All in Good Time.

All in time

All in time.

All in good time.

Beyond Rhythm and Rhyme.

All in good time.

Time to be good.

Good time.

Positive steps.

A good time.

All in good time.

(Berlin 1994)

I feel that I am spiraling around again, almost full circle.

The words Weaving and Spiraling are loud to me in these Times.
A good Time to choose.
‘All Change, Change Tracks’ or ‘Keep Going’.

I wrote ‘All in Time’, in Berlin, in 1994.
It popped into my mind this morning.
I went to find it.
It describes how I feel today.
A sense of holding back.
Patient Procrastination.
While simultaneously, fearfully, putting out tendrils that may set other, bigger, wheels in motion.


The turn of the wave.

Trusting to be shown Right Timing.

The poem in the link below still speaks for me now.
The poem that gave birth to this blog.
Written February 2016.

Like An Awakening.

So began this Rolling OM blog experiment.

Now I find it un-stoppable.

Typically addicted.

I love curating this online, creative, journal of sorts.

The curious way it connects.

This broken record it keeps.

It’s stoic, spontaneous, paradox.

I see it is a bit of a rare thing.

A ‘moss-gathering, rolling, stone’.

(that….curiously…….as I type….rolls UP!)

And I ‘let this stone go’ a long time ago now!

Now I just have to keep running with it…..on its journey into the unknown.

Each day a new page.

kat robertson artist
lichenmoss mandala March 2020
original photo of mosses on old stone wall

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