Rolling Om Digital Mandalas

I make lots of these digital mandalas, from my own photographs, prints and drawings, and often share them online.

To me they are the digital equivalent of making an origami crane.
Infinitely unique and I enjoy making them!

I have over 1000 saved on my hard-drive!

I am very aware that all these digital images can be downloaded, (“save image as”), and can be used for anything, by anyone, with or without, my permission, at lower resolution.

Images downloaded from this site: 350 dpi / 600 x 600
Images downloaded from Facebook : 91 dpi/ 1809 x 1809

And I am happy for people to do so, particularly when I am credited!
As free ‘shareware’ they can be a unique message, or even pc wallpaper.

I am still often asked if I ‘sell them’, but this copyright dilemma makes marketing them tricky.

It has been suggested that, to protect them, I copyright them, with an ugly watermark, embed my signature in a corner, or publish in even lower resolution (rendering them unusable), but then any viewer is denied the full mandala experience.

Now after having experimented with having greetings cards/quality prints/posters printed and after researching various, third party, online ‘shop’ options, I believe the simplest, least wasteful, way is just to email me direct.

Please email me @ if interested in any mandalas on this blog or even to commission your own, totally unique, mandala!

Perhaps you have a favorite, or meaningful, native, plant or tree I might already have in my, extensive, UK botanical, ‘mandala image’, library? Perhaps a more general, seasonal greetings, theme is what you imagine?
I can even include text!

For £2.50 you can recieve an image, in any resolution/print size you require, of any original RollingOm/Kat Robertson mandala previously published online, or of any new, comissioned, mandala.

I only work with my own, original, photographs, as not all images are suitable for this process.

Whatever your preference I can create several mandalas images giving you a choice.

When you have chosen you will receive an invoice with payment instructions, and on receipt of payment, I will send you a high resolution file direct to your inbox.

It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t.

If you enjoy my work this is a great way to support this creative Rolling Om too!

Please find a selection of mandalas below, including a couple of animated GIF greetings. These are also possible!

Happy browsing!

(It is also possible to explore mandalas (and the process/story of their creation) through the mandala category option….one by one, backwards….)

In the 2019 gallery below I have linked these mandalas to original blog post, where possible.
Just click on them to learn more about how they evolved!
(Those with no link were designed and sent as e-cards for friends.)

lichenbreathsparkle mandala GIF
(Solstice greetings 2016)

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