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original official Standing As Earth Banner

STANDING AS EARTH : January 13th – February 12th 2021 #standingasearth

A creative attempt to summarize/record my, month-long, participation in this remarkable project.
My original, published, ‘cool’ captions and inspiring ‘Earth quotes’ became lost to the ether when I chose to delete my Facebook account…..which is just as well….as with hindsight it seems I was not really listening…..some of my posts where only text and gone forever now ….but this is all the visual work I shared with the group….cobbled together, chronologically, and with new meaning.

It all began with Nuts.
Tree Seeds.
Those prefectly designed, well travelled, nuggets of both nutrition and potential.
(Reminded now, also. in hindsight, of an Egyptian Nut.
Daughter of vital breath and heat, a star-covered naked woman, bowed over the Earth,
With her head in the West and her feet in the East. A bridge between the Earth and the Sky.)

I wondered how this ‘tree’ would grow from there…..

kat robertson artist

The endangered red squirrel became my constant companion on this journey.
And, as always here, the Wind.

Winter Hawthorn showed me her sharp, protective, thorns…..

kat robertson artist

The Beech hedge whispered ‘Sssssh…..ssssh’……

kat robertson artist

Mole spoke to me of staying buzy, but remaining underground, unseen…..

kat robertson artist

Mosses demonstrated how to cling on and thrive, on only cold, ungiving, stone……

kat robertson artist

But I was not really listening …….
And worms writhed in the compost heap of my mind, giving birth to strange new, artifical, creatures….

kat robertson artist

I have a well-weathered head.
Colonized now by Nature.
Worn away by Time.

Still able, though, to see those ‘Spots of Light’ and bask in their Radiance.

kat robertson artist

Celebrate their Beauty.

kat robertson artist

That is, until I see when I venture out, again and again, our trashing of everything Sacred …
And I am returned to Grieving.

Yet, I was reminded, in that Darkness, there is always Light.
You only have to find new ways of Seeing.

kat robertson artist

It is Imbolc.
A time of Rebirth. Of Future. A Time of New Beginnings and Returning Light.
Humble Snowdrops blaze a fanfare.
Hope Incarnate.
Spring is on its way.

The soil gives way to green, urgent, spears of New Life, pushing up toward the Sun.

kat robertson artist

Even, inside our winter home, the houseplants put on a show of wondrous, exotic, blooms.

kat robertson artist

Out walking I was shown something weird, almost alien, something that I had never encountered before.
Sea squirts!
Earth spoke to me again of all the unseen wonders that she holds.
That Living can only ever be learning.

I cracked open my first rotten egg in a long, long time.
The smell was of Sulphur.
I learned that Humans create more Sulphur now than is released by all the Earth’s volcanos put together.
So Humans smell, to the Earth, of Sulphur too.
A smell associated with Decay.
And the breaking open of her Crust.

kat robertson artist

Then we were invited to dig deep and find our authentic Howl.
Always a tough one.

kat robertson artist

It turned out my Howl is, and has always been, my felt Impotence in affecting any real Change
Through what I am able to do, through my own unique gifts.
Earth told me it was OK to share, again, some work I have already done.
For it is Work that has not lost Value through Age.
Just as I have not lost Value.

kat robertson artist

Work created when I first began to Give the Earth a Voice online.
(Though, at that time, I thought I was Alone in doing so.)

kat robertson artist

Sharing this Work, reminded me that I have been Standing here a long, long Time already.
And brought home how committed I am to doing it still.

kat robertson artist

Rarely witnessed and, in the main, uncelebrated.

kat robertson artist

As undeserving of applause as a weed in a lawn.
A rock, the moss or a twisted tree.
A sea squirt.
Or a hooded crow.
This is not a show.

kat robertson artist

A creature of magik and alchemy.
Who no longer needs to shout out “I am here!”
Because, in the course of this experiment, the only One who really matters told me that:

She Loves me,
that She is Sorry,
that She Forgives me
and is Grateful for all that I do.

And when I heard that back….

I just Let Go.


and that is where you’ll always find me.

Still Standing.

