Piano seat (with sweet peas!)

I have been enjoying time ‘playing’ outside, on the patio I have now extended, away from the ticks, in the sun, building things.
Using up some of the ‘old wood’ pile and, of course, the bits of old piano!

I constructed a sunbed/bench out of an old pallette.

This is what became of our old piano in the end!
A garden piano seat!
It makes a great ‘wind break’ too.
Although very heavy, it can be rolled, on its original wheels, and repositioned around the patio.

It turned out to be a bit too long a job to seperate the metal frame along with the strings, from the frame.
(I had originally imagined a kind of ‘wind harp’.)
So I built a bench seat with a kind of planter on one side and am trying out training sweet peas up the strings!
Hopefully a scented living wall by the end of summer (if the peas don’t pull away the vibration of the strings? We’ll see!).

I love this kind of free, organic, ‘building’.
Not being too precious about things.
Banging in recycled, rusty, nails and ex-piano screws/fittings, as required.

A dowel to hang a teatowel on.
The top opens up to create a wider ‘bar’.
Hooks on either side ….

I will probably just keep adding to it, as inspired.

It definitely needs more plants.
And I’m just going to let the Elements remove the all the varnish for me!
It is already peeling off nicely.

Then. maybe, give it a bit of a, ‘use-up-old’, paint job.

Still working out what to do with the mechanism and a bucket full of keys …… some plans brewing …..

Like my head at the moment.

Lots of keys.

But none seem to fit the lock.