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What a difference a frame makes!

So happy that the right person came along to the exhibition and bought ‘CROWNE’ from me.
He was into tattoo inking and she spoke to him.
(Apparently, the fact that my artist freind, who did most of the advertising for the show, had used this image on the poster, meant that ‘to see Crowne’ was the main reason he came to the exhibition in the first place.
She ‘caaaaaa-lled’ to him.
I wish I was better at ‘advertising’.)

He wanted it framed, so I contacted a local artist/framer.
I had a clear vision that I wanted a burned frame.
We found a wooden frame that looked as if it could ‘take a burning’ and, after he had constructed it, I took it home to ‘distress with flame’.
After burning the frame, with a blow torch, I washed, scrubbed and waxed it.
It looked great.
The framer told me it was a ‘real bugger’ though, as, when the picture was being mounted, some small charred pieces kept appearing behind the glass.
He had to re-do it four times!!
But the end result does look amazing.
I wept when I saw it first time.
I think many artists will agree, it is easy to dismiss ‘older’ works that do not find new homes.
They lie, unseen, in a folder/ a drawer until, eventually, hard choices have to be made.
This drawing was very special to me though. I probably would have kept it for years.

But wow! How it came together in a frame!

I have a kind of allergy to the ubiqitous ‘rectangle’ of a frame though.
Always reminds me of the ‘cage of our conditioning’.
And as this work was always, essentially, been the illustration to a favorite poem of mine, I thought I would make a scroll to attach onto the back of it.
So story and picture remained together.

I made a quill from a crow’s feather and painstakingly wrote out the poem. Then aged the paper with teabags and burned the edges.
Then stuck both quill and scroll on the back of the painting using real red sealing wax.

Luckily the customer loved this too, despite my ‘authentic’ calligraphy!
I hope they will be very happy together for years to come.