‘Colours of a Craignish Sunset’

The next and the last.
Ardfern Lockdown Art Challenge is going down in a blaze of orange and pinks! The prompt being ‘Colours of a Craignish Sunset’.
It has been decided to wind it down.
I will miss these weekly prompts to do something ‘other’!

This week I decided to simply use photographs of recent, incredible, sunsets here and make some mandalas….

Then after making them I thought I’d like to try taking it one step further and completly abstracting the mandala itself!

Can you see (from the above images) which photo was used to make which mandala and associated abstraction?

Then there were lots of other experiments!

I really quite liked this one….it became my cover photo on FB for a week or so.
Colours of a sunset through glass…..a bit like a lockdown?

So this is the last week of prompts.

I’ll miss this lovely project that connected me to the village more.

Restricitions on movement are ‘loosening’, the people are ‘bubbling’……not entirely sure what I feel about that….

Always lots more to be getting along with here though, without going anywhere!

Sometimes I feel Grateful that we live ‘past tarmac’, so off the beaten track.

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