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No Longer Riding Rapids.

Farewell to social media!
Good riddance to all fake illusion!
Ears under assault only from the huge, wooding, trucks that rumble by with their heavy load, tearing up our only access with their ‘mother fucking’ wheels.
My husband pissing like a horse in the bathroom, the radio plays in the background.
Only birdsong, the weather this morning, and strong black coffee for stimulation.
This is enough.

I have suffered enough!

I have seen the Matrix.
Smashed through all reflective surfaces.
I now turn my back on the whole affair and simply walk away from this ‘net’.
I no longer desire to be ‘caught’.
It seems now such a foolish ambition.
And such a waste of, increasingly precious, Time.

May the only screens I ever see again be blank.
Inviting me to fill them.
With my own words.
My own creativity.

Farewell too to eternal, samey, box-sets and the buffering wheel.
In the evenings let us lie in the wash of crappy, satellite, TV, with nothing much on of real interest.
Surfing through channels and instantly gratified.
Talking though it all and tearing the advertisements apart.
Offering each other cups of tea.
Chatting about our days.
Sharing space in unity, gathered around that single screen,
while wondering at all the inanity going on in the world.
This is other people’s lives.
Not ours.
Once I decried television as the ‘drug of the Nation’ with its force-fed narrative, I had no idea, then, what was to follow.
Now it seems like an old freind.
At least it does not pretend to be what it is not.

Enough of these tailored, curated, ‘cult of the individual’, bubbles that pull us all further apart!
How can Nature even have a chance to captivate and call us, out of our own heads, into the fresh world all around,
With so much choice, provided by so few, to view?

I see more beloved trees on this screen these days than I do in real Life! Despite living where I do!
I caught myself just in time, before each flower, each sunset, became little more than a photo oppurtunity.

Real views are mainly sky (and I do not mean the telecommunications company)
The real webs made by real spiders.
The real hives made by bees and wasps.
Clouds are made of water droplets and store nothing but rain, though sometimes ice.
To compute means to process, a computer is nothing but a processor.
If servers provide a service why then do I then serve them such rich helpings?
Home is where we live, and so much more than a landing page.

A board can never be described as a Mother.

I once believed the internet gave us all a voice, but now all I hear is a roar.
If opinions are like water, this is now a waterfall so loud, no sense can be made of it, other than acknowledging its raw power and influence (or should that be effluence?!)
The water is brown and filthy, like the run-off from a municipal waste disposal facility.
All good work diluted by grey water.
Every droplet recorded and, expensively, stored by the Machine.
A rich harvest randomly to be analysed by employed scientists of behaviour and psychology.
Who work for an elite who seek to control the flow.
The Machine now trusted by its programmers to weed out the chaff.
All at the mercy of the algorithm.
The likes of children, brought up by the Machine, considered more profitable than any elder’s warnings.

I gave my whole self to IT so willingly!
Blinded by this blue Light and the prospect of, perhaps, being seen and heard.
I have ridden those rapids and find myself, now, bruised, going round and round in eddies of foam,
Swirling , restless, over a deep, dark, pool, just below the falls.
Pushed to the edge with broken trees, discarded plastic, and old news.
Holding onto the rocks to catch my breath.

Gathering my strength to haul myself back onto the bank.

Kat Robertson March 2021

kat robertson artist
riverfoam mandala


This was a painting that I started in my Imaginal exhibition space, December 2017.

I just could not get back into it afterwards so it sat, staring at me, while I drew the rainbow serpent picture. I was not even sure that the insight or passion would ever return to finish it.

Then there was a short spell of real Spring energy in the air and I began painting leaves…dot, dot, dot, on and on and now its here.

Much of my work seems to have that eternal balancing of masculine and feminine as its theme…nice to see those energies having such a lovely time!

This piece was initially inspired by a black and white picture that I took of a beloved mature birch I pass almost daily in the car. In it I could clearly see the two lovers, intertwined in the branches of the tree.


In the spaces in between. That difficult-to-articulate place I love so.

