Gaia Hut build. Spring/Summer 2020.

Well, more than a week has gone by since we, the Gaia Hut and I, trundled home, after it’s first, official road test and the exhibition.
It has taken me this long to edit all the photos and assimilate all the goings on.
I think I can safely call it a Success!
I sold many of my ‘small, but original’ works (even a couple of bigger ones!) and everyone seemed delighted by this tiny gallery/studio on wheels.
As am I.

So this post is a rewind to the build that led up to that event.

Continuing the build in preparation for first road test and exhibition 2020

I wish I had documented the build this year as seperate blog posts, but the push to complete, in time for the ArtMap Argyll Open studio event, was intense!
I simply did not have the Time. (I am also a mother, home keeper and gardener!)

The Gaia Hut was used to exhibit in 2019, but was far from finished!
I still needed to repaint/build bed system/install woodburner/finish, hang, wings/build honeycomb storage/fit washing machine window in door/invent cover for rainy days/construct floor/generally strengthen structure/get electrics working…..the list was long.

(The main build ‘story’ of 2019 is intertwined the dense diary of the 72 Japanese Seasons project! I have though added a button in the main menu that brings up posts connected with her transition from box trailer to tiny gallery. , GAIA HUT – BUILD)

So after the Hut sitting as wood/tool store for the long winter, I got cracking again in the spring.

I did not stop to take many pictures, but here is what I have to share.

(Click on first image to see in Gallery format with more of the story attached. On my laptop the words are hidden and you need to use the down arrow to see them. Must chat with wordpress about this!)

I made this collage of, previous, build photos, as so many people asked, during the exhibition, what it was before, how I had made it etc.
I hung this, laminated, on the outside so people could see.
Some photos are repeated here, but hope it gives the general idea!?

So now, after the exhibtion, this wee hut on wheels is ready for me to work in as my garden studio, take out to do more land/location based work, use to write and meditate in and even sleep/live in on my, future, road trips.
It brings me closer to an old way of Life that I loved.
Closer too, to the Earth and the elements.
I can escape ‘the House-box’ once more.
And it can take me away from the isolated, protection, of our hill and out into the wider world that beckons.

Also, hidden in the storage is a 5m tent tipi (with it’s own wee burner) and two camp beds. The table/bed also becomes a sofa using the futon matress (cut to size) that also fits in under the table. Space too for lots of cushions and blankets. I have a travelling stove and lovely, little, kerosene lamps, left to me by my late mother.
I took all this kit to the exhibition with me to test that it all fitted and it does, even with the extra artwork, materials etc.

After much deliberation I have decided to keep it as a ‘power-free space’ and not pursue solar/wind power kits. It feels so good to step away from the digital ‘noise’.
I may be forced to enter the world of the SMART phone though, out of necessity, not something I relish the idea of. We’ll see…

I do have to practise reversing and towing the Hut though, as I am still very nervous on the road. No problems with it’s road worthiness though! It has now been thoroughly checked over by a professional mechanic. I intend to make a sign for the back too, apologising to other road users for it’s slow speed and I might need to consider selling my 1.9 estate in favor of something with a bit more oomph!

Ideas of UK wide travel are dissolving too. I cannot imagine going on a motorway with this precious baby! There are, after all, so many stunning locations within reach of Home, here, to explore.

My dreams of using it for a puppet show are very much alive (one of the reasons for the push out window!) Hoping to entertain many, in Argyll, with my Gaia inspired show.

So many possible uses for such a structure.

I could rent it, locally, for outdoor events, as a dry hub/a DJ booth/a food vending stall. During the exhibition I realised it would not take that much work to create ‘kits’ that could turn it into a mobile sauna or , even, a very posh, compost toilet!!

Looking forward now to future adventures…….

But not before I have posted about the exhibition itself….

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