As the dust settles.

As the dust settles and we all get into the rhythm of our new, virus dominated, ‘lock down’ I find some clarity arising.

A clarity that, in fact, I do not welcome.

A clarity of such devastating proportions that all who are unfamiliar with holding ideas of death and dying, unused to the realms of creation and destruction, might do well to avoid reading.

To those readers I would say, “Look away now.”

But I am driven to share this.
This is my ‘rolling om’.
A space dedicated to my own freedom of expression.
Here I do not ask for others permission to express my hopes, or my fears.

I can only pray I am wrong in all discussed below and that this is simply the paranoid delusions, imaginings, of a tired, menopausal, hippy.

These words rushed to meet the reading of this article below.

Nature is sending us an message

“We are intimately interconnected with nature, whether we like it or not. If we don’t take care of nature, we can’t take care of ourselves. And as we hurtle towards a population of 10 billion people on this planet, we need to go into this future armed with nature as our strongest ally.”

Only one thing wrong with this article.
Allow this in. There is no separation.
We are all as much part of this revolving, ever re-balancing, Gaian wonder as a rhino, a primrose or a tick.

All the man-made artifice we surround ourselves with is, at source, derived from Nature.

And Nature abhors a void.

Whether that void is filled with brimming Life or chaotic, death bringing plague, is entirely up to how we all behave as part of the WHOLE.

The greatest threat to this balance right now is not this virus, the meat markets, the destructive food production, the water and air polluting manufacture, our dependence on fossil fuels….(although all these behaviours urgently need addressing)….it is the development and ongoing installation of 5G.

While all our hearts and minds are focused on this present threat, this pandemic, we are not watching, not ‘keeping our eyes on the ball’.

For this new technology is not ‘merely’ scratching on the surface of this enormous, ever-accommodating planet…the mistreatment of Life on Earth….this is a new type of pollution….pollution of the entire atmosphere surrounding us all.

This is the point in Time were ‘we’ are risking the imbalance of the entire, natural, balancing, mechanism.
The electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) that we use to measure Life itself.

So far we have merely dabbled in this kind of interference.
What is currently proposed is a FLOOD.

We ARE all interconnected.
In scientific terms, the living earth’s network, of electrical pulses, are the basis of all natural communication.

The indigenous peoples frame this differently.
They see us all as children of Our Mother.
They have always been aware that our every action has consequences within the whole.

I appreciate much work has been done in medicinal fields, but ALL research has been focused on the effects on HUMANS….not on the rest of Life…..a ‘rest of Life’ that we are entirely dependent upon…..a part of.

‘When we examine biological currents, such as nerve/muscle activity, cardiac discharge, and brain electrical activity using electromyography, electrocardiography, or electroencephalography, respectively, one cannot help but speculate as to the nature of the intelligence being carried by the weak EMFs being created.’

‘….the possibility of paradoxical responses, that is, how electromagnetic radiation can be both very good and/or very bad for us’

All I ‘see’ as I read, are the warnings on the side of many of these machines, the protective screens, the lead jackets……

I clearly see a correlation with the staged ‘switching on’ of 5G and the, virus related, ‘lock-down’ and ‘lifting of’ measures. The apparent need for us all to be ‘inside’, perhaps even for our own ‘protection’.

The possibility that this virus was even, purposefully introduced, in time with the testing of this new technology.

This independent, critical, thinking only encouraged by the absolute omission of open discussion, on this topic, by the mainstream media. Encouraged too by the ominous resonance of martial law and the enforced curtailing of our freedoms.
By how, now, when one raises ones voice concerning the real, potential, dangers of 5G, one becomes ‘lumped’ in with dangerous virus deniers and conspirators and labelled as ‘fake news’.

I cannot help but wonder if this is intentional? 

Effectively silencing any concerns.

Most of us are now aware that information is collected and controlled to a level we have never before witnessed in our human history.

‘We are in an existential crisis here, folks, the likes of which human kind has never seen…this is something that is unprecedented, the putting of a 100,000 satellites in the very ‘blanket’ of the Earth…….’
Dr Thomas Cowan

I find it difficult to contemplate the arrogance of those who would strive to perform such an experiment, on our whole planet, essentially, it seems, for only profit.

Us, mere mortals, can only pray that the paradoxical response of the Earth will be able to accommodate this extraordinary, mad scientist, scheme.

Trust that these, unregulated, digital moguls are aware of what they now do. Of what they are responsible for.

That this experiment, (all being Nature), is being carried out for the greater good.

That, perhaps, this drastic action is what is now needed to bring us all into a higher frequency.

That, perhaps, our, digitally addicted, youth will be more resilient and immune to this ‘evolution’……

The positive effects, for the planet, of this lockdown are clear.

Reduced pollution. Renewed awareness of our human fragility and inter- dependence. A resurgence of Love as a ‘counter-virus’.

And, dare I say it, reduced population, although, as I now understand, even this is debatable.

But I fear this will be a temporary state of affairs as immunity is won and the economic wheels begin , again, to turn and global ‘switch on’ commences.

On the radio yesterday, I heard a scientist explaining that ‘from the point of view of a photon all Time stands still’

(This would tie in with the vivid dream I experienced, as described in previous, rambling, connective, experimental, post.)

I believe LIGHT carries more information than we yet know.

I believe this ‘experiment’ with EMF’s to be a ‘premature ejaculation’ in our human ambition to communicate globally.

That it IS possible, just not this way and that this could even lead to the infertility of all species…

In imagining the moment of ‘switch on’ I ‘saw’ a bright flash…..

Well, that would be one way of communicating with the rest of the universe that once upon a time, in this position in space, there was a beautiful, living, planet called Earth.

And we all become, again, stardust.

I suspect, though, it will be a more drawn out process of extended sickness and mental dis-ease than that.

A prospect that fills my soul with deep grief and sadness. For all of humanity, for all of our children, for all Life on Earth.

I find myself, on my knees, begging for forgiveness and loosing myself in LOVE and GRATITUDE for all that still IS.

Working only to remain positive and also to remember.

Happy that I still do not own or use a SMART phone.
(I have also turned off our router’s 5G capability and put it in a makeshift Faraday cage, but pretty sure such measures provide little protection, as the frequencies will come from the towers….and space.)

Curiously also becoming very aware of the metal in my own body.
The heavy iron in our water, my mercury fillings and the titanium clips that remain inside me, clamping my Fallopian tubes shut.

My only relief from these thoughts to be found by, literally, dissolving into our garden, helping others navigate the present situation, and making Time to lose all thinking, in meditations and creative projects.

Struggling to believe that any of this will save us, but working on this belief just the same.

I experience feelings of bravery in sharing this uncharacteristic post.
And this will be the last post (forgive the pun!) of this nature.

The next will be resuming ‘business as usual’ on this blog.

A simple, creative, experimental, personal project sharing only my deep love and celebration of the natural world immediately around me and my intimate relationship with that.

In images and the occasional, poetic, burst of well-chosen words.

Image of a super nova borrowed from


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