Fish Eye.

This was a fun one.
The prompt from our local, lockdown, Art Challenge was ‘Fish/Boat/Sea’ Wave’.

As usual I always use this challenge to push myself out of my comfort zone and already knew that for this week I wanted to ‘build’ something, using some of the vast collection of recycled bits and bobs I have been gathering over the years, keeping out of the landfill.

As I sat in the art-den and contemplated what I could do, I began to wonder what a fishing boat might look like from the point of view of a fish!?

It was not long before I spotted an old, wall-light, glass staring at me, unblinking.

And so this piece began to intuitivley build from there!

I used some up some old glass paint and painted a simple fish eye, on the outside of, the frosted glass.
I then looked at some images of photographs, taken from under water, of boats.
Then turning it over, I painted a basic boat shape and a few fish ‘dots’, then placed an old lemon bag net on it, and, messily, began to layer two shades of blue crepe-paper over that.

I had no idea if it would work or not!

But was very happily suprised when I held it up to the sun. really quite an effective illusion!

As a family we enjoyed the way it changed as night fell….

So, another peculiar, ‘object d’arte’, curiosity to clutter up our house!

Such an odd thing!

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