pheasants start to call 69/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Shokan’ / lesser cold, 5th January – 19th January.
Micro climate ‘pheasants start to call’ 15th January – 19th January.

Not hearing the pheasants now.
Come to think of it I’ve missed their calls in the Autumn.
Normally more aware of their shrieks.

I am sitting here hearing a wood pigeon coo, through the open window, though.
And we never heard them up here until a few years ago.

All change.

My son swears he heard monkey’s shrieking in the woods the last few nights!
We ‘joked’ about climate change.
I am pretty sure though it is our longtime, night-time, lullaby here, the screech owl.

It makes me wonder that he has not heard them before.

Perhaps its because I now turn the wi-fi off every night!


Yesterday we were treated to the most spectacular sunrise and sunset here on the West Coast.
Witnessed this awe inspiring sunrise from our backdoor and found myself wondering about the old phrase ‘Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning’…. such an unusual ‘column of light’ effect….

Then I drove, the 150 mile round trip, to bring the boys to see their Granny in Southend, Kintyre.
(the very end of the bit in Scotland, that pokes right out into the Atlantic Ocean, trying to touch Ireland, I always think.)

I love the salt-tasting air, wild coastline and big skies ‘down’ there.

After the most delicious treat meal out at Muneroy’s Tearooms we came out to see this!!

It really was glowing like embers.

The picture of the house shows how this sunset reflected in its windows.
For a moment I thought that they had the most incredible, psychedelic, wallpaper!!

‘Red sky at night shepherd’s delight’!!

A day of perfect openings and closings.

Deep Gratitude for such wonders.

Here, in Argyll, we have been experiencing the most weird lights in the sky, this last week or so, as these wild, unpredictable, fronts swirl around the UK.

One day the whole sky was yellow, then another day really quite violet, now this!

It really makes me wonder about the path of the Rainbow Serpent.
I feel it in my dreaming.
Like something profound and wonder full is percolating.

I choose this, informed, optimism.

I have been very inspired, by a program I watched recently, explaining quantum entanglement.
I feel like I ‘get it’ completely!
To me this is wholeness.
The Gaia Theory in micro.
The huge ‘entanglement’ that is all Life on Earth.
Unbidden, my mind began to dance with images of Celtic knotwork and how these, ancient manuscripts, seems to speak of this knowledge/science.
I experienced visions of the ‘inhabited world tree’ used in the book of Kells.
They called to me.
I simply had to try it out.

(Partially influenced by a real need to find a way to produce work that:
a) is sale-able/attractive to the many tourists here and
b) continues to hold any fascination and integrity for me, to the extent that I could reproduce the process again and again.)

This seems perfect!

Celtic, painted with the soil: and also a very meditative, dream-like process, which I am falling in complete love with.

I know in my bones there might be great possibilities for this in mud for me.

This is my first experiment. I learned so much, doing this, about how to approach the next one, that I am rearing to go with a whole collection in this style/medium.

I am also, now, inspired to experiment with painting, miniature, mud-landscapes, the hills and islands around here.
Another possible, locally sale-able, ‘pot-boiler’.
Each tiny originals at an affordable price!

So interesting this Journey of Divine Timing, how it takes me.
Through soil, to ancestral, cultural roots and the land.
Almost as if being led at times.

I did actually take these to a local art gallery a few days ago.
I felt they did not know really what to make of them.
A pretty cool response (and my now normal, anxious, social psycho-babble did not help! I really have got to work on this!)
I am so sure, though, that this will work, that it is my ‘thing’, I am just going to keep on with it.
Staying positive.

I have also been looking into sending some of my vast collection of poems to publishers.

I still find it pretty difficult to get my head around all the submission rules and regulations, but have gleaned that most are not keen on anything that has previously been published online.

