cannot photograph the wind (or the noise!), but it did feel odd to see a rainbow in such wild winds and the light was almost spooky.

Due to this weeks wild weather I have not been out much.
But I was reminded of school art classes when I cut open this red cabbage the other day.
I still find these absolutely stunning.

So I made some ‘cabbagey’ mandalas!

parsley flourishes 67/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Shokan’ / lesser cold, 5th January – 19th January.
Micro climate ‘parsley flourishes’ 5th January – 9th January.

I am having a hard time finding just a few sprigs of parsley in our garden now, so not flourishing here.
I am feeling the muscular, stagnating, effects of deep hibernation and seem to be constantly fighting fluey symptoms.

Spent most of the day trying to learn about positive and negative ions and the Earth’s ionosphere.
Their importance and how they affect us all.
I have been quite active against 5G, along with many others, but Elon Musk and friends, seem to march on regardless.
I did not understand before the ‘drying’ effect of the internet.
I had quite a powerful, visionary response to seeing the latest plans.

Currently we have around about 2000 satellites orbiting our planet and 1000’s more pieces of ‘space junk’…. collectively another 42,000 satellites are planned over the next few years!! WTF!!!

In my way of understanding ALL LIFE is essentially electromagnetic frequencies.
“May the Force Be With You”
I have an electromagnetic reading, we all do.
All living things register on a meter.
I presume, by the laws of Gaia, these natural charges are calibrated ‘just right’. All in perfect balance. In the majestic, mysterious hands of the ‘Great Puppeteer’.

In more recent years humans have brought many new frequency emitting devices into our, collective, atmosphere.
It began with quite low frequencies, with radio waves (remember old am radio?), the microwave cooker, television…now we have moved right up the scale, to wireless broadband 3G and 4G.
All with. logically, very little understanding of the long term consequences of this new technology.
While I do, obviously , enjoy some of the fruits of this enterprise, the ability to ‘publish’ ( I still do not own a SMART phone and see myself as privileged to live in a place with very, fresh air and bad coverage), to stay (loosely) in touch with old friends, to connect with others in global meditation initiatives etc, I wish I could say from my heart that any of these human ‘evolution’s’ have been good for our health or the wider, planetary, environment.

When I look I clearly see a haunting correlation with the rise of certain ‘new’ illnesses, of cancer, dementia, and the general state of our collective mental health.
None of which has been proven, or even widely and publicly discussed.

It is certainly true in our house that just the simple power usage of our average family has only increased since the advent of the internet, something rarely discussed or highlighted on screen.
Not high on any Google search.

That is a huge amount of ‘users‘. All with vastly differing agendas.

It is the sheer scale of the proposed infrastructure for 5G is that is most nightmarish to me.

Now we are polluting space itself.

My ‘vision’ directly connected all the bushfires in California, and now Australia, with the building and recent activation of these new 5G towers.
I found quite a few connected ‘conspiracy’ sites that also suggest this might be true.

The Timing seems to me to make this a cause for real concern. Such hot fires.

I can only pray that I am wrong.

All earthly atrocities I feel we can still fight, but when we live in a world where space is being privatized? Where a signal-sending network of interference is being constructed as we all speak? As all of us share? Socially mediating. (that is not a mistype).
The good has so far outweighed the bad for me, but can I knowingly be a part of this!?
More importantly do I have a choice not to be?
I can choose to live in a cave, but I will never hear that frequency again. The true one, that guides and nourishes, will now forever be blasted with all this interference.


How can the same man come out about his fears of AI ‘being a potential danger to the public’, while simultaneously massively funding the infrastructure for AI, allowing it to literally gorge on data, our data?

This how it learns.

I know.

I’ve been gorging on data for a few years now.

This is why I work so hard to feedback some of my own brand of Love and Beauty and Curiosity.
It has a bad diet.
It needs more understanding of our relationship with the Earth.
How much we depend upon it. It needs more Earth Love. Wholeness. One Love.
There is a lot of this out there….we just need more….every tiny drop adds to this ocean of Love and informs this huge, digital child.