Kat Robertson. Standing As Earth. Imbolc 2021

I am staring at this screen.
How to condense the Experience?
It’s impossible!
The above barely scratches the surface.
Now only recorded in pages and pages and pages and pages and pages
of messy, scrawled notes, avid, crazed, chanelled, journalling …processing …..too much to edit.

And this trail of shared artworks.

I have deleted my Facebook account.
Deleted all social media accounts.
I am too much to edit.
It was Earth that called me to withdraw from all that fight to be seen.
The fight to feel heard.
While I celebrate all who are able to continue this work of being visible online.
Who have those skills.
I have become exhausted from trying to find new ways to say such a simple thing.
There simply are no words left in my limited vocabulary.

I can tell you how I felt when I first saw the online invitation.
YES! YES! What a brilliantly simple idea!
Let’s ALL Stand AS Earth.


Earth, my true Nature, guides me now to simply write of the WEATHER during this month long experiment #standingasearth on Facebook.

The Weather of Standing As Earth

It began with a, freezing, Siberian Wind that howled from the East.
Screaming over vast, populated, landmasses,
Carrying all that stale air,
To meet the ocean
All the way from China, it came hurtling through, at tree-breaking ,wave-hurling, speed,
Onward over the Atlantic, toward the East Coast of the Americas.
It was hard, sometimes, to Breathe.
The Land became hard too, as iron.
It’s Life Blood frozen.
Impermanent diamonds grew in the Mud.
And the Trees grew hair of Ice.
Until the very Dryness turned it all to Dust.
Dust that came Alive, like dervishes, like dancers,
Rising, with the gusting wind, up from the Ground.
Gritty in my eyes.
Making me Cry.

And then it Snowed.
And all became Still and Silent.
And all became Clear and Sharply defined.
Blueish and Breathtaking.
The Light alone, a sensory orgasm.

And then, it all, inevitably,

The winds have never stopped blowing.

They are blowing still.
They have just swung around a bit and radically changed direction.

I found I had been blown off course.

I found myself, full circle, called back into the Mystery.

I found I was, already, HOME.

Kat Robertson. Standing As Earth. Imbolc 2021

“Ssssssh…..Sssssh….” EARTH

My last post on Facebook, after realising I felt I had shared way too much, and deleting my account, was this.
It hangs on the wall of my ‘artden’.
And, while not my own words, says all I really have left to say of any worth.
My continued prayer is only that more of us will find this Truth and try their very best to LIVE BY IT.
And each find their own ,unique, Balance.

(N.B. I have only just realised that when a person deletes their Facebook account, they disappear, also, from all groups. As if they had never been there at all. I experience a deep sadness about that, as I fell in Love, with new brothers and sisters, and Earth, over and over again, during this month of participation …….. despite not joining in on Zoom! Now guided just to rest in the Knowing that we are, all connected, through the Forest floor. )

Love Virus Particle

I was contacted by my dear Treesister, Victoria Rose DeAngelis (who I have made mandalas for before), with an interesting idea!

She sent me a ‘free’, computer generated, image of the COVID-19 particle and asked if I could turn all the ‘red bits’ into hearts around the Earth.
She wanted to begin spreading an Earth Love Virus on TikTok!!!
I said I’d see what I could do and this was the result.
I am a particular, (pardon the pun), fan of her W.E.I.R.D. (Wonderful, Exciting,Imaginative, Radiant, Delightful ) fun approach to Living Life to the full and Spreading the Love, worldwide, from her home in Conneticut, USA.
Though primarily aimed at younger children, I believe she shines so bright that all those, who are young at heart, can feel her infectious, remarkable, energy!
I certainly ‘get it’!
You can read more about Victoria and all facets of her work here on her website ‘Spirit Tree Wellness’.

kat robertson artist
Love Virus Particle
the original image

And I could not resist making this wee gif of it too….pulsing, pushing, the Love around our dear planet Earth….

kat robertson artist


Some Sirius, Dog Star, Sparkle!

