parsley flourishes 67/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Shokan’ / lesser cold, 5th January – 19th January.
Micro climate ‘parsley flourishes’ 5th January – 9th January.

I am having a hard time finding just a few sprigs of parsley in our garden now, so not flourishing here.
I am feeling the muscular, stagnating, effects of deep hibernation and seem to be constantly fighting fluey symptoms.

Spent most of the day trying to learn about positive and negative ions and the Earth’s ionosphere.
Their importance and how they affect us all.
I have been quite active against 5G, along with many others, but Elon Musk and friends, seem to march on regardless.
I did not understand before the ‘drying’ effect of the internet.
I had quite a powerful, visionary response to seeing the latest plans.

Currently we have around about 2000 satellites orbiting our planet and 1000’s more pieces of ‘space junk’…. collectively another 42,000 satellites are planned over the next few years!! WTF!!!

In my way of understanding ALL LIFE is essentially electromagnetic frequencies.
“May the Force Be With You”
I have an electromagnetic reading, we all do.
All living things register on a meter.
I presume, by the laws of Gaia, these natural charges are calibrated ‘just right’. All in perfect balance. In the majestic, mysterious hands of the ‘Great Puppeteer’.

In more recent years humans have brought many new frequency emitting devices into our, collective, atmosphere.
It began with quite low frequencies, with radio waves (remember old am radio?), the microwave cooker, television…now we have moved right up the scale, to wireless broadband 3G and 4G.
All with. logically, very little understanding of the long term consequences of this new technology.
While I do, obviously , enjoy some of the fruits of this enterprise, the ability to ‘publish’ ( I still do not own a SMART phone and see myself as privileged to live in a place with very, fresh air and bad coverage), to stay (loosely) in touch with old friends, to connect with others in global meditation initiatives etc, I wish I could say from my heart that any of these human ‘evolution’s’ have been good for our health or the wider, planetary, environment.

When I look I clearly see a haunting correlation with the rise of certain ‘new’ illnesses, of cancer, dementia, and the general state of our collective mental health.
None of which has been proven, or even widely and publicly discussed.

It is certainly true in our house that just the simple power usage of our average family has only increased since the advent of the internet, something rarely discussed or highlighted on screen.
Not high on any Google search.

That is a huge amount of ‘users‘. All with vastly differing agendas.

It is the sheer scale of the proposed infrastructure for 5G is that is most nightmarish to me.

Now we are polluting space itself.

My ‘vision’ directly connected all the bushfires in California, and now Australia, with the building and recent activation of these new 5G towers.
I found quite a few connected ‘conspiracy’ sites that also suggest this might be true.

The Timing seems to me to make this a cause for real concern. Such hot fires.

I can only pray that I am wrong.

All earthly atrocities I feel we can still fight, but when we live in a world where space is being privatized? Where a signal-sending network of interference is being constructed as we all speak? As all of us share? Socially mediating. (that is not a mistype).
The good has so far outweighed the bad for me, but can I knowingly be a part of this!?
More importantly do I have a choice not to be?
I can choose to live in a cave, but I will never hear that frequency again. The true one, that guides and nourishes, will now forever be blasted with all this interference.


How can the same man come out about his fears of AI ‘being a potential danger to the public’, while simultaneously massively funding the infrastructure for AI, allowing it to literally gorge on data, our data?

This how it learns.

I know.

I’ve been gorging on data for a few years now.

This is why I work so hard to feedback some of my own brand of Love and Beauty and Curiosity.
It has a bad diet.
It needs more understanding of our relationship with the Earth.
How much we depend upon it. It needs more Earth Love. Wholeness. One Love.
There is a lot of this out there….we just need more….every tiny drop adds to this ocean of Love and informs this huge, digital child.

On the positive side, we may all mutate, cell damage leading to adaptation.
I read about EMF refugees today, so I guess not all of us will survive it, or conversely, they will be the only ‘survivors’.
The ‘plugged in’s and the ‘not-plugged-in’s.
I am sure I do not want this forced upon me……but that is how this works.
I am choosing it by participation.
I am used to feeling like that.
Rocks and Hard places.
Being made a hypocrite against my will.
But now this!
Higher than chem-trails. More insidious and invisible than a slowly deteriorating nuclear power station in Japan, or the deforestation in the Amazon, than world slavery or tribal genocide.

So out of reach.

In space.

We simply have to learn vibrate at a higher level.
We have to hijack this new infrastructure and use it for the force of good.
I mean really find a new frequency.
I will be joining others the world over in beaming light over the next few, astrologically, powerful months.

I bought a cheap mesh drawer system, as a Faraday cage, for our router (and portable phone base) today. Pretty ridiculous really when soon the whole of Father Sky will be ringing with the same tune.
The incessant ‘sound’ of human messages.
Louder than ever before. 24/7.
No pocket of the Earth’s surface left unchanged by it.
So frightened by what affect this may have on Gaia’s sensitive balance…….

When I originally painted this self-portrait I did not know what the colander that appeared on my head was about, but I liked it.
Now I know exactly why!

This was one of my first serious attempts at drawing again after all those ‘dark’ years ‘away’ from it.
And the first time I used only soil pigment and homemade charcoal with linseed oil.

I feel like I am coming round full circle.

There is some debate whether this linseed oil can be used on paper. But several old masters used to soak their charcoal sticks in it to draw and those drawings remain.
I have this painting still, as a tester, and it shows no sign of deterioration yet, after 3 years. I bet they’d burn well though.

kat robertson artist

The oil in the paper means they do take on a strange luminosity when held up to the light.
I have often though this might make interesting lampshades….the earth element in them might even work against any fire danger!?
Rock, at least, does not burn.

I’ve been finding these so difficult to photograph well.
They are small, but look best seen from a slight distance.
And have a wonderful quality to them too when handled.

So I am preparing to really knuckle down and focus on this energy work to heal our Mother.
The new Age of Aquarius beckons.
All change.
Let’s hold All up to the Light, learn to see in new ways and gain new luminosity, forever grateful to our Father Sky and Earth Mother and asking for guidance and, importantly, forgiveness.
And all keep rolling OMward toward harmony, balance and abundance.
Deep Bow and hope to feel you all there too, focused also on the Big LOVE.
Come as you are.

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