north winds blow the leaves from the trees 59/72

(working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Shosetsu’ / lesser snow, 22nd November – 6th December
Micro climate ‘north winds blow the leaves from the trees’ 27th November – 1st December

Oh my.
This is now, technically,the next season already.

Not sure I am going to find the words to describe my current experience of the last 5 days!

So inspired, so determined to create, so fired up on all cylinders.
Today, mainly, ignited by attending a local, political, husting regarding the climate emergency (organised by local youth group) and being reminded just how much work there is still to be done! How completely out of touch with environmental reality our state still is!! Particularly when it comes to more local issues….the kind that build resilience in times of climate change.

Even, for a brief moment, considered entering politics!!

In the artden I am becoming obsessed with the sonification of ‘climate change’, and having huge breakthroughs with my soil painting experiments, now with a driving soundtrack,

(A visit to my public Facebook timeline would probably be the easiest way to articulate where I am right now, if at all interested, in details of the meeting, my more recent mud related experiments and links to sonification ‘finds’!)

I feel like a creative octopus that wishes I could work all my arms at the same time!!

Perhaps a side step back into the beauty all around is exactly what I need right now!

So here are some pictures of some ‘ice beauty’, that my son called me outside to see, after he had tipped out the ice from the top of one of my soil buckets, a few days ago.

It was difficult to photograph well.

The ‘ice fronds’ were so 3D!

And this ‘ice forest’ formed under the surface….

I have never seen anything quite like this before.

Exquisite and short lived.

Aaah…that’s better….

And in an attempt to connect this better with the title of this season….

It feels so important, in these times, to strip away all the noise and flutter of our social ‘leaves’ and simply admire the bare, living, ‘bones’ of beauty that hold them all up to the light….and also always be curious enough to look for what lies under the surface….we might be surprised!

Intending to share some of my more muddy experiments next season…..

(The north wind just started to blow through my artden window as I type. Brrrrr.)

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