wheat sprouts under snow 66/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Toji’ / winter solstice, 22nd December – 4th January.
Micro climate ‘wheat sprouts under snow’ 1st January – 4th January.

Been very happily occupied with the 7 Days of Rest and Radiant Diversity.

What a wonderful way to set intentions for the coming year!

I could have chosen Clare Dubois’s daily meditations, but chose to listen to Shelley Ostroff’s offerings, as they were great last year.
Feeling a little unfaithful, but sometimes a ‘change is as good as a rest’!?
There is so much on offer this year….I wish I could find the time to listen to them all.
Such an inspiring collective.
Putting all my being into believing that it is working too.

May all beings fall into balance and harmony
May the fall be short and the landing soft!

But for me to do, what I am called to do, for this ‘experiment’, I need to cut out as much as possible, keep it simple, and use all available Time to attempt to articulate this experience!
Sometimes that has meant staying up very late indeed!
Unusually committed.

After listening to Shelley Osroff’s guided meditations, on each theme of the day, I lock myself away in the artden and attempt to let things unfold from there.
Nothing to do. Nowhere to go….an empty mind…. until, before I know it I find myself happily doing!
Something always inspires.
Really trying to remain mindful all day.
(This generally means asking for forgiveness often.)
Listening with my whole body to my guides.

And stopping, just to sit, root and breathe, regularly.

So far the themes have been:


Soon to be followed by:


So many powerful words beginning with ‘E’.
Here’s one more!


As I am working through each day, it seems that all these words apply , quite directly, to my spiritual, creative, practice.
All in Divine Timing.
Each day blurred by the appropriateness of each theme to what I already do!
To me though it is as simple as hearing the call for he’art’, and heeding it, seriously.
My kookie way of practicing reciprocity.

Australia is never far from my thoughts.
I have been ‘sent’ so many global prayer initiatives to join.
I just do it.
I have now got in the habit of, every time I use water from the tap, making my right hand into the shape of Australia (kind of) and let the water run over it, setting my cooling message to the land down-under.
I have also ‘picked up’ that there is to be a, very important, Aboriginal ceremony on Uluru soon.
This is a link to the facebook post I saw.
This all feels very powerful.
Important for all empaths and high sensitives to keep grounding.

So many threads being pulled together in this Time.

Lots to share, but think I will just post a few images that have arisen in this sacred ‘retreat’ time, by-products of the process, my kookie experiments, and leave them to speak for themselves.

I still have another blog post to create for ‘7 Days’…..and so little of this Day now left!

(The captions are linked to the blog posts)

Pencil sketch of ‘encounter’ I had ‘in’ the mandala!
Moss Caller
Moss Caller (link to 7 Days post coming soon!)
mud art

No snow yet. Unusually warm too, for this time of year.
Lots of early sprouting going on.

But still very dark here for most of the day.
I am loving lighting candles.

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