“My creative practice began as a healing process, from a circumstantial depression, or ‘shut down’, of 9 years, in the beginning of 2016.

Returning, after a long absence, to meditation/mindfulness practice and playful creativity, has been key to this healing.

My poem Like an Awakening is an immediate description of how sudden and powerful this call, to create again, was!

At this time I also became very aware, through social media mainly, that others, globally, were  experiencing this same sensation of ‘being switched on’. I felt like I was witnessing a communal awakening, a wave of new consciousness. As if I had been sleeping, waiting for this. I found this all very curious. In light of a world full of Earth Shift ideas and where, occupation ‘energy worker’, has become almost common place! I felt a call to participate, to activate…but how to do this from our remote, family home?

I wondered if, by aiming to make myself, simply, as open as possible and asking, I might receive some answers?

Some kind of guidance.

And I did! Despite layers of conditioned cynicism and resistance!

I find I already know who I am and what to do, if I just let go of ‘myself’ and listen.

My kind of logical mind, is the type that, quite logically, sees our entire specie’s absolute dependence on Gaia’s, fragile, systems and sees that this ‘human race’ of, non-sustainable, taking and not giving back is a blindingly obvious and very, grim trajectory!

This, in fact, I now recognise, was the root cause of the ‘circumstantial depression’ mentioned above. A kind of overwhelming impotence and separation anxiety.

I am now a mother myself…..and the healing I am experiencing is HOPE and where there is HOPE there is always LOVE.

I am no longer embarrassed to say this.

This evolving practise enriches my life both in the confidence I am, slowly, regaining as I see this body of work grow and, when I share, the encouragement I receive from online connections, that, literally, means the world to me!

My practice involves creating a space and meditating daily, both indoors and out on walks, giving thanks, sending love to the world, asking for forgiveness, then asking for, and opening to receive. Then attempting to share the resulting messages/visions in whatever medium seems most appropriate!  This is, most often, as visual art, but also includes poetry, musical experiments, digital and performance art.

To me it is all an experiment.

My ‘work’ is constantly changing, inspired by the weather, the natural forms and beauty that surround us here in Argyll, Scotland, and the felt mood of my online ‘tribes’, as the river of information, I now expose myself to daily, (the ‘triggers’ of the morning’s social media session!), filter down.

As I assimilate everything.

In stillness on this hill.

I feel that I barely do these visions justice, but am driven to continue with this sacred alchemy, that helps me feel real and connected, gifting me a sense of, zen, artist’s purpose, that hurts no-one, yet might also inspire others to find their own, kookie, true nature and earth sense through their own, unique, inner work and experiments!

So on I go….rolling OMward into the unknown with our dear planet!

15% of all profits will be split between two charities close to my heart.

Treesisters– women seeding change. A global reforestation and female empowerment, non-profit, organisation.


Refugee Community Kitchens who serve hot, nourishing meals to displaced people in the UK and abroad.’

Kat Robertson

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