My name is Kat Robertson. What is yours?
And this is my email address .

It seems to me I need say no more than that.

I have now ‘built’ a basic shop connected to this blog…..and have much to sell, as this ‘steam of consciousness’ experiment with ‘living life as a prayer’ leaves behind a trail of tangible ‘object d’arte’….that often threatens to crowd out my space for dreaming….

My shop is very basic, due to limiting theme and inability to afford plug-ins/help with my site, but I think it does the job!

One thing I have learned from Nature…. the best things take time to grow….it all takes TIME….and a great deal of care….money moves too fast.

If you are interested in ANY original work contained in this blog….original drawings or paintings/digital image/words/video/potential commissions/workshops for children….just email me and we can discuss your idea….it all grows from there….

Note: I have no works priced over £300 and lots available for much less!

Any feedback (critical or positive), requests for guidance, curious queries welcome also!