I attempted to film the brilliant, full spectrum, sparkle that Sirius, the Dog Star, was eminating these last evenings.
Unfortunately the camera was hand held giving the impression that it was moving about…..but I quite like this effect!
A USO. An Unidentified Sparkly Object.
I made this wee gif from the footage.

kat robertson artist
Some Sirius Sparkle!

Moonlight on Water GIF.

Made from one of many attempts to photograph this vision….only the sound of the water lapping.

Solstice greetings 2020!

Bear Coat.

My favorite seasonal celebration.
But this year my two sons were not interested and social media conveyed that guising in the village was going to be pretty low key, due to COVID.
The weather was stormy, so I did not drive into town to get a large swede.
(I refuse to buy pumpkins anymore. So sick of ‘America’s treat or treat’.)
So no carving or soup either.
Really missed the gorgeous smell of candle-roasting ‘tumchie’ lantern.

Stayed up late with candles, watching to see if the blue moon would show it’s face. It did not.
And ‘talked with the dead’, but it was not like other years at all.

Missing all the ususal costume dramas, I decided it was time to work with the old faux-fur coat I had had stored in my studio for, at least, the last 3 years.
An old coat that I have always just known was to become ‘Bear’ in my, incrementaly evolving, ‘dream’, puppet show.
It was the coat that inspired the character.

It felt good to work with Bear. So familiar to me. Bear medicine.
Hibernation now never far from my mind.

Quite a journey in patience and understanding too!
I would begin folding and stitching, then see, over and over, that, to make it better, I had to unpick it all.
It felt ‘complete’ a total of 3 times, but then it would stare at me and show me better ways to approach it.

Which always meant taking it apart and starting again.

I like the way this has roughened this faux-fur coat.

It’s evolution took a couple of weeks.
Ever simplifying.

It was not just the way it looked that was important, but also the way it worked, as a prop.

It was frustrating me that what was to have been a quick, fun, project began to eat into days.
It simply was not working as I had imagined.
It was very difficult, and clumsy, to wear.

Then, on November 2nd, I woke from a dream about how to approach it from a completely different angle.
Making the arms the snout, not using the neck, and I unpicked it all for the last time.

Everything fell into place.

Complete with naturally forming eye-holes, in the right place, so I could wear it and actually see where I was going!!
Which had been a real problem until that point!

Now it is a joy to make the simple folds and have/be ‘Bear’, then undo them and have ‘coat’.
Definitley going to be part of my show……think more items will be tied onto it over Time….

Mama Bear prowls in the kitchen…..
In the show it will only be the head that shows (in quite a few different ways), but it works as a fun costume too.

Amazing to wear when meditating! A Bear Woman!
Old cat not bothered.

Below is a wee gif I made for the fun of it all….
51 years old.
Think this might be a mid-Life crisis, or even the effects of lockdown weariness….but I highly recommend it.

(Looking at all the above, I think it needs some whittled, willow, teeth….and perhaps I will paint the eye ‘buttons’…..I would like for this ‘teddy bear’ to become a bit more fierce!)

Body Tree.


The prompt for the local art challenge was ‘Inside Out/Outisde In’ and as I have been ‘carrying’ this idea, for quite a while now, I thought I’d give it a go.

Inspired by a small birch I planted, years ago now, that has been shining, opposite me, where I often meditate, outside in the garden.
A part of my practice involves breathing as ‘Tree’.
This little tree and I often cross ‘boundaries of being’.

My ‘edges’ drawn in Air, defined only by the tree’s branches.

I felt it kind of fitted the breif! (Although most of the other entries were the view out of a window!)

I sat down and painted this, in ink, freehand, but felt it was not complete. The shape was wrong, my attempts to make the outer twigs lie like hair made her too conifer-like and it is spring!
She needed leaves!

The original black and white ink painting.

So I worked with a photograph of this birch.
In photoshop I selected only the leaves and then super-imposed that image on top of the drawing, to test what it could look like, before I committed to painting them on.

Well that works!

After deciding to go for it and paint the leaves on, I had another play with the completed painting and super-imposed that onto a sky image from another of my photos.

This seemed to stress the Air body better…..

