Until I work out the best way to create a shop, I’ve just decided to invite any interested folk to email me and enter into a conversation if interested in purchasing my creations!

What could be easier!?

Please just left-click and save any image from this blog you are interested and attach to your email so I am clear as to which image it is you are interested in.

Original drawings and paintings are available to buy, framed or unframed.

Availability and Price to be discussed during email correspondence.

You might find yourself getting a real bargain or even a personalised commission ‘in the style of’!
Images are also suitable for printing as cards, prints, posters (which I can definitely offer at reasonable prices), or think bigger, perhaps, tea-towels, mugs, T-shirts, duvet covers, canvas wall prints?…pretty much any format you can dream up! I will research possibilities, order and get produced for you, while keeping in constant communications with you re-progress!

Original, high quality images are also available from me, online, for re-use, in return for a small fee or donation.

And there is no obligation to buy by simply contacting me to discuss.

One-off items will of course become a little more expensive and the wait a little longer than the average shop, but still a low price for a one off original item direct from the artist and I promise good communications and high quality!

So please do not be shy….I am setting up my stall in this open market place…..making myself visible and open to haggling!

I hope that this way of doing things will result in my slowly building up a customer led stock and help cut out all the slick middle people!
Please click on link below for current printed goods held in stock.

Currently available stock.

Simply email me (with attached images you are interested in) and we can see where it goes from there! ”

Kat Robertson (artist at Rolling Om Productions)

Often a better quality image is available and old watermarks will not be visible on any printed products.

 ‘Kat Robertson/Rolling Om’, original images within this blog, including videos are also, out there, for use as free, downloadable, shareware, but a credit to the artist is expected.

‘Rolling Om Productions’ accepts personal Paypal payments and bank transfers.

All discussed products will only be released on receipt of payment.