‘Peacock’ prompt.

The local ‘lockdown’ Art Challenge continues….

The prompt for this week was ‘Peacock, Patterns and Perspectives’.

As I had had an encounter with huge masses of peacock butterfly caterpillars on the morning I had put aside to do this, that seemed the logical place to start!

Amazing. This video is not speeded up either!

So I just started.
No plan. No idea where I was going with this….and this is what ‘grew’ with this intuitive build!
Another ‘oddity’ to clutter up my artden!
Most of which will probably end up on the compost heap before long…

This was the same week that I took a tumble, head first, right into the nettle patch. I was stung, from the face, all down my right side!
I was stressing that these colonies were quite close to some precious plants and my husband suggested that I try and knock them off and move them to another nettle patch a bit further away.
Something inside was already telling me that this was ‘wrong’ as I approached.
As it turned out, as soon as I touched the nettle they were on, they all fell to the ground…an impossible task and there were so many! I managed to get a few hundred in a bag, then slipped and fell, right into the dense nettles!
I took that as a ‘poke’ from Mother Nature and returned my captives to the patch. There was no ‘winning’ this game!
As the stinging stung and Time went on it began to dawn on me that all I really had to do was check my own plants more regularly, push any ‘bridging’ nettles away from them and perhaps lay an ‘anti-caterpillar’, dry mulch around them. While also enjoying the caterpillar’s gradual metamorphosis and praying that they continued to like their natural food choice more than my plants!

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