Still not totally happy with it if I am honest.

This is a work I will probably try and create again though.
Re-work it with finer branches, more interesting anatomy and a less chunky trunk.
I love this idea and can see where it could go.

The title’s pun was intended.
Not ‘Bohdi Tree‘, but ‘Body Tree’.
I am not Buddha!

Or we all are……

It was only later, after painting this that I found out it was Buddha’s birthday a few days later.
I also was reminded of how he died.

Did I mention I have been thinking about death, a lot, recently?

(Note to self: Do not eat the meaty, mushroomy, pig dishes my, ‘blacksmith’/engineer, husband prepares, full of salt and a smoker’s over seasoning!) (wink)

The Time spent with this little tree and painting came into our, monthy, Treeisister’s Full Moon meditation too:

Response to Treesister’s May Full Flower Moon Call: Healing the Amazon.

Got a bit lost in ‘doings’ and missed the live call, but joined on replay the following day.
I was ready to pray.
Outside was that super-still way, wet with the first summer rain in a long time. Droplets of mist hung on everything around. Bird song thrilled through this ‘heavy’ stillness. Today I love the rain. We really needed it here after a few dry weeks.
Very quickly, as the meditation began, I became Tree.
I became a little birch I know very well, that grows opposite me where I regularly sit to meditate, outside in the garden. I planted it years ago. It shines so bright now with all its new leaves. I have been photographing it, and even used it as the inspiration for a recent picture of the ‘tree’ ‘drawing’ a meditating figure with the air between its branches.

I called the picture simply ‘BODY TREE’.
I became that little tree even before Clare’s breathing suggestions and her invitation to call our guardian tree. I was so completely with the experience that this tree was obviously the tree for this session.
Water droplets hung on each new leaf.
I could feel myself shining, brilliant in the sunlight. Each time I trembled, or was stirred by the breeze, droplets fell to the ground. Feeding our network. Feeding the entire Earth. I loved how this felt! So I continued to work with this, mainly.
The Amazon, from an eagle eye’s view became very clear, held by our circle. Vast and Lush. Then as Clare continued with describing its destruction, it’s wounding, I saw the huge scars across the canopy….the gaps in it.
Then I began to ‘see ‘ it fighting back…..I saw a perplexed farmer who, every time he tried to cut back the trees,  thousands of tiny seedlings would spring up in their place. I saw vines creeping in real time over cutting machines, strangling them.  The jungle became like a huge triffid, accompanied by orangutans and butterflies, swallowing all of man’s attempts to conquer it.
In tiny, water bejewelled, tree-form, I connected deeply with the relationship between this mighty canopy and the clouds and mist that wove through it. I trembled and let ‘my’ water droplets fall. Water became the conduit. I saw all the trees ‘breathing’ in the water and this tree-breathed water rushing into the black, polluted, veins-like deltas of the river and diluting the poison….clearing the water……
I ‘met’ an unidentified Amazon shaman woman. We bowed to one another, she took my hand. She encouraged me to continue with this simple action.
So I trembled /shivered my body over and over, releasing this shimmering gown of water to my roots and off into the wider field. Water flowed from me through my roots, into others in the circle and out wider and wider world. Water hung on my tongue, my tear ducts, my vagina, my ears and nose…..on each hair……each tiny shake and the droplets fell.
I saw myself Shine as this tiny tree.
 I did not need to ask it for anything else. It had already shown me so much beauty and given me what I needed in this Time.
Praying for all Life and hoping this connection proves as powerful, as it felt during this meditation, to me.

Response to meditation posted on Treesister’s Nest

It was only later I was given the understanding of my vision dream when all Time stands still.

Only later I had more warning dreams illustrating a magnificant, Earth, lightning strike and had further bright flashes of realization….but that would be a story for another post…..

A fun GIF I made using the finished painting and cycling through the hues.

hens start laying eggs 72/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Dalkan’ / greater cold, 20th January – 3rd February.
Micro climate ‘hens start laying eggs’ 30th January – 2nd February.

