wild geese return 49/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Kanro’ / cold dew, 8th – 22nd October
Micro climate ‘wild geese return’ 8th – 12th October

I think it’s finished now.
Called from a random squiggle to the simple request of ‘Show me.’
I am not sure I am qualified to call forth such ancient icons, but here they are.
And this was not easy to ‘birth’….or to share.
I am not sure still exactly why I feel so weird about it….( or should that be ‘wyrd’?), but I learn more, the more I sit with it….so with little ceremony, or attempted explanation…it takes its place in this, Rolling Om, documentation of mine….

‘The Whispering Fates’

The image above is photo-shopped to give it a white background.

The images below are ‘as is’ through the lens….

I went on long walks this season looking for local oak galls to make the ‘famous’ oak gall ink from, but could not find any. Lots of acorns though!

The alder stain is a joy to work with. Layers applied for depth of colour.
I made my own black ink using lamp-black, ground yurt charcoal and honey recipe…it did not work too well….although I will use it sometime, as it has its own, bitty, charm.

Then I remembered an old Chinese ink stick I already had. I researched what they are made of and discovered that they are almost the same….soot….some animal ‘glue’ perhaps…but it gives me the ‘black’ I felt I needed and has a delicious herbal smell.

I enjoyed adding prayer to the grinding process….waste not, want not….

(Struggling to connect this with ‘wild geese’, but just noticed what I doodled as a tester!)

A flock of wild geese did actually fly, very low, over my head last season, with some surprising, significant, connections with a Grandmother’s ceremony going on in America, but that is another story…..

And this bright blue is haunting me again, during my meditations, as the colour slowly leaves my garden plot……this is an un-doctored, cropped, picture of a Morning Glory flower, taken years ago in Corfu, with the sun shining through it….beauty, beauty, beauty….thank you Mother, thank you.

And as I type I am listening to this marvellous talk, by Rupert Sheldrake, on his theory of Morphic Resonance , that was jettisoned into my consciousness, today, in an online conversation…..perhaps this explains best this picture…..

farmers drain fields 48/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Shubun’ / autumn equinox, 23rd September – 7th October
Micro climate ‘insects hole up underground’ 3rd October – 7th October

My brief, for myself, for this blog, was to use this Japanese micro-climates project, within Treesisters, to bring together my art/spiritual practice and creations, by documenting them as a fuller journal, through my blog….and I am still committed to finishing this marvelous project, as it actually DOES connect me also, physically, to my immediate environment in a deeper way!

Recent, professional, feedback on my blog has been ‘It’s too dense’, ‘Where’s your art?’, ‘I could not find the shop?’….not exactly encouraging….

Life is not easy to navigate.

And the richness of days spent in pure observation, gratitude for what already is and dreaming, paddling, in pools of deep thought and taking the Time to share resulting expressions/experiences in images, already very difficult to edit!

This blog is what it is. It cannot be anything other, without ‘trying too hard.’

A bit more than just consumable ‘art’ …. not really easily digestible….or navigated….or linear…a kind of calendar of one life….moving through space and time in conversation with the world around….and finding inspiration and real beauty in that.

Jumping from flower to flower.

A Rolling Om Production….some might wish it loaded faster….not me!

Something wild is growing in my artden.

I am not sure I understand it fully. It ‘grew’ from a larger, pencil, squiggle experiment.

This is what I saw in it.

I am beginning to add colour using ‘treeblood’, (sap of alder pigment), collected from local trees. This home-produced pigment has such a powerful medicinal smell to it too. Quite addictive!
I have sown many tiny, alder, trees this year (that are now due a re-pot). I am enjoying the layering process.
I hope to plant them out in a couple of years to have a sustainable supply of their remarkable bark and increased shelter to the East.

Now I need black ink to finish this piece.

I am researching making my own ‘ink’ out of oak galls or, perhaps more readily available, charcoal powder, sourced from the charred remains of my old yurt! I am awaiting some gum arabic powder, through the post,…to try this….

Some poetry in this use of ‘yurtle‘s’ old frame.

And as I work I send my energetic support to all on the streets of London.

To Extinction Rebellion and all those moving now to change the world.

I listen to the radio and search the internet for news.

This is my meditation.

