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‘I have walked.’ song

I have walked on these hillsides since I first was my mother’s daughter,
And you just can’t take these hills away without me fighting.

This old land’s been walked by many people,
Some still young and some not living,
But if you’ve come to take these lands,
Well I’m not here to give ’em’

This old protest song from my past has been haunting me recently. Thought I’d have a go at producing it using Audacity program. Still not very good at this, but I do kind of like the raw sound as I ‘play with myself’! Think I need a proper drum too…the old djembe drum I mistakenly agreed to accept as a trade for a painting has a hole in its skin. I had meant to re-string it…but I wonder when I will ever get round to it! I gave the song a wee twist at the end….hope all enjoy.