On the positive side, we may all mutate, cell damage leading to adaptation.
I read about EMF refugees today, so I guess not all of us will survive it, or conversely, they will be the only ‘survivors’.
The ‘plugged in’s and the ‘not-plugged-in’s.
I am sure I do not want this forced upon me……but that is how this works.
I am choosing it by participation.
I am used to feeling like that.
Rocks and Hard places.
Being made a hypocrite against my will.
But now this!
Higher than chem-trails. More insidious and invisible than a slowly deteriorating nuclear power station in Japan, or the deforestation in the Amazon, than world slavery or tribal genocide.

So out of reach.

In space.

We simply have to learn vibrate at a higher level.
We have to hijack this new infrastructure and use it for the force of good.
I mean really find a new frequency.
I will be joining others the world over in beaming light over the next few, astrologically, powerful months.

I bought a cheap mesh drawer system, as a Faraday cage, for our router (and portable phone base) today. Pretty ridiculous really when soon the whole of Father Sky will be ringing with the same tune.
The incessant ‘sound’ of human messages.
Louder than ever before. 24/7.
No pocket of the Earth’s surface left unchanged by it.
So frightened by what affect this may have on Gaia’s sensitive balance…….

When I originally painted this self-portrait I did not know what the colander that appeared on my head was about, but I liked it.
Now I know exactly why!

This was one of my first serious attempts at drawing again after all those ‘dark’ years ‘away’ from it.
And the first time I used only soil pigment and homemade charcoal with linseed oil.

I feel like I am coming round full circle.

There is some debate whether this linseed oil can be used on paper. But several old masters used to soak their charcoal sticks in it to draw and those drawings remain.
I have this painting still, as a tester, and it shows no sign of deterioration yet, after 3 years. I bet they’d burn well though.

kat robertson artist

The oil in the paper means they do take on a strange luminosity when held up to the light.
I have often though this might make interesting lampshades….the earth element in them might even work against any fire danger!?
Rock, at least, does not burn.

I’ve been finding these so difficult to photograph well.
They are small, but look best seen from a slight distance.
And have a wonderful quality to them too when handled.

So I am preparing to really knuckle down and focus on this energy work to heal our Mother.
The new Age of Aquarius beckons.
All change.
Let’s hold All up to the Light, learn to see in new ways and gain new luminosity, forever grateful to our Father Sky and Earth Mother and asking for guidance and, importantly, forgiveness.
And all keep rolling OMward toward harmony, balance and abundance.
Deep Bow and hope to feel you all there too, focused also on the Big LOVE.
Come as you are.


(working inspired by the ‘7 Days of Rest and Radiant Diversity 2020‘ global, online, earth healing, experiment)

My intuition alarms are ringing again.

Couldn’t stop wondering about possible connections between the introduction of 5G….and all these fires this morning.

Read a lot of anti-5G material this morning.

“The issue is microwave radiation, which has been steadily intensifying for over two decades courtesy of the wireless revolution. 5G will bring a huge increase in radiation, virtually overnight, everywhere—in cities, suburbs, parks, nature preserves, wildlife refuges, oceans, Greenland, and Antarctica.
Instead of cell towers every few miles, there will be cell towers—small but
powerful—in front of every third to fifth home. Instead of 2,000 satellites orbiting the Earth, there will shortly be 50,000″

50,000 satellites!

This makes no sense to me at all.

“OK stop polluting the world with plastic, but Yay! Let’s fill or own ionosphere with more of our junk, so we get coverage of the whole world , ever last inch of it”

What is this going to do to all Life on Earth?

All this, focused, radiation. This artificial, electromagnectic, frequency?

Who is Elon Musk? What has he done to Tesla?

Talk about a trojan horse.

Australia’s towers were erected only last summer…..

It’s hard not to wonder.

I visualize the beam being reflected back by our collective light, or perhaps I’ll need to start inventing a beam conductor, for houses, to deflect it, to earth it??

Our internet is not great, in fact it’s terrible, but this is too much….and all in the hands of private companies…

I am weeping again.

