tachibana citrus trees leaves start to turn yellow 60/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Shosetsu’ / lesser snow, 22nd November – 6th December
Micro climate ‘tachibana citrus leaves start to turn yellow’ 2nd December – 6th December

My first thought is what is a tachibana tree?!

‘The tachibana orange (Citrus tachibana, or Citrus reticulata tachibana) is a variety of mandarin orange, a citrus fruit. It is native to China and introduced to Japan 2000 years ago. The Tanaka System assigns it to its own species, while the Swingle System places it in the same species with other mandarin oranges. Genomic analysis has shown it to be genetically pure, without the pomelo introgression found in the closely related domesticated mandarin oranges of mainland Asia, though distant enough for it to by considered a distinct subspecies by Wu. They are estimated to have diverged from other Asian mandarins about 2 million years ago, and likely spread to the islands over land bridges formed during Pleistoceneglacial maxima, probably arising near where its mandarin cousins would later be domesticated in the Nanling’ Mountains of China.’

Well there we go then!

I wish there was a citrus tree that could survive our latitude here.

I have a sizable tree, grown from a pip by an old local man, and given to us as a wedding present, (16 years ago), in our living room. It has never flowered yet! Although the leaves smell delicious.
It is going to suffer a serious prune very soon and the cuttings used for Yule decorations, as it is getting too big!

our satsuma tree

Here are some, random, other shots of our living room in the morning’s low sunshine and of the, 50 or so, alder seedlings I have potted up to plant around our boundary as shelter and bark provider for my paints in time! Wonderful nitrogen fixing trees.

A few will become Yuletime gifts too. Something wonderful about receiving something so tiny and unassuming that will only grow and grow…..

I have been/am very busy changing my blog’s appearance recently, so pretty sick of being on this screen.

I hope you like the changes?

The idea is to show a bit less at a time and to try and ease navigation of this dense blog.

More changes to come. Today’s task is to work out how to create some separate pages of collections of art/poems, with links to posts, as I have done here with the mandalas….

As promised, here are some images of latest soil paintings.

I prefer to call it ‘mud art’, but that tag connects with nothing out there…yet!

I think this will be my thing for a while to come, as I sense a lot of potential in it….and simply love using this medium, as it is full of surprises!
It can go from nothing much to really something in the tweak of a splodge.

These are literally my first experiments, it is a fast, intuitive process. really just feeling into what is possible…sketches if you like.
And for the first time ever, they really do not look as good, as they do in real life, on screen. It is generally the other way around!

I have developed a way to ‘fix’ these pictures, (with another, secret, totally organic medium), and so far they are lasting well!

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