salmon gather and swim upstream 63/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Taisetsu’ / greater snow, 7th December – 21st December
Micro climate ‘salmon gather and swim upstream’ 17th December – 21st December.

No snow yet here….but I made this today to wish all a very happy Solstice and there is a suggestion of snow in this!

No salmon either.

Just a buzzing ‘elphin’ workshop!

I have been playing around with using mud prints from natural forms and turning them into mandalas!

At this time of year I am normally found in my ‘artden’/workshop as I always try and make most of my presents…recycling and generally using my imagination!

I even have some latex ‘elf ears’ that I wear to help get me in the mood. They make everybody smile!

with my ‘elf’ ears on!

This year I rang a bell and stopped for one minute to think about/pray for the world with people all over the globe.

It felt powerful, joining in with so many others in this way.

But in truth I spent most of this sacred day ‘in that zone’.

This led to another wee creation…I just let the mud do the talking and soon I began to see a tiny, turtle taking shape as I move the soil around….it’s not finished yet…but this became the vehicle for some deep Earth prayer.

Here are a couple of my homemade gifts.
A fun ‘sock dog’ I have made (out of my son’s single socks!) and the, as yet un-decorated, kaleidoscope, made from an old Pringles snack tube!

I wish I could get better shots of how it looks when you look through it, but I managed to get these strange images by putting the camera to the spy hole.
I used digitally manipulated close ups, of the mud art on the turtle’s shell, as the kaleidoscope’s focus.
It really works as you turn the end, like a proper kaleidoscope!
Quite a surprisingly satisfying, curious, make!

Also been busy in the kitchen making blackcurrant syrup and orange peel candies to add to my hampers. I am going to half dip the candies in chocolate later. YUM.

So all in all a very busy, Yule, elf!

And I just have to include a few shots of this beautiful, whittled, willow garland, (with tree seeds), I received as a gift on my birthday from a talented, willow working, friend.

See more of her work here.

Arn’t they stunning!!?

Sweet Solstice Dreaming to you all from this hill!

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