deer shed antlers 65/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Toji’ / winter solstice, 22nd December – 4th January.
Micro climate ‘deer shed antlers’ 27th December – 31st December.

I had so many words, so many great thoughts, to share, but now they are all gone.
Something about the colour brown and the word ‘soil’.
I am struggling to stay awake for the bells at midnight….already so tired….all my words have dissolved.

Spent sometime today meditating and sending healing cooling ‘rain’ to Australia.
So many friends live out there….I cannot imagine what it is like.
I kept hearing koalas crying, so I thought I’d try and muck around with painting a koala, using the ‘from the earth’ technique. as a way of honoring them.

Such extraordinary creatures.

I did a bit of research into old aboriginal stories and was struck by this…

Koobor, an unfortunate orphan, was always thirsty, but his adopted ‘family’ were mean and never let him drink enough. He learned to suck the leaves of the gum trees to quench his thirst.
One day his family went out hunting and Koobor grabbed his chance.
He stole all the waterbuckets and climbed a tree.
He sang a sweet, soft, song and the tree grew taller and taller.
When the family returned they were very angry.
Koobor threw the waterbuckets down to stop them climbing, but eventually they reached him and they threw the orphan to the ground.
He died.
But then a magical thing happened!
He came back… a koala bear!
And before he returned to the trees, he turned to his family and said these words….

” “Listen well as this is my law and if my law is broken then I will return and dry up all of the rivers and lakes and you will all feel thirsty, are you listening?”

The relatives nodded and so Koobor told them his law, “From this day forward you may only kill me if you need food, but you must cook my body before you take off any of my skin or break any of my bones.
Is that clear?” “

Made me wonder if this is it…..he did make it quite clear…..

Koobor has really had enough.

This is another of these first mud art testers. Doodling in mud really. Seeing what works and what doesn’t.
They really are proving difficult to photograph.

Some signs of vibrant life in our patch here.
Strange to see a lonely periwinkle flower at this time of year.

I made a fire outside to see the New Year in….it really was lovely sitting out there.
I had hoped we might get stars tonight, but the clouds rolled over, and after a few hours of singing and ‘throwing’ onto the fire ‘all that no longer serves’ and the worst of the last year, I have returned to the easy warmth, company and comfort of our centrally heated home.
Gratitude wells up in me.
Anyway, tribes are not ruled by clocks the way we are, they would not find themselves waiting for a particular hour!
It takes a lot of wood to stay up all night too when one needs the heat!

I hope I will manage to encourage my family out to welcome this New Decade around it later and plan to throw the remaining, Christmas tree, sitka trimmings on it for a bit of natural fireworks.
Joules Holland’s annual Hootenany beckons from the living room.

2020 eh.

Would have thunk it!?

I keep thinking about ‘2020 vision’.

I pray that kind of balanced clarity will come this next decade.

Wishing all a miraculous and evolutionary 2020!

(Joining the 7 Days of Rest and Radiant Diversity tomorrow … so I will posting here everyday for the next 7 days, something on the themes suggested ….. a glorious opportunity to focus all our love with best intention and be the change we want to see in 2020!)

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