I feel only half-here.

I tell the trees about it all.

They whisper ‘thank you’ on the autumnal breeze.

I also played around with this pumpkin skin mandala…the colours scream ‘autumn’ to me.

pumpkin skin mandala

I see so many exciting ‘totems’ in its, artificially, reflected joins (image below created from the mandala above, running it through Photoshop effects)….it might be fun to ‘draw them out’…the stories pumpkin told me….

I found myself re-working this original poem of mine too….

Like an Awakening (Part 2).
It’s coming around again, much faster than expected.
Again, too fast, the need to keep grounded and breathe is overwhelming.
Hard to tell if this is personal, accelerated, hard-won healing,
Timeline’s artificial, chronological, self-programming
or really a more global, evolutionary phenomenon….

Observing these returning  tides.

Déjà vu.
The world delights and enlightens, disgusts and shames, with even deeper intensity.
Perceiving all, even more clearly, even more poignantly, yet still struggling to express,
due to the speed and force with which these bass understandings rise up and stand before.

So many branches of this human ‘Tree of Life’…. bursting into blossom…into colour…
such a contrast against the creeping grey.

The entire journey has never made more sense than it does now, in its frictional, spiralling, motion.

We are ‘circling the square’.

Colouring the grid.
The box-like, prison, that was once a solid cage, has now become
a sanctuary, a studio, an echo chamber, a lover, a life’s work, a sky, a canvas, a page….

the boundaries dissolved….

Still happiest alone and re’a’sonating wildly,
The fearful self-isolating exile has now morphed

into that immense gift, of Time and Perspective,

Embrace artistic alchemy and balance that with mother.
Uniquely prepared for this journey. All is in place.
Learning to balance using meditation and immersed in OM.
Chanting in the face of fear,

Finding grace in offering hands

and asking that same awakening force
to guide them, true, into actions,
Informed only by
For where there were, previously, too many paths to choose from,
a terrifying labyrinth of choice and fear,
There is now only one, holistic, mysterious way.
Continue to proceed with immense care and consideration,
Learning how, this time with wholehearted dedication,
To be mindful,
Less most definitely more.

Stillness IS my greatest, effective, 'weapon' of choice!

Like a creature
that avoids predation by becoming completely still
and blending, physically, into its surroundings.
Open and trusting,
Presenting spirit always humbly to the light, wherever it can be felt shining,
And learning to

Moment……until the next….

And learning how it comes around.
Kat Robertson 2019

And wrote this in an automatic frenzy…..

Soul Toll

‘Pay us to pray for you’.
We know you do not believe.
We know you think ‘religion’ when you hear that word.
It is so far from that limiting construct.
Let us play the conduits to wholeness.
We do not need your permission,
but when we cannot do our necessary work,
The whole suffers.
So pay us to say, for you, what you have, now, forgotten how to.
We exist in a larger, responsive, field.
We hold a bigger, reverent, view of life.
We do not yearn for riches beyond need.
We are, already, rich indeed.
We understand the potential of this moment.
Sit, comfortably, in its vastness.
You rush, stressed under the burden of its, rapid, passing.
You seem bound by your urgency to know what can never be known,
in your fight for immortality.
We beat our drums and mark its passing.
We make the Time to honour each breath.
While you just breathe.
Let us weep for you.
We have enough tears.
They are a gift that we are given.
Your eyes remain so dry and focused.
We pray you could relax your gaze,
And feel the salt-sea rising in your veins.
As we do.
If you cannot, truly cannot, find gratitude or grace, in all around you,
Then you are just living,
While we are alive.
So pay us to say, for you, what you cannot.
This rippling illusion, you experience, as you thrash and fight to stay afloat,
that dazzles and confuses, as you continually break the surface,
shines back the truth for us.
We take the time to sit still and, as it becomes calm,
and are guided to speak to everything we see reflected.
Contained, caught in that deep pool.
In the water, that we love, because we are, also, that water.
We give thanks as we remember.
You hold inflexible mirrors made of sand.
So pay us to pray for you.
This is our purpose here.
A purpose often lost in poverty.
There is, what you call, magic in our bones.
We see light and power beyond imagining in the very vastness that you fear.
We are learning now to harness this, in this,
Our Love.
Enable this sacred act by supporting us in kind and, by your own rules, showing, at least, this respect.
You would not work for no-thing in the world that you create.
So why do we?
Let us in to work for you.
We love you too.
We yearn to be seen by you.
So, we are humbly requesting,
Pay us to say what you cannot.
Pay us,
once again, as your ancestors used to,
to speak for you.
Or find your own voice.
We know it is there.
Let us help you find it.

