Grey skies again, still, but strangely soft and warmer today though.
‘A good day’ said a doomsday neighbour.
(the unspoken added ‘for Argyll’)
‘It will get wilder soon.’ he said.


Thinking of climate as I took down the decorations.
I looked at all the nostalgia and glitter, packed neatly away, in a box
and felt that ‘packed away’ is where it all belongs.
All those artificial baubles.

The house breathed a sigh of relief, relieved of its costume, and resumed its humble role as home and shelter from the weather.

Listened to Shelley Ostroff’s Climate Meditation


Weather +weather+ weather + weather + weather + weather+  =  climate.

‘Climate’, by definition, is a graph of patiently plotted, collected, weather data.

The average weather.
The typical weather.
The general atmosphere.
And, wonderfully, the whole average weather.

Took humanity a while to get far enough away to be able to look back and learn that.

From the Greek ‘klima’ meaning ‘slope’, ‘inclination’ or ‘to lean’.

Wondering in which direction?

Seated on a tipping point.

Tempting to jump to imagining some sort of a climax. Ka boom!

The temperature graph spikes, as humanity begins to wake up, free-falling.

Asking only for wings and Time.

Suddenly, forcibly, aware of the ground , as it rises to meet us.

The Earth rises to meet us.

The temperature rises.
The water rises.
The mean rises.
The fear rises.
The love rises.

We rise as we fall.

Caught in expansion.

We are only just beginning to witness the true weight of our personal effects.

These personal ‘effects’ are heavy, accelerating the fall.

Need to slow our descent.

Become lighter and tidy up.

That is all we can do.

Unravel need.

Less is most definitely more.

Learn to glide. Look for lift.

Bow to the weather.

Allow yourself to be shaped by the weather.

Make decisions based on the weather.


‘Climate’ and ‘Change’ are already inseparably intertwined.

The climate is, by nature, constantly changing.

So can we.

“It’s a good day today….it’ll get wilder soon.”

Kat Robertson
January 5th 2019

This is a used motor-oil experiment I did last year that seemed to illustrate this well. Now called ‘Freefall and Glide’