Digital Mandalas

I make 100’s of these digital mandalas from my own photographs, prints and drawings.

I used to try and sell them as greetings cards, but did not manage to sell enough to make it worth while, due to remote location and prohibitive printing costs.

I have occasionally been commissioned to create logos in this way, I make them as e-gifts sometimes and, often, just make them to keep the creative juices going and keep me looking closer at all around.

I have over 1000 on my hard-drive!

These are just some of the ones I have have published.

(It is also possible to explore mandalas (and the process/story of their creation) through the mandala category option….one by one, backwards….)

In the 2019 gallery below I have linked these mandalas to original blog post, where possible.
Just click on them to learn more about how they evolved!
Those with no link were designed and sent as e-cards for friends.
Commissions welcome!

lichenbreathsparkle mandala GIF
(Solstice greetings 2016)

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