But this is not the Time, or place.

So many terrible, possible, scenarios in this world.

It only makes the NOW more precious.

So this is Day 7.

The penultimate day of this inspiring 7 Days of Rest.

It is always fascinating to really notice each day passing.
To witness the differences, the diversity of days with all senses.

I think that is why I enjoy ‘journaling’ style projects so much.
(I am looking forward to not having a, self-imposed, daily deadline though!)

So Thank You all 7 Dayers! Especially to all who work to make this happen.

The vibrations of all that has been shared will resonate on with all of us and help sustain us through the coming months.

I stand with you all in our collective dreaming.

See you next year!

Again…what a wonderful way to dive deeper and focus intentions.

My mud art is revolving!

May the wheels of Radiant Life keep turning as we launch ourselves into the new decade.

And we all keep Rolling OMward!


(working inspired by the ‘7 Days of Rest and Radiant Diversity 2020‘ global, online, earth healing, experiment)

Difficult to settle this morning.
Watered, and talked to, all my houseplants.
Loved watching the birds as I did the dishes.
This is how my mind felt this morning.
Darting about all over the place.
Like the wren I saw first thing today.
So quick and bright.
Is this empathy?
How I watch and, in watching, feel how light, fast and miraculous these tiny birds are?
Recognizing my own mind in their darting movements?
How I feel for the birds in winter and so put out food for them?

Or is it just my selfish delight, the acute pleasure of standing in our, warm, house and watching them through the glass, jumping with life and taking it in turns.
Well….they take it in turns most of the time…..watch that goldfinch!

By the time I got into the artden today I thought I knew what I was going to do.
But then yesterday’s drawing of the Moss Caller began to annoy me…it really had not captured the character I encountered in the mandala the day before.
Moss Caller was a much kinder faced, more Empathic being.
I suddenly saw a way to make the failed digital experiments of yesterday work. I had to give it another go.
(All the while wondering why I was not concentrating on Empathy and listening to Shelley Ostroff’s guided meditation for the day.)
The, carefully measured, little pencil drawing (below) went ok, but I just couldn’t get the photoshop idea to work.
I gave up on that and then made a GIF, illustrating the way these mud paintings dry …. it worked brilliantly, but then I saved it in the wrong format, having already deleted the project.
So that was 2 precious hours wasted.

Time to get in the zone and focus.

I listened to Shelley Ostroff’s Empathy guided meditation.

When asked to envision what Empathy might look like, Empathy looked like me!
I feel a bit embarrassed admitting that, but ‘she’ did!
I suppose that being the very best at ‘standing in another’s shoes’ could mean Empathy can appear like them?

I rested deeply and let the meditation move through me.
Letting go and rooting. It was a deep, nourishing experience.
As I slowly opened my eyes I realised that I did, really, want to continue working with this pencil drawing.
That I really wanted to use the mud with it….. soon I was in that inspired, creative, buzzing, mindful-mindless, zone again.
This is the stuff that heals the world.
I actually believe that and in showing gratitude for this gift of letting go.

What I learned was that one can have ’empathy’ for a medium too. Learning what it likes and does not like. What works and what doesn’t.
It is a very intimate relationship.
Every time I work with soil/water I am feeling into it, always learning something new.

I made a slide show that shows how much the painting changes as it drys. This is all part of the joy I have in working with soil.
It kind of looses all definition and becomes flat, opaque, dusty….. muddy.

But then….when I add the linseed oil ‘sealant’ it all ‘pops’!

The only thing is …. I have little real control over what the finished piece will actually look like…and no way of turning back.

Loving ‘finding’ new effective ways to move the mud around, always thinking ahead to this point in the process.

And as I do so it is impossible not to gain deeper understanding of the moss that inspired this, to feel the sense of this being sacred SOIL I am working with and I feel some satisfaction in seeing the Moss Caller I ‘saw’ better represented, in the end.

Is that a kind of empathy too?

I love it when a project does not end up in the bin.

Anyone empathize?

kat robertson artist