Kat Robertson 2019

So….all in all…..quite a, uniquely, powerful few days.
Not ‘no thing’ at all….

I encountered this small wonder today while writing this….on a trip out to the compost, barefoot, with a moldy melon.
(One of those bought from a supermarket, that went from unripe to moldy, with no ‘ripeness’ in between)
This is hanging on tightly to my Earth mandala paper, now composting on the pile.
I cannot identify it at present.
It looks a bit like the common large white caterpillar, but lacks the obvious, yellow, stripe. Also rather like a Box-moth larvae…..could even be a sawfly…..?
I think it is anchored now to become a cocoon….it is stuck fast.
I moved it carefully, on its paper, so it will not be so obvious to passing birds etc…

I wonder what it will become?
Although the ‘knowing’ would not take away from its beauty.

Not sure how this connects to ‘farmers draining fields’….but can add that local flooding recently points to the need for farmers to do just that …. and for plans to relocate houses/industry/main roads to be initiated….

kat robertson artist

Earth/Mud Flower mandala.

During the recent community action I also had time to make one all of my own!
This served a guideline to show what we were aiming for (with the community piece) and contains many personal prayers for our dear planet!

(Click on image to see larger and to see more of the story)

kat robertson artist

wagtails sing 44/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Hakuro’ / white dew, 8th September – 22nd September
Micro climate ‘wagtails sing’ 13th – 17th September.

We actually have seen the grey wagtail quite frequently in our garden recently, but never when I have a camera handy! Bobbing about.

Inspired by an initiative called ‘Listen to the Earth‘ I have been introduced to recently, I have been sitting and watching the dawn every morning this mirco-season. Listening with my whole body. Imagine this with a, healthy, morning chorus soundtrack. It is one of the best ways to begin the day!
I think I will listen to the audio clip in this link and see, tomorrow, if I can identify it’s call in the chorus…..

I am often amazed at how divine synchronicity seems to plot my path these days….not only have I been reminded of this simple powerful, ‘earthing’, work, but the Treesister‘s Full Moon Embody call, I joined last night, was all about ’embodying’ nature, and employing all the senses, allowing, fully, all this ‘outside’ in.

Now…..just look at the latest piece that is growing out of a larger, squiggle, experiment I started a week or so ago!
Made the same way as the simple, biro, ‘squiggles’, but on a larger scale and in pencil. Squiggle…then see what presents.
The Norns! Being heard!
Definitely tuning in….
Also I got a nudge, from a local friend, today, re-gathering in healing circle and it looks like 3 of us might be ‘listening to the earth’ together on Monday at 2.30pm (autumn equinox and just before the UN climate summit) with the above project!
Did I weave this into my reality? Probably not, but I do notice these things.

The build/development of tiny gallery intuitively continues.

This is now the fun bit…..

I have found some neglected, old, rusted, corrugated tin and installed it as a ‘fire guard’ behind my wee wood burner. I just love this element-worn texture and colour. The work of water on metal.
I intend to break up the straight edges with other found metal bits, dreamed it had loads of blossoms on it all made out of beer bottle tops, so I guess it is also becoming a tree…

And on the subject of textures….for anyone who did not quite ‘get’ my comment on how ‘wood + fire = water’, in last season’s post… here a couple of shots that illustrate that better!

I have been keeping my eyes open for, quirky, storage solutions for the Gaia-hut and I have scored this, well loved, doll’s house from our ‘dump’ shop for £5! Perfect!

(Not sure where all the, (stupidly cheap), wooden, hexagon boxes I have already ordered from ebay have got to….late in arriving…. but they will also be included as a ‘beehive’ of storage, if they ever get here….and if they do not all fit I can always paint them and make ‘magikal’ objects to sell in my shop.)

