Busy Bee and Me.

This is how I have been internally these last weeks. Mind buzzing around. Jumping from one domestic job to the next. From one possible explanation for this chaos to the next.

Settling down again now.
Assimilating the financial worries and new routine.

So lovely to see this. Sat there for some time just watching.

There have been some wonderful, local, online, initiatives recently also, as a response to the lockdown.

A local art class opened their weekly prompts up to the entire community.
This week the theme was ‘Boots’ to celebrate the footwear that takes us all out and about around here.
The whole collection was fab, but not sure I can share here without permission.
So many talented creatives living here!

This was my offering.

This is a still-life of my beloved, old, Merrell boots, painted only in soil and water, then fixed with linseed.
The technique I am ‘working up’ still and using to create illustrations for a friend’s book.
Interesting to try a still-life with mud.
A very different approach to asking it to ‘show me’, but very rewarding.
I learned new ways to ‘work it’.
It was only later that I realised they were off, but placed in a landscape.
(Not parked on the doorstep as some others chose to do, I guess referencing the lock down)
This is typical of me, as a consummate bare-footer, whenever possible!

‘Muddy Boots’ for Craignish Art Challenge

Then there was also this wonderful invitation, from a dear artist friend, to carry on her ‘red thread’ idea on this side of the peninsula.

This shows her original post on our community page.
I messaged her saying how wonderful I thought it was and she wondered if I’d like to carry it on over the hill!?
A few days later I collected the, suitably quarantined, red, organic twine from a box outside her gate and threaded along our road.
I had to be quite careful how I arranged it, bearing in mind animals and birds.
The idea was to make it look like it arose from the landscape and disappeared back into it.
It is very subtle and only visible if you really look.
But great to look out for when out walking!
Sometimes I sewed it through the verge….
It really felt like I was weaving connections too.
(I enhanced the photos a little to try and make it stand out.)
Click on first image to see as a gallery with more information

Isn’t that a gorgeous idea!?

The blackthorn blossom is really beginning to glow here too.
It was singing at the side of the road when I made our weekly, 38 mile return, shopping trip today. No-one else’s orders to collect or deliver this week.

In honor of it I thought I might also share one of my very first (and favorite ever) mandalas. From the 10th April 2017.

blackthornblossom mandala 2017

And I know I wrote that I had finished with the, almost sci-fi, speculation (re-5G and this virus) of the last two posts, but this popped into my mind during a messenger conversation with an online sister today.
I thought it would take me forever to find this piece, (hidden deep in my first blog experiment from 2013/15: An anonymous transcribing of all my old diaries. ‘KATALYZOR : A Pile of dissected diaries’ ), but it leaped up with such force I bravely decided to share on my Facebook page.
I might as well weave it in here too.

This seems to show well what I think could really be lost if 5G is switched on…and just how long I have been ‘walking this walk’…..barefoot.

Link to diary entry on ‘energy being everything and evolutionary shifts in consciousness’

(Woah…the first swallow just flew right up to my open window and darted away again. I can hear them chattering away somewhere near. Going to check it out!)

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