The need to ground, to centre, wild weather and a distinct lack of clear direction have drawn my attention back to mandalas recently.

These are very retro!

I know there is a button on new programmes that just ‘makes these’ now, but I love my ‘dinosaur’ software, the non symmetrical, imperfections and the pain-staking process of ‘making’ them.

I love the ‘bringing to wholeness of many parts’, circular, meditation of making them and the surprises at the end!
How some just work and others don’t, but you cannot know until you try. The vast choice of directions at any one point, in light, filter, position of image, scale……like a giant crossword with no correct answers, only possibilites.
How I can erase wrong moves and go back, but also, often, go too far and have to start again.
How working with natural images focuses me. It becomes an act of honoring the subject.
How they create stories, and wonder sometimes, as they reflect forms.
How mirroring often gives birth to new, magical ‘faces’ and characters/butterflies/insects, all gazing out at me. All echoing the beautiful, imperfect, symmetry in all all Life……..

(What I do not love is, that in ‘following my bliss’, I find myself sat at the computer all day!!)

I have been keen, for a while now, to push them a bit further.
They had become a bit boring to make. Too easy.
I wanted to complicate matters!
To experiment with layers/change of focus/filters, and, most importantly for me, numbers.

I have strong feelings with regard to numbers.
I embue certain numbers with meaning.
Some with real power.

I have always used 6 as this echoes the Sacred Geometry of the ‘Flower of Life’.
I have now been on an intense journey of learning through 8 (eurgh) and layering 6’s and 7’s (jolt!).
I have even ‘cracked’ the 9 direction mandala!

It is so difficult to pick just one or two to share that I made this short video to give you an idea….this is the experience of ‘mandalaizing’!

Mandal Eye Zing October 2020 from Kat Robertson on Vimeo.

The weather around the ‘box-house’ is wild.

I burrow in.
Looking in this screen to look out.
Looking in myself for calm.
Filling the circle.
Reflecting on forms.
Finding calm in the eye of a storm.
Focusing on Source.

I think I have arrived at ‘my’ new way of making mandalas.
A process that echoes the intention and that deepens the mandala.

One of my very favorites of the last few days is one of the Scots Pine mandalas.

I have been reading up on Fenrir (the giant wolf of Norse fame) and the leash that holds him.

I could clearly ‘see’ a wolf-form in this mandala, so worked with this theme in mind, for a few hours, to create these, one-off, mandalas.

I call them ‘Gjallarhorn’ and ‘Roar of Fenrir’……

Roar of Fenrir

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