The two halves of this dolls house fit together, back to back….the holes are a good size for reaching into and will hold ‘stuff’ well, when in motion.
I intend to paint them the same colour as the trailer walls, perhaps even with real-slate roofs, and create two shelf units.
I can see them multi-tasking as part of the puppet show too and, still, also, as a toy for younger visitors…I do need to half the width of both though.
On the to-do list.

The inside-out (or is that the outside-in?) theme of the Gaia-hut continues!

Then there is what to do with what remains, after recycling the dubious, plastic, characters and furniture, of the contents of this dolls house?!!
I had some fun with that today, for this blog!

So I sit here now, with wet knees, from playing in the garden with my new tiny family.
Such fun.
Once, in a deep, processing, led meditation, I was required to ask my 8 year old self what she wanted to say to me now.
My 8 year old self was absolutely furious that I had stopped making houses for fairies in the woods!
I feel she is happier now. Looking forward to playing more…I have some strong ideas for climate change related work,….and, again, can see that they might play a part in the puppet show too….
They are all watching me now as I type, back in the dry artden…..happy to be loved again.

For the rest of the day I am going to be painting my, old, sandwich board brilliant white (using up old pots of paint), in preparation for my trip to Edinburgh.
I will be using it to display the #100daysquiggles as part of the 100 Days Project Scotland exhibition next week…where I hope to sit ‘in gallery’ doing some ‘live’ squiggling.

And then I plan to, lovingly hand-sew, up the hem of a beautiful, vintage, kimono I treated myself to, last time I was there, in July.
The photographs do not do this vintage fabric justice. It has more of a glow to it.
All hand sewn and, possibly, even, real silk!
It was stunning long, I felt like an elegant mermaid wearing it it, but it was too long.
I hope to wear this at the opening event of the exhibition.

I had to take a new photograph of myself for the exhibition bio. This is it. I have also made it my new gravatar for this blog. I rarely share photographs of myself….but I like this one!
Wagging my, autumnal, tail and ‘singing’ in my element.

thick fog descends 39/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘RisshO’ / beginning of autumn, 8th – 22nd August
Micro climate ‘thick fog descends’ 18th-22nd August.

The anxiety just rose and rose.
I felt more and more disconnected from my mission here and succumbed to binging on bad foods and watching TV late into the night.
A familiar negative cycle.
The fear of ‘outing’ my soul became unbearable. I could barely talk sense on any level. I wondered if I should just drop out of the whole thing.
The news from the Amazon had hit me so hard.

How could the world be burning when here it just kept chucking it down!?

I do remember listening to the replay of the Treesister’s Embrace Full Moon call and seeing all the beauty in others, but simply none in me…..trying, almost too hard, to feel their reciprocal love…and ending up in tears, hugging myself and whispering ‘I see the beauty in you’ to myself, over and over…..

I did, however, complete the ‘Remember who we really are’, hawk moth, image.

Something in it and the ‘doing’ of it helped sooth me. The prayer of it. I was not doing nothing.

I had had an offer to buy it when I had published a ‘work in progress’ picture on Facebook.
We had communicated, I expressed a need to complete the image…he understood…he asked how much I wanted for it….I asked him how much it was worth to him?….he replied that that was really up to me….I asked for £500 (15 hours work and all materials…plus what it’s uniqueness might be worth!?)….but it proved too much for him…..and he politely withdrew his offer.
Honestly I’d have sold it for a lot less, especially to this man, as he holds a special and respected place in my life memory….but the conversation had been had and I was too ‘tender’ to pursue him….frightened to hear that perhaps he no longer loved it now it was complete.

photoshopped white background
as it appears, but paper is whiter!

I often found myself spending too much time on Facebook….entering the conversations with zeal, but aware that I was postponing the inevitable.

I did however experience huge waves of clarity while responding to others experience of climate change grief…..most of which is now lost in the ‘river’ of timelines….I found words pouring out of me….and not all anxious nonsense.

I seemed to be able to make more sense of this crisis than my own life! If that makes any sense at all!

The rain continued.

There was nothing for it but to embrace it.

I put up my tipi as a dry workshop and got my head down to build the doors and one wing (I had miscalculated the wood I’d need to complete both and it was too late to order more.)
It was all a bit last minute.
I lost my temper every time I did something stupid or forgot to get something. It was all coming on me too fast.

