#100daystreetales (pt 1)

Yes! I have decided I am going to take part in the 100 Days Project Scotland again.
Seems like the perfect Time for it and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a small discipline to keep creative everyday!
(Only Day 14 so you could quickly catch-up….?)
You do not even have to be a visual artist!
Some people use words, some fabric, knitting, some video/audio!
Anything goes…you only have to do the same thing, everyday, for 100 days.
The exhibition of all the work collected is always a great event.
(Link is to pictures I included, within last year’s 72 seasons project, of some of 2019 exhibition submissions)
All generations. All kinds of approaches!

I was recently reminded about it when it popped up in my Facebook notifications.

I loved doing the 100 squiggles last year.
(Can also be viewed #100dayssquiggles on Facebook)

Took a wee while to think up something to do this time, but I have decided that this year’s offering will be 100 Tree Tales.
Stories, shown to me by ‘looking through the branches.’

I played around with this idea in 2017 and have always wanted to revist it.

So I have prepared 100 photocopies (photographs of the shadows cast by some special, beech-branch, ‘props’ that hide in my artden, across white paper.)

treasured beech-branch props hiding in my art den

Then, daily, I sit and see what I ‘see’ in them.
What is suggested.
I draw that out in ink, then tint, using my homemade, ‘treeblood’, alder ink.

Here is the collection so far!

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