springs thaw 68/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Shokan’ / lesser cold, 5th January – 19th January.
Micro climate ‘springs thaw’ 10th January – 14th January.

I am increasingly confused by these seasons.
We are nearly the same latitude as Japan.
This season is ‘lesser cold’, the next is ‘greater cold’ and yet ‘springs thaw’??
I found this Japan tourism site which suggests the seasons in Japan vary quite a bit from north to south, but that they are distinct.
Not something that can really be said about Scotland, although also an island, with a warm west and a bitter east.
Famously we get a lot of rain, with more light in summer and a lot less in winter.
Having lived in, and around, central Europe for 4 years, I find I miss ‘real’ seasons.
I love SNOW and with this warming effect I feel we may get even less of it here (although the climate is so ‘up in the air’ (pardon the pun!) who, frankly, knows?!)
I also love hot, dry summers.
Living in the wrong country for those too!

I am where I am and thankful for the humidity in so many ways, even if the relentless, greyness of days can get me down sometimes.
And when the light shows off here, it really is a blessing!

(Just tried again to get the 72 seasons app on my android tablet, to see alternative titles. Sometimes much gets lost in translation! This time it downloaded properly. A bit late for this project, but interesting to note that it titles this season ‘the spring water holds warmth’ which makes altogether more sense to me!
This winter ground so alive despite the bleak upper levels.)

Things in the artden keep buzzing along.

I made this gif while focusing intention/prayer on the Aboriginal ceremony at Uluru on the 12th.
“May the path of the Rainbow Serpent be clear!”
(I also made another, more psychedelic, video intention piece featured in the previous post on that day, using my orginal Rainbow Serpent and Egg drawing)

This is what the gif above ended up as while intuitively feeling into the wet mud after making it.
I see ripples on water with leaves floating on it?

Quite a little collection forming now.
I have had some issues with folk online commenting that they look like ‘shit’. Not very encouraging and difficult, now, not to think about it when I am working, but still believe there is something in this medium, soil, that is not ‘just shit’!

While I was putting this offering together, there was the most almighty, single, lightening strike outside and all the lights flickered!
The boys both thought it had hit the house!
I had to go out in the dark to check that my husband was ok!
But his car has gone too, so he must be on walk-about.
Very strange. Just one rumble. Just one flash. As if the energy had built up and just needed release. All the hairs on my arms are standing straight up!
Perhaps this is the re-balancing caused by the ceremony?!

The weather certainly has been wild.
The winds the other day were touching gale force 12 at times.
My kids were nearly stranded at the school due to the sea-roads being bashed by high tide storm waves and our local bus being unable to get through.
There was a stunning moment during that storm when the sun suddenly came out.
Shame I cannot photograph the wind (or the noise!), but it did feel odd to see a rainbow in such wild winds and the light was almost spooky.

Due to this weeks wild weather I have not been out much.
But I was reminded of school art classes when I cut open this red cabbage the other day.
I still find these absolutely stunning.

So I made some ‘cabbagey’ mandalas!

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