This was it.

The event I had worked all summer for…..and I was barely holding it together……I was like a rabbit in the headlights…..soaked to the bone in summer rain….and nothing seemed to be working for me…..

Then this little fellow mistakenly flew into my artden window!
Something that had never happened before….when I heard the flapping I found him/her here. Just breathing fast and ‘hiding’ in plain sight, in the middle of my ‘alter’ window sill. Crouching next to Buddha. Amazingly little had been knocked off!
I wondered if he/she had been attracted by the collection of dead moths and beetles that I ‘put to rest’ in my ‘all to dust’ bowl?
I gently scooped him/her up, so aware of his/her tiny, beating, fearful heart and let him/her fly out of another window and I think, in that moment, I kind of let go of all these mind constructed worries and decided to just get on with it!
Rather wonderfully the entire housemartin family spent the next half hour wheeling and chirping outside of my window. It really felt as if they were thanking me and spurring me on!
This was the first time I had re-connected properly, to all I work with, for what felt like weeks. Thank you wee housemartin. Your message was clear.
Sometimes in life one gets oneself into a corner….there might seem like there is no way out, but if you are lucky, and sit very still, great helping hands come out of nowhere and open new windows for you….here’s hoping!

#100dayssquiggle journey is complete!


100 squiggles.

100 days.

Each day I’d do squiggle, quickly, in biro, then bring to life….or ‘drawn it out’ as I got used to saying!
It was important to me to ‘not think’ too much….just to allow it……the average time taken on each one was about 20 minutes. Some came more easily than others.

Then I took a photograph, reduced the size and photoshopped a good, white, background onto it, to publish online.

The first ones are often squiggled in strange corners of scrap paper, but no.s 70 – 100 are at least captured, as originals, in a sketchbook!

Quite a curious collection all together!

They have proved more popular on Facebook than any of my other creative experiments! Some of which took me days and days to complete….

I guess we live in a bite-sized world.

Comments have been many and varied!

Many suggested I do this on Instagram or other 1-pic -a day sites… I am looking into it….. and it tickled me that someone used them as a calendar to help him stay off the booze for a while! Nice to be of service! But the comment I treasure most is the observation that they are so full of LIFE….

Lots of empty pages left in the sketchbook.

Perhaps I’ll keep this book only for squiggles….
I am already missing the process of doing them, the relinquishing of ‘all of me’ to this simple act.

Now I have to work out a fun way to display them for 100 Days Project Scotland exhibition, Edinburgh, in September!

A flick book perhaps? Or a memory card game?

(Aaargh…just counted and I must have missed a day….or does the animation of HOW they grow count!? Ahhh no….it’s just that one day I did two squiggles in one day to catch up…..)

paulownia trees produce seeds 34/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Taisho’/ greater heat, 23rd July until 7th August.
Micro climate ‘paulownia trees produce seeds’ 23rd – 28th July.

Paulownia trees?
Loving, Living and Learning! (the 3 ‘L’s ?)
Had to look online to see what these were!

This is Paulownia tomentosa, the princess tree, or foxglove tree. Never seen anything like it around here. Lots and lots of foxgloves though!

The record UK temperatures are the most notable natural aspect in this season….this season of ‘greater heat’.

Here in Argyll this is accompanied by heavy humidity and unpredictable winds…..winds which carry an apocalyptic scent and that smash up my garden terribly.

Air that feels thin, lacking and ‘used up’, blows up from the south.

The contrast, the peace and lushness here, (and the unpredictable outdoors), has plunged me into a space of deep thought and re-evaluation after our trip to the city.

So happy to be able to return to this idyll in the hills. To escape the urgency.

But the very slowness of Time here creates a confusion.

“Settle down.” my consciousness whispers.

“Root again”

Back to walking barefoot, in the rain, around our house and garden. Back to having all my precious things around me. Back to that dreaming space……..back to eternal gratitude for all that surrounds…even my crazy family!

It is o.k. to rest a while……the tiny gallery build is going nowhere…it can wait a day or so more….

Besides…..it’s not as if I have been doing nothing the last week!
Here are some of the designs I have been playing with for Extinction Rebellion….

