(working inspired by the ‘7 Days of Rest and Radiant Diversity 2020‘ global, online, earth healing, experiment)

I have been so excited to begin this journey again this year.
It all fits so well with my ongoing practice and experimental nature.

The opening ceremony had me tingling with potential.

Long have I prayed that the whole world would just stop and observe a united moments silence, so I was thrilled to see that it is the same people, who conducted the recent solstice, global minute’s silence, who were opening this sacred dive into being.

As I observed/listened to this I was guided in so many ways.

All the language used in the opening seemed to be speaking directly to me and where I am ‘at’ in this time.
The new ‘mud-love’, mud as a painting medium, I am guided to explore, that satisfies on such a deep level, is primal. The primal language of Life. In a way an act of remembering. In an innocent way, deeply connecting with the ancients, who often used earth pigments to express and make art. Nourishing in it’s physical connection with the Earth, the delight of my ‘inner child’ and the ceremony of intention that goes into the working with it.
The gathering of it, with permission requested and granted. The distillation of the medium. The processing of it into pigment.
The asking only ‘show me’ of the great mystery….asking it to guide my hands, and hear, to find the pictures in the mud.

Unexpectedly, I was clearly instructed that the shame I feel in needing to find ways to make my ‘living-life-as-a-creative-prayer’ practice pay for itself, in this modern world, was not something to feel guilty about.
Affirmation that I am correct in identifying this gift as my part to play in this new epoch and to persevere.

I also ‘heard’ that not always being able to join these zoom calls and events online, when others are doing it, is also not something to stress over.

The Earth has a rather different sense of Time.

I smiled as the recording spoke of each shining our unique colour as, more recently, my experiments with soil painting have led me into a deeper reverence of BROWN.
I showed my new ‘mud art’ to a friend recently and his response was a negative condemning of the ‘brown-ness’ of it, the suggestion that I must use more colour, that it was, in some way, unattractive.
I beg to differ.
Our sleeping, Scottish, winter landscapes are an entire spectrum of beautiful browns.
The colours of tweed, natural dyes and ancient hunting tartans.
The many colours of soil, from which all Life grows.
An interesting colour theory fact is that, when all colours are mixed, it is always BROWN that results.
So is Brown is the colour of wholeness?
As a culture we tend to be so dismissive of ‘brown’.
We concentrate more on the stunning illusion of light that is vibrant eye-catching rainbows of separated colour, sometimes I think we forget brown.
Reminding us of our shit, dirt?
Perhaps, dare I say it, this even feeds into ‘our’, conditioned, understanding of race?
I have another related problem with the word ‘soil’.
How can the word for something so elemental to our existence, be a word that rhymes with ‘toil’?
That ignites images of ‘dirtying’, ‘soiling’, ‘spoiling’?
With so few positive synonyms, rhymes?
As an embryonic, soil painting, artist, on what feels to be the beginning of a long journey with this medium, I can see trouble ahead in catching the imagination of many!
‘Mud’, ‘soil’, ‘brown’ are not the stuff of mainstream advertising!

Yet in Nature, along with green, brown is the predominant hue.

Deep bow to Uqualla.
Excited to be connected visually, (isn’t the internet amazing! I loved his brown eagle feather head-dress! Stunning!).
I stand, as ever in my memory, with all earth tribes on Her. and offer her, and them, only my purest love, my hands and heart, in deepest reverence of their remembered wisdom.

I then went on to listen to Shelley Ostroff’s wonderful meditation for the day.

Day One. Essence

I make my self open and whisper ‘Show me.’
And, as often is with me, I see again the concentric rings, radiating outward from centre.
This is Source to me and has become the basis for much of my art.
Why I make mandalas. Why I paint ensos.
The root of this Rolling OM.

radiating circles within circles
an ancient and universal symbol for the Whole

It tells stories of eye and planet. Of cells, atoms, planets, orbits, universes , even black holes! Of beginnings and endings. Of never ending….
It ‘holds’ all.
This is everything.
This is why we come into circle.
This is the first fires and the human ‘beans’ who gathered around it for warmth and light.
And sometimes I am enabled to sit in it’s centre through mediation which always gives me joy.

I experienced a clear vision for a piece of art I intend to create tomorrow.

Something I that found bothered me a little, within the Day One info, was the use of a symbol I know well, here called ‘The Vitality Code’, but I know as Triskele.
This is an ancient Celtic symbol. Over 6,500 years old.
While used in similar meaning, it seemed odd to me that while there is much talk of honoring indigenous tribes and our ancestors, this has been used without acknowledging the origins of this scared symbol.

I spend much of my time researching the ancient tribes of our own Western lands, our true, blood, ancestors, and find they still have much to teach us too.
I felt some disrespect in this, especially, sited as I am, on Scottish soil.

Three is indeed a magik number.
It is inherent in the above symbol for Source also, in our eyes (pupil, iris, white of the eye), the Earth (crust, magma, core) and, of course, Father, Mother and Child.
I feel it’s magik most powerfully in the glide of a waltz or in the Scottish Country dancing ‘pade ba’…the dance of the ‘individual, the diversity and the Whole’.

My kookie ‘bent’ led me to wondering if it really matters which way this symbol turns.
(I have such thoughts often.)
I was for a long time blinded by the swastika propaganda and it being an ‘evil’ sign, until I traveled to India and learned that, not only is it a holy symbol (of similar meaning to Triskele), but that to true Hindus it is of little consequence as to which way it turns.
Some say one way for the feminine, one way for the masculine….all fine as long as it turns and keeps on turning.
I own a Hari Krishna shirt that is covered in swastikas that turn both ways. I wear it infrequently these days, for fear of offending others.
This is what can happen when the truth of something is corrupted by another’s malevolent control of it.
(I am not, however, suggesting that is the case with this doubt over this use of the Triskele! Just a lack of credit where credit is due. Something we artist’s are overly aware of.)
I like this double Triskele very much, as it has a labyrinthine nature of going in one way and coming out another.

The words ‘Vive la Difference!’ meandered through my brain as I listened to the mediation…..

And then when I opened my eyes, I saw this first!

A long-loved optical illusion that I have had on my artden wall for years.
It seemed to say alot about radiating and vibration!
Even if these do give many a headache….please do not look too long at this if it affects you this way!

I looked up the meaning of ‘diversity’ in the dictionary.
There were several different definitions, the one I liked best was….

‘the diversity of something is the fact that it contains many different elements’

As someone who believes that we are all stardust, and who lives by rules of Earth, Fire, Water and Air, this rang true.

True as the bell that was used in the opening ceremony.

I hear and heed the bell.

A resonating call to Awaken.

So after all this musing, and peculiar pondering, I sat quietly to see what would arise through me.

On my alter I have many objects of natural beauty and wonder.
The spirals in the shells and Shiva’s eyes called to me and, instead of beginning the mud art piece, I found myself happily working away to make these digital images.

I found this Triskele, or ‘Vibrancy Code’, calling to me as I handled these wonders from the ocean.

I then ‘took it’ to photoshop and created these two images.
One from a seashell and one from a land snail.
I found it interesting to note that in all natural forms the seashell spiral turns anti-clockwise from the inside out, the land shell clockwise.

But I suppose that is respectively clockwise/anti-clockwise from the outside in and entirely the other way round from inside the shell (as with the Shiva’s eyes!)

seashell triskele

Not quite the contribution I had planned to share.

More words than image.

But true to what arose in me this Day One of Essence.

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