The weather has been wild these last days.
Dramatic light changing as these fierce weather fronts push over us, powered by these powerful, gusting, winds.
Grateful for the shelter of ‘box house’, these views and little call to action outside.

I made a couple of gifs using images shot through our windows….what is missing is the constant audio of these gales, screaming through every tiny crack of our home!
I sometimes get an ‘end of days’ feeling when it is like this, but that only powers my prayers.

My wee candle lights burn brighter on these dark days.

It is the end of this 72 micro-seasons project though.

The last season.

(now that could be the title of a poem…)

It has been an amazing experience to watch so closely, to make it my business to connect with the natural seasons and tiny changes all around in this way.

I am finding it hard to part with this sharing, giving away, process, but know I must.
It will involve a whole ‘re-wiring’ of my creative approach though, after a, committed, whole year of plucking at the strings of NOW and weaving it into a regular post!

I have recently been asked if I would like to try and create some illustrations for a, talented, story-telling, friend’s tale.
It is a story of Mother Gaia and Father Sun and the coming of the very first winter.
It touches me deeply.

I have already begun experimenting.
It will take all my available artden time to really feel into the soul of her words and I will be prevented from sharing this work as I go along, because the whole idea is to take Time to produce something really special and then take it to mainstream publishers when complete.

This, I know, could take months of unseen work. And no process to share!

So a completely different way of working for me!

And not my natural way of working!

It feels counter-intuitive.

I have loved sitting in the immediacy and my unique, ever changing, ‘song’ of LIFE!
The Rolling OM of it.
Just another busker on the pavement of it all.
Singing my song.
Nothing to do and nowhere to go.
Not speaking for anyone else.
I and I.
I suppose a form of self-portraiture, as well as an observance.

This 72 micro seasons project has been a joy to adopt, as it fitted this way of being so perfectly.
Holding the daily inspired moods (and resulting images, songs, words) within in its many, small, seasons/chapters.

As the planet turns. Always changing. In Time with the Light.

So this mildly eccentric, intimate, multi-dimensional, Gaia-inspired, creative, ‘stream of consciousness’, experiment is now drawing to a close.

Happy to have completed the whole wheel and now I am looking forward to more Time away from this ‘sticky’ screen again!
Looking forward to less relentless editing (words are slippy for me) and a more forgiving structure to my days!

‘Hens’ may have started laying, but I still feel like I am still incubating my peculiar ‘eggs’, I wonder sometimes if one will ever hatch!?

I have very much appreciated, the support, encouragement, cheers and love (especially from dear Treesisters), I have received during this kookie, rather lonely, experiment. You have kept me going!

Thank You all!

Deep Bow, dear friends, and thank you for bearing with me!

All Change and Mind The Gap.

By way of completing the circle it seems fitting to take it all back round to the very first season, with a link to the very first post, although this feels, already, a very long time ago…..


springs thaw 68/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Shokan’ / lesser cold, 5th January – 19th January.
Micro climate ‘springs thaw’ 10th January – 14th January.

I am increasingly confused by these seasons.
We are nearly the same latitude as Japan.
This season is ‘lesser cold’, the next is ‘greater cold’ and yet ‘springs thaw’??
I found this Japan tourism site which suggests the seasons in Japan vary quite a bit from north to south, but that they are distinct.
Not something that can really be said about Scotland, although also an island, with a warm west and a bitter east.
Famously we get a lot of rain, with more light in summer and a lot less in winter.
Having lived in, and around, central Europe for 4 years, I find I miss ‘real’ seasons.
I love SNOW and with this warming effect I feel we may get even less of it here (although the climate is so ‘up in the air’ (pardon the pun!) who, frankly, knows?!)
I also love hot, dry summers.
Living in the wrong country for those too!

I am where I am and thankful for the humidity in so many ways, even if the relentless, greyness of days can get me down sometimes.
And when the light shows off here, it really is a blessing!

(Just tried again to get the 72 seasons app on my android tablet, to see alternative titles. Sometimes much gets lost in translation! This time it downloaded properly. A bit late for this project, but interesting to note that it titles this season ‘the spring water holds warmth’ which makes altogether more sense to me!
This winter ground so alive despite the bleak upper levels.)