I have been automatic writing/journalling alot too, dealing with HUGE thoughts and revelations.
Key words this ‘micro-climate’ have been:

(I like how the verb and noun are the same….)

There are pages and pages of incomplete, skeletal, poems…

Also a brutal questioning of ‘right action’ in these times….my inner rebel is screaming at me NOT to affiliate with the protest/action, I can still support this Rising, but I am called instead to continue with my own curious, responsive, experiments of wonder and celebration, with even more intended focus and stillness….

I have been feeling pulled, stretched in different directions….time to ‘work’ again…

As a response to this ‘stretched feeling’ I created this, combining all the logos for my favorite ’causes’, as a way of bringing it all together again…..ONE Earth…..ONE LOVE.

And I have also begun this….painted in Chinese ink and now coloured with touches of pastel….I call it ‘Remember who we really are.’
It was inspired by one of my recent pavement art experiments….I felt it was worth ‘working up’ from the stone, as a large 2D piece…(this is nearly A1!)

It conveys better than words some of the deep melancholy I have been processing….

So……many ‘seeds’ produced, but none of the Paulownia tree!

first lotus blossoms 32/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Shosho’/ lesser heat, 7th July until 22nd July .
Micro climate ‘first lotus blossoms’ 12th – 16th July.

Nothing as exotic as a lotus to report!
But, on the ‘pond’ theme, my son and I were privileged to witness a huge ‘coming out’ of the froglets from the pond at Crookston House where we are staying. They were everywhere!! We had to be very careful where we put our feet!

Back to the city and I joined a free workshop that was run as part of the ‘Victoria Crowe‘ retrospective at the City Art Centre.
I think she is my new favorite artist. My mind was properly blown after wandering through the galleries. Such a great feeling for nature and, particularly, trees. Inspirational too as she is still working now…into her 70’s.
The workshop was described as ‘Known and Imagined World’.
The title alone intrigued me.
The participants were encouraged to go out into Princes Street Gardens and find natural things of interest and bring them back to the gallery to use creatively, using inspiration from this wonderful artist….what I had not picked up on is that this was primarily designed for kids!!
Maia (9 1/2) and I had a lovely time!
And through this I made, a new, to me, tree-friend.
The Nothofagus betuloides, or Southern beech.
I always think I am pretty good at my trees, but this one had me stumped…even with Google, until the workshop ‘leader’ phoned a tree knowledgeable friend.
Only then was I even in the right family….

I sat and sketched it with a biro in my pad and watched as all the children interacted with it. I have a big soft spot for city park ‘climbing trees’….something so enduring about the way that, for sometimes centuries, they allow the children to clamber all over them….often polished by all the shoes and historical messages carved into their bark….

And then I wrote a poem for it….

To the unidentified 'climbing tree' in Princes Street Gardens, south.

I can tell how you are loved and touched,
as the earth shows beneath you, worn by many feet.
The way you lean is inviting.
Promising a safe height.
Your bark is furrowed and wrinkled,
Like a grandmother's smile.

As the wind pushes the sun in and out,
your contrasting shadows dance across your scaled skin.
Five stemmed trunk and growing out of the ground,
Like a hand.

Sometimes this hand is full of children.

At first I thought you were a pine, until I looked more closely.
No tree I have ever met before!

Dense tiny leaves and papery seeds....

"Mama. Mama! Look a special tree!"

A special tree indeed.

The children do not care what we have labelled you....
Only that you lean out so invitingly.

Kat Robertson
18th July 2019, Princes Street Gdns, Edinburgh.

self-heal withers 28/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Geshi’/ summer solstice, 21st June until 6th July .
Micro climate ‘self-heal withers’ 21st – 26th June.

What a great title for a micro-season!
My first response to this title was ‘What happens when we interfere with the planet’s ability to heal herself?’.
Answer ‘It becomes up to us to support her in healing.’

But Yes! to summer solstice and the longest day.
It intrigues me that the Japanese should celebrate such a humble herb in this way. It must be important to them.
A plant often treated as an undesirable weed here.
I went online to see what it was and realised that we have something very similar here!
I was taught that this flower is called ‘bugle’, (Ajuga reptans) and I always let it seed and grow where it likes…often in the lawn though so does get the chop sometimes….but on closer examination I am not so sure….perhaps this is self-heal (Prunella vulgaris)!
Of course it is possible we have both here….but whatever it is, I think it is the same species, just adapting to different conditions.

