About Rolling Om

About Kat Robertson (aka Rolling Om)

Welcome to the online gallery of Rolling Om Productions!

I am a, constantly evolving, free spirit with no agenda other than to exist in the NOW with LOVE.
My creative practise involves meditating daily, opening to receive, and attempting to share the resulting message/vision in whatever medium seems most appropriate.  This is, most often, as visual art, but also includes poetry, musical experiments, digital and performance art.  As I become older I am growing to believe that these complete, and often powerful ,  ‘imaginals’  are transmissions  that come direct from Gaia, our Mother Earth, my service to her being to illustrate aspects of our Source consciousness.  For what else could explain the fluid and effortless way that my work comes into being? And the urgency with which it arises? I feel that I barely do these gifts justice, but have no choice other than to continue with this sacred alchemy, that hurts no-one, yet is capable of helping to bring others into their true nature and earth sense.
I feel deeply honoured to be invited to be an Artist Partner within the non profit , women’s reforestation organization called TreeSisters (www.treesisters.org)  as my work fits so perfectly with their mission to reforest our planet and the invitation to engage, spiritually, with Gaia.
I encourage all who read this to find time to contribute to this wonder full mission in whatever way they can. I have chosen to give a monthly donation as it feels so good to know that I am helping to replenish and restore our communal lungs, which breathe, 24/7, for ALL of us and provide so much shelter, warmth and inspiration.


I have updated relevant pieces with prices/dimensions etc. All prices quoted are unframed unless otherwise stated. (Some pieces have been framed for exhibition purposes these are priced accordingly.)  I do have access to a local framing service if required. Prices do not include P&P.

The digital work remains essentially as free ware which I am always happy to have shared!

Please contact me directly through email at katalyzor@gmail.com if interested in purchasing any art exhibited here.



Rolling OM productions https://www.facebook.com/dancewithtime 

https://katalyzor.wordpress.com (an archival diary experiment)

I am also attempting to get to grips with Instagram, but not being a mobile phone user (we still have NO signal here!) it is prooving difficult to navigate! I am having to download images from my pc to my tablet, which with the way the app is responding is perhaps not even allowed!? But I will persevere!

Please find me at Instagram.com@rollingomproductions

Or of course, join Treesisters and see my work, fresh off the press, billiontrees.me and then join the TreeSisters Well of Creativity and Wisdom and join in supporting all the other talented artists there and the marvellous work that they do! Despite the name this group welcomes men also who are in touch with their feminine side! Although beware….it has a justified female leaning!





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