It is really quite a big work at approximately A1. I have considered introducing colour, but decided to leave it simple and free….the challenge of working in ink direct onto the paper was enough, without ending up spoiling it now. One mistake and it becomes only more fuel for the fire.

The male figure reminds me very much of Pan, who has also been wandering the crowded halls of my mind!

I mentioned, in my January share, my reaction to the the whole idea of Panpsychism….which is what, very randomly, brought ‘him’ back into my consciousness. I have since rationalized that I do not desire to be connected with any way of thinking that supports the creation of artificial intelligence. My world is a strangling duality already.
I also fear that no machine/thinking race would put up with us (humans) for very long!
I am, however, very attracted to the atomic soup and relation to the inanimate tho….
Labels and theories aside, I was led to looking up the definition of pan- (wide view, ALL, a cooking pot, a way to find gold) and was reminded of this old friend of mine.
I have journaled alot on the subject, but am unsure as to whether this would be the place for that! So all that thinking is probably why he has popped up in the tree. The jist of it was that I believe more men should get back in contact with their inner faun and dance with abandon , along with Bacchus and Dionysus, (a kitchen practice of mine! Good exercise if nothing else!) and that a women’s lot might be very different now had the masculine had not ditched him for that deal with the devil so many moons ago!

So here they are Pan and his Mrs having a bit of fun in an old birch.

kat robertson artist


Murmuration….inspired by TreeSister’s Inner Journey with Clare Dubois.

I thought this was finished, but realise now it is not……quite.

kat robertson artist
(a terrible photograph photo shopped to make it look more like the original!)
kat robertson artist

Lunasee. Full Beaver Moon.

This moon illustration was inspired by staring at this full moon.
I saw so many pictures in it!
This is a painstakingly accurate depiction of the shadows on the real moon, as seen from Scotland.
It has a lovely illusion to it as when seen on the wall it looks like a picture of the moon, but as one walks closer to it the faces become apparent.
Try moving the screen further away!

LUNASEE. watercolour, japanese brushes with black calligraphy ink and bronze pigment 30cm x 41 cm
Detail of Lunasee


Treeye ink and bronze pigment

Inspired by simpler sketch for animation.
Inked out much bigger. Black calligraphy ink, watercolour and bronze pigment on fine cartridge paper. 30cm x 41 cm.

Gaiantesses. Who is watching who?


Sometimes when I wander

does the earth look back at me?

Through a cloud, or blades and leaves,

Or the branches of a tree.

A Gaiantess of indivisible proportions,

whispering in the wind

“It’s got nothing to do with gods and goddesses

or whether or not you’ve sinned.

It’s simply me, I’m everywhere,

And I thank YOU when you stand and stare,

Drawing in my gift of air

And stop to wonder for a while.’

And then,

I think,

I feel her smile.

Kat Robertson. 2017.

Gaiantess 1
Inspired by the new japanese brushes and success with painting branches. Earth Giants have been hovering in my consciousness for some time now…just never knew how to express them. Seems they are coming!
Gaiantess 2
Inspired by the new japanese brushes and success with painting branches. Earth Giants have been hovering in my consciousness for some time now…just never knew how to express them. Seems they are coming! Although this one seems to be difficult for many to see…..
kat robertson artist

Seeing between the branches.

For a long while now I have been looking for ‘giants’ in the landscape towards a ‘vision’ project I am nursing.
During this time ‘looking’ I began to see many characters in the tree photographs (Treeinspired post) I was taking.

I photocopied background photographs onto cartridge paper and attempted to draw out what I could see. Great fun! In these first plays I used charcoal and pastel, fixed and altered by application of linseed oil. These are mixed mediums I am currently obsessed with and the intended medium for a future ‘Land Giant’ series that still lurks, unexpressed, in the back of my mind!

I found these mediums clumsy and unsastisfying on this scale, so have re-drawn/extended this series as A5 nib pen and indian ink. These are unfinished as I am delaying taking water to the photocopies. I know that I can, in theory, move the photocopy ink and create a wash effect, but am waiting for the right time and head space!