As a poet who regularly grabs the moment, (and the words that grab me), live, online, and publishes straight away, that would mean that almost none of my poems would meet their criteria?!
I have also ‘collected’ loads of my older work in the form of a transcribed, diary blog. (2013) Really just as a way of documenting it all and this process formed a big part of my healing journey, as I had lost sight of myself. Few of them were fully crafted either, I had always intended to re-visit them.
But in theory all of them are ‘out’ too, despite the extreme lack of traffic I have ever managed to earn, on either of these blogs!?

I had already decided to include writing as part of my daily practice in 2020.
But now have decided to write on Word only and not to share.
Then, hopefully, I will have a whole batch of fresh words to send to different publishers in a few months.

My original 2020 plan was to simplify my Rolling Om to just an art piece and a poem each week, but now it will just a picture and no words.

Much as I have enjoyed taking part in online projects that require commitment and to be seen to their conclusion (they have really helped with my self-discipline issues!) I am looking forward, now, to sinking into my own rhythm again, with all this learning behind me and a clearer path ahead.

I am being pulled away from this screen in these Times and deeper into the 5D experience now, which I am excited about.
I have the feeling of having built, solid foundations, have better control of the reins.
Now I simply need to have a bit of trust in this natural creative fountain/channel that is me! And keep it flowing!

Fed up with turning over the past.
Protesting the future.

And all this feels like it is fitting together like a perfect, but strange, puzzle.
Going to roll with it.

These words poured out of me the other day, in response to hearing an authoritative speaker, on the radio, refer to ‘bright-siders’, those with more spiritual, energy-based, approaches to ‘healing the Earth’, in derogatory tones.

The Bright Side.

The bright side is the side that SHINES.

That takes the Time to see the sun rising in the morning,

sending shafts of brilliance over dew diamond grasses.

The frost that sparkles on tree boughs and twigs.

Hears the stream that giggles and froths ever toward the sea.

Marvels at the tiny seed.

The bright side is always connected.

Resting in the moment.

Always enabled to find beauty, and power, in the humblest of natural forms.

Is aware of its birth by the push and pull of huge, unfathomable, forces.

That side that breathes in the GIFT of breath,

That feels constantly supported by gravity, earth, water, fire, and fresh air,

Is never alone and exists in innocence and trust.

That shows gratitude for what has not yet gone and weeps asking forgiveness for all that is being destroyed.

That only desires to give back.

The bright side sings with the wind

And bows to the storm.

Bending like a willow in the blast or, with gratitude, finds shelter in between the stones, or in the roots of a tree.

Allows itself to dance with moonlight on its skin

And sees visions in the flame.

The bright side dreams, with fierce dedication, of a love that can only lead to wholeness.

The bright side shows trust in Creation and lives for each glorious day.

And the bright side knows the darkness better

than the darkness knows itself.

The darkness fears the bright side

for when the bright side looks towards the darkness,

The darkness is scattered by its Light.

Kat Robertson 16th January 2020

This might be one of the last poems shared anywhere online for a while.

Going to be interesting to see if the words still come, without the immediacy of feeling like I am ‘speaking’ live!? The sense of possibly being received!?

Perhaps I will have to ‘do it’ on Facebook, then cut and paste!

I learned a new ‘category of artist’ from a Billy Connolly documentary yesterday too (of all things!)

A Surrealist Automist.

I quite liked that! Seems to describe this process pretty well.

A Surrealist Automatic Optimist even!

Only 3 more of these, often uber-honest, 72 seasons, experimental posts, to complete, before this new, minimalist, regimen commences….

All change.

And Mind The Gap.

Note to self:
“LIGHT does not have to be seen shining for it to be LIGHT.”


  1. sheilapf3

    Missing your poems already! So glad I have connected with you on your blog, playful,creative,inspiring, celebrating beauty and our part in this earth. Almost writing and painting myself note to self just do it. I fancy being a surrealistic automatic optimist too! Also watched that documentary. Occasionally ,but rarely tv earns its space in my life

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kat Robertson

      So sorry I did not reply to your lovely comment. I struggle with keeping up with comments on wordpress…think I have my notifications set wrong and I seem to receive SO much spam!! Thank you!


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