How privileged I feel to have either variety as both have powerful healing properties for wounds. Good to learn!

The cut on my thumb is healing nicely and needs no bandage now….but I am suffering, (what are my usual), mid-summer sinus and throat infections. The humidity here, coupled with the warmth, seem to bring all into mould.
My cherry trees always succumb to some kind of fungal disease at this time of year and all food has to be carefully packed and stored. My sourdough starter has gone off (not the mother though…the table top one for everyday use…thank goodness as my starter is now 7 years old!).
I used my neti pot this morning to clear out my face (and feel much better for it!) and need to step up my vitamin C……which is easy now, with all the elderflowers out, ready for making into a cordial and the plethora of ever-giving herbs popping up all around. Herbal salads will bring me round, I am sure, and I picked a huge bunch of rhubarb today.
Rhubarb ginger crumble calls!

On my search for flashes of purple on this plot I had an unexpected surprise! More orchids! Growing where I have never spied them before. Hidden at the base of my husband’s garage bund. The purple one might actually be considered quite rare, but I have not had time to identify it yet.
The one on the left is a Common Spotted Orchid, not rare, but I do find them utterly enchanting.

Work on the tiny gallery continues.
It was quite a significant day when I cut out the side hatch/window. I felt terrified as I approached it with the jigsaw! But all went well. Phew!
I have designed this so that I can pop the whole hatch out like this. A ‘hide’ or artist’s viewing window….serving hatch even, but also to use as a puppet show theatre.
A real piece of ‘found’, recycled glass is waiting to be inserted, as a window, into the pop-out bit, so light will still come through this wall, even when the hatch is in place.
Something lovely about opening up spaces to the great outdoors, letting the air through, my ‘intuitive build’ structure breathes too now.

I have been continuing with making time to thank the Earth and Gaia daily in meditation.
Asking for strength and guidance on this quest and connecting back into the OM of life. It always brings me back to here,the breath, and sets the intention for the day, enabled to proceed, mindfully, with the next step, stopping me from racing on. The message always ‘Slow down little one, slow down…’
I cannot imagine life without this ritual now….my disabling anxiety is becoming a thing of the past, that is, unless I do not do this!!
It really is very noticeable how this practise helps me to control my serious ‘time’ anxiety and general over thinking of everything. Thank you Gaia and trees for this breath!
This image has been popping up for me a lot so I thought I’d do a quick doodle.
When I lie in ‘child’s pose upon the ground, I often feel guided to widen my legs and become ‘frog-like’ against the soil. This image is born from wondering what that might look like from underneath!
At the moment it is called ‘Earth Touch’, but feel like there is a better title coming soon…..

Then there is this little musical experiment to share.
I do not know if anyone has changed the words of this familiar song before in this way, but it seems fitting in these times….I cannot stop humming this as I build….so I thought I’d have a play with myself again!

100 days project Scotland 2019

Another project I have signed up for is this years #100daysprojectscotland2019

I was involved with this lovely project two years ago.
The idea is that one does something, simply anything, everyday for 100 days to form a collection that can be displayed.

Isla Munroe has organised a wonderful exhibition space, in the TENT gallery, Edinburgh, in previous years, and this will be happening again, probably around September time.

I had trouble last time keeping up with the days so this year chose to keep it very simple indeed (this fits in well with all my other garden/tiny gallery plans and keeps the creative juices flowing!)

I do a squiggle in biro pen. A very quick continuous line and then see what it suggests to me! Then draw that out. I try not to spend too long thinking about it or being precious about it.
Great fun and takes me right back to my doodling days. (My late mother was also a prolific telephone doodler, although hers were nearly always glamorous women!)

I share them daily on my public Facebook tagged #100dayssquiggle

So as we are approaching the ‘quarter’ mark I thought I would share ‘progress so far’ here as a gallery….another aspect of this prolific rolling om….

It actually really fun to see them all collected together like this.

Gives me a better idea of what I am creating here!

‘The bean that fell off the potting table and sprouted anyway’
GIF animation of how these squiggles are ‘born’