self-heal sprouts 64/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Toji’ / winter solstice, 22nd December – 4th January.
Micro climate ‘self-heal sprouts’ 22nd December – 26th December.

It seems that, as with the beginning and ending of the Japanese calendar, winter solstice is also ‘delayed’!
Although I do kind of agree that it always seems a bit early here, considering the length of winter that still lies ahead of us, but the stars are the stars and I think I’ll stick with our calendar for that one!

I guess the beginning of these lengthening days is worth continuing to celebrate though!

Feeling over-indulged and tired by the ‘business as usual’ of UK, traditional, Christmas celebrations.
All felt a bit flat after a meaningful, powerful, solstice.
My boys are growing up and not as excited as they used to be.
All about the money and less about the magik.
Ended up, led by their desires, watching a teen horror, ‘In the Tall Grass‘, which makes my beloved wild, powerful, nature the horror, demonizes Hopi rock art and is basically a ‘do not stray from the tar mac road’ modern, gory, fairytale …. of course, a small boy calling from the church steeple saved the day.
Glad the wild power of nature was recognized, but not at all sure of the ‘message’!!
Then sat through, munching the ubiquitous, gifted, chocolates, ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events‘ which I do enjoy for its cabaret, almost steam punk, imagination, but after cooking/eating a heavy, late, lunch (with all the trimmings) it all had me ready for early bed.
We, (Mum and Dad), found ourselves remembering just how little effort we used to put into ‘making Christmas happen’ before having children, and almost began looking forward to a time when less may be demanded of us at this time!
(Although simultaneously feeling nostalgic for the wild delight of tiny children!)

Wish we had all gone for a walk…the sun was actually shining for a bit!

I have explored, what probably is our native, ‘self-heal‘ in a previous season….I went out just now to see if it was indeed sprouting already…..I think this might be it!!? As this is where it flowers later in summer! It is very tiny though, as you can see by the mosses beside it!

These are the finished sock toys and home-made kaleidoscopes from the elfy artden….I am leaving the little cats ‘faceless’ for my young nieces to sew up as they want!

And these continue to delight me!
If you have ever been stuck with what to do with a precious, family, lace collection (they really do not fit into our lifestyle as doilies!) I really recommend turning them into, reuse-able, Christmas decorations.
All one does is paste them with a PVA solution, let them dry and then add sparkles of your choice, adding a hanging ribbon.
I love getting these out for kitchen every year and admire this work every time I do….so not lost….and still loved.

Got out all the christmas lights again….but seem to be forever turning them off.
Really aware of how much extra energy is being consumed for this extra ‘sparkle’ this year….

Family visiting happens today, so not much time to create a post.

Time to get the game face on!

My squiggle cards became my Christmas cards this year.

A quick bit of vandalism and here they are…..not at all sure they are improved, but better than buying more!

Feeling that annular solar eclipse today.
It was quite weird. I woke up very early (for a day when I was supposed to be able to lie in), turned on the computer and was ‘led’ straight away to a live feed of the eclipse….just as it peaked and made a ring!
Amazing technology. despite recently learning just how not innocent the internet’s carbon footprint really is, these are the kind of things that really make my day.

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