butterburs bud 70/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Dalkan’ / greater cold, 20th January – 3rd February.
Micro climate ‘butterburs bud’ 20th January – 24th January.

I know the places where our native butterbur grows.
I see huge patches of it, after winter, near the road.
I did consider driving out to see if it was showing yet, but using fuel just for that seems a bit excessive!
We do not have any near us.
It does though feel about right that it might be poking it’s flower stems up about now.
Lots of other plants are pushing through.
The narcissi (pictured below) are definitely showing already.

I saw my first snowdrops too, in flower, yesterday, glowing in the gloom.

Apparently that is what this fog is.
Anticylonic gloom.
I heard that on the radio yesterday.
Living and learning.
While it is rather gloomy, there is such beauty in the droplets that hang on everything and the mysterious, veiled, vistas that surround.

I received a kind invitation from a ‘master’, basket maker, friend to come over to hers for a day and learn how to make rope/string from our native rushes.
I have long wanted to find a use for them!!
And then, by Divine Timing, came across a call out , from a Canadian artist, (and Treesister), for long lengths of ‘fibre’ strands for an art exhibit she plans to put together in April.
She is collecting strands from all around the world and I love the idea, so this seemed perfect!!

My friend warned me that this was not really the right Time of year to harvest them, (better in Autumn), but that, if I looked, I could probably find enough to try with.
They had to be ‘not brown, still green, but not too young and tender either.’
It was quite hard to find the right ones, I had to pick individually, but ended up with a tidy bundle.

(And look what I saw when I was gathering! A little hairy caterpillar. Sparkling with droplets, hiding in the rushes.
Not a great picture, but it makes my mind boggle to think of how these tiny creatures survive through winter.)

I learned that this technique, using rushes, is from Shetland and known as ‘floss simmens’. (soft rush rope).
Isn’t that a lovely name?!
Floss Simmens.

(Here is a link to a wonderful blog post I found about the traditional history of this work.)

These are my first attempts.
Looking forward to spending more Time twisting the 10m or so required by the project.
It is such a satisfying process and really very relaxing!

We also spent some Time wandering around her lovely, wild, winter patch and these wee beauties grabbed my attention, shouting from her veg patch wall.

Aren’t they magical!?
Pixie Cup lichen (Cladonia Pyxidata)
Like little fairy trumpets.

In this seasons deep meditations I have been experiencing very strong images of an Earth Grid.
I have woken up several times dreaming of this too.
I did a bit of research and found several attempts to illustrate the potential ‘Earth Grid Energy Leyline network’, normally based around the Earth’s, (known), most sacred sites.
The sacred geometry of the ‘Flower of Life’ seems to appear over and over in these discussions.
I read many forums re-this and learned that it is, mathematically, impossible to use only hexagons to do this. yet my visions were definitely that.

Interesting that there are others out there thinking along similar lines.

I found myself staring at the wasp comb on my desk.

Musing on basalt and bubbles.

It struck me as so strange that all the images/maps I found were attempts to fit regular, mathematically perfect, shapes, (generally a combination of hexagons/pentagons), over the Earth’s spherical surface.

So typically inorganic!

I was also reminded that the Earth itself is far from a perfect sphere.

It was clear to me, from the wasp comb, that if one was to use, even slightly, irregular hexagons there was no reason why this would not work!
So I became inspired to try and use a digitally-altered photograph, of the wasp comb, to illustrate this.

The last image in this gallery makes me smile, as I see in it a new kind of energy map, like miniature plate tectonics; made up of smaller platelets.

If I was to make each hexagon much, much smaller it could, perhaps, be the glow from each of us, in each locality, ‘switching’ on?
Perhaps there are specific places with more power, perhaps they need us to gather there again? Perhaps it is fine just to stand where we are?……

But enough of this intuitive rambling…..
Just wonder-ing…..

This was the final image I came up with.
Still not totally happy with it, but this is my vision for the world!

All connected through. Protected by. Hugged by. Supported by.
A natural Net of Light/Energy Information.
Conscious in the way our own bodies are. Responsive.
A field we all contribute to/are part of and a field we are all enabled to help heal.
A Web of Life.

“Become the change we want to see.”


A barrage of satellites, cluttering up the ionosphere and blasting us all, every tiny inch of the Earth’s surface, with artificial, electromagnetic, radiation and our own ‘voices’.

What a nightmare!

(That is unless it becomes a majority of users/influencers who use the internet to express their LOVE OF THIS PLANET, thereby informing the AI, and that currently looks a bit unlikely….but I live in hope!)

I believe Nikola Tesla was working toward discovering/harnessing something much more natural; something more like this.

I think that the Elon Musk’s of this world are playing ‘Eddison’, again, to his ‘Tesla’, (stated with intention on this day of Anti-5G protest.)

Twisting his vision, foolishly prematurely, for their own profit.

(And, weirdly, in Divine Timing, watching Dr.Who last week confirmed this for me! Such brilliant script writing.)

Praying for miracles to stop this madness.


  1. angelique

    ~dear Kat, I can totally resonate on your vision … to me as well this gridwork looks (‘about’) what you describe here … and I simply adore the little ‘fields’ of Pixie Cup lichen (Cladonia Pyxidata) They ARE like Fairies to me … yes. Thank you again for all shared Beauty … I wish I could express myself in your language like you do… just wow


    • Kat Robertson

      So happy you resonate! To me it is all an experiment…..Gaia’s!!
      I just try and be as open to it ALL, with no mind, as I can, asking only ‘show me’, and then attempt to illustrate the experience, share what calls (this time tiny trumpets 🙂 )….this blog is purely a reportage of my ‘NOW’ in doing this….I also choose to adopt the full understanding that we are all tiny parts of a huge, awesome, living, Mothership (blue/green breathing marble) floating through space, as this is what makes resonant sense to me! I have always experienced Life like this!
      I have been receiving very vivid ‘visions’ (‘about’ Earth grid) like this recently…..seeing also holes in the net that need mending!….I hold them in my meditation and work to repair.
      Who knows if it is fantasy or reality….but it feels worth trying!!
      Increasingly I am being ‘educated’ (through these curious experiments) that Light itself holds more information than we have ever dreamed possible….. and that, potentially, each of us are more powerful then we ever dreamed possible.
      I rest in what I taught my children.
      ‘OK then…you no longer believe in fairies….now it is your choice. You can choose to live in a world with no magik, no wonder, no beauty, no thing beyond human OR choose/work to keep it all alive! Your choice!’
      It’s pretty clear what I choose!


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