Lichen Walk. March 15 2020

As if by Divine Timing an opportunity to walk, in our local woods, with a real lichen expert popped up!
Such a lovely day spent poking our faces into the lush, vibrant mosses and opening our eyes, ears and noses, all the senses, to the rich biodiversity that is everywhere here.
All of the group had expected a proper walk, but our very own, native, Scottish, Argyll, rainforest is so alive that all these lichens (in the gallery below) were found within a few hundred meters of the Argyll Beaver Centre!

Learned so much! Our glorious leader, Stuart Gibson aka ‘The Musky Mustelid’ making the learning fun and we all enjoyed picking his brains.

The corona virus was just beginning to impact conversation…rigorous handwashing in luxury compost loo’s sink invited….it is already escalating…..really beginning to wonder what lies ahead….

Perhaps some lessons to learn from these incredible, independent, symbiotic, dual organisms.

Lessons in working together, the importance of clean air and how to live on another alive organism without taking from it.

Not much more to say.

I hope these pictures convey just some of the wonder and beauty we experienced this day.

Wow. Just WOW.

(click on image to see in gallery with more information)

Loved seeing these wee fungii around too…..jewels of red in the green, green, mossy, forest floor.

Guessing they are so red to enable the elves to find them easily when they are thirsty.

Scarlet elves cup
(Sarcoscypha austriaca)

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