Things in the artden keep buzzing along.

I made this gif while focusing intention/prayer on the Aboriginal ceremony at Uluru on the 12th.
“May the path of the Rainbow Serpent be clear!”
(I also made another, more psychedelic, video intention piece featured in the previous post on that day, using my orginal Rainbow Serpent and Egg drawing)

This is what the gif above ended up as while intuitively feeling into the wet mud after making it.
I see ripples on water with leaves floating on it?

Quite a little collection forming now.
I have had some issues with folk online commenting that they look like ‘shit’. Not very encouraging and difficult, now, not to think about it when I am working, but still believe there is something in this medium, soil, that is not ‘just shit’!

While I was putting this offering together, there was the most almighty, single, lightening strike outside and all the lights flickered!
The boys both thought it had hit the house!
I had to go out in the dark to check that my husband was ok!
But his car has gone too, so he must be on walk-about.
Very strange. Just one rumble. Just one flash. As if the energy had built up and just needed release. All the hairs on my arms are standing straight up!
Perhaps this is the re-balancing caused by the ceremony?!

The weather certainly has been wild.
The winds the other day were touching gale force 12 at times.
My kids were nearly stranded at the school due to the sea-roads being bashed by high tide storm waves and our local bus being unable to get through.
There was a stunning moment during that storm when the sun suddenly came out.
Shame I cannot photograph the wind (or the noise!), but it did feel odd to see a rainbow in such wild winds and the light was almost spooky.

Due to this weeks wild weather I have not been out much.
But I was reminded of school art classes when I cut open this red cabbage the other day.
I still find these absolutely stunning.

So I made some ‘cabbagey’ mandalas!


(working inspired by the ‘7 Days of Rest and Radiant Diversity 2020‘ global, online, earth healing, experiment)

My intuition alarms are ringing again.

Couldn’t stop wondering about possible connections between the introduction of 5G….and all these fires this morning.

Read a lot of anti-5G material this morning.

“The issue is microwave radiation, which has been steadily intensifying for over two decades courtesy of the wireless revolution. 5G will bring a huge increase in radiation, virtually overnight, everywhere—in cities, suburbs, parks, nature preserves, wildlife refuges, oceans, Greenland, and Antarctica.
Instead of cell towers every few miles, there will be cell towers—small but
powerful—in front of every third to fifth home. Instead of 2,000 satellites orbiting the Earth, there will shortly be 50,000″

50,000 satellites!

This makes no sense to me at all.

“OK stop polluting the world with plastic, but Yay! Let’s fill or own ionosphere with more of our junk, so we get coverage of the whole world , ever last inch of it”

What is this going to do to all Life on Earth?

All this, focused, radiation. This artificial, electromagnectic, frequency?

Who is Elon Musk? What has he done to Tesla?

Talk about a trojan horse.

Australia’s towers were erected only last summer…..

It’s hard not to wonder.

I visualize the beam being reflected back by our collective light, or perhaps I’ll need to start inventing a beam conductor, for houses, to deflect it, to earth it??

Our internet is not great, in fact it’s terrible, but this is too much….and all in the hands of private companies…

I am weeping again.

But this is not the Time, or place.

So many terrible, possible, scenarios in this world.

It only makes the NOW more precious.

So this is Day 7.

The penultimate day of this inspiring 7 Days of Rest.

It is always fascinating to really notice each day passing.
To witness the differences, the diversity of days with all senses.

I think that is why I enjoy ‘journaling’ style projects so much.
(I am looking forward to not having a, self-imposed, daily deadline though!)

So Thank You all 7 Dayers! Especially to all who work to make this happen.

The vibrations of all that has been shared will resonate on with all of us and help sustain us through the coming months.

I stand with you all in our collective dreaming.

See you next year!

Again…what a wonderful way to dive deeper and focus intentions.

My mud art is revolving!

May the wheels of Radiant Life keep turning as we launch ourselves into the new decade.

And we all keep Rolling OMward!