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kat robertson artist

Seeing between the branches.

For a long while now I have been looking for ‘giants’ in the landscape towards a ‘vision’ project I am nursing.
During this time ‘looking’ I began to see many characters in the tree photographs (Treeinspired post) I was taking.

I photocopied background photographs onto cartridge paper and attempted to draw out what I could see. Great fun! In these first plays I used charcoal and pastel, fixed and altered by application of linseed oil. These are mixed mediums I am currently obsessed with and the intended medium for a future ‘Land Giant’ series that still lurks, unexpressed, in the back of my mind!

I found these mediums clumsy and unsastisfying on this scale, so have re-drawn/extended this series as A5 nib pen and indian ink. These are unfinished as I am delaying taking water to the photocopies. I know that I can, in theory, move the photocopy ink and create a wash effect, but am waiting for the right time and head space!