first frost 52/72

(working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Soko’ / frost falls, 23rd October- 6th November
Micro climate ‘first frost’ 23rd – 27th October

A quick one.

So many rainbows this season! No real frost yet, but feeling it in the air.

Another season passes when I have had little time to get ‘into the zone’.
All my new earth pigments and inks are ready, but somehow I am not! Too many other priorities. It all lies , laid out so invitingly, begging me to come and play….I am choosing to believe that there is reason behind this! There is something, some secret ingredient to this alchemy that I am missing.

As with the sun and rain chasing each other so fast across the sky, my focus shifts one way and the other.

I have joined a writing experiment online. Created by a fellow Treesister, Sandy Ibrahim. It is called ‘Writing in the Liminal: Emotional Wisdom in Chaotic Times”. The prompts are ‘right up my tree-lined alley’!
It involves digging deeper into some really huge questions and the experience is blowing me away! So many others expressing there too….so beautifully!

I am committed now, too, to this….perhaps this is what the painting side of my discipline is is ‘waiting for’…..? This deeper delving….

Sharing this work here too….all Rolling Om Productions!

My introductory Haiku.

We breathe her all in
Attempting now to breathe out
With grace and purpose.

Kat Robertson 14th October 2019

Prompt: What is the purpose of an emotion? Imagine you are explaining to an alien.

“I have already answered this question.”
“I have already answered this question”
comes the echoed reply, bouncing off some unseen barrier between the alien and I?
“I do not know how I feel when I see you”
I do not know how I feel when I see you” bounces back.
Is this the alien’s voice, or simply a cosmic echo?
“What is a human emotion for?”
What is a human emotion for?”
I feel frustrated and simply gaze at the alien.
It moves a little. Kind of like it waved. Shimmered for a moment.
I felt it’s shimmer.
“I feel and am guided by my emotions. All emotions seem rooted in love.” I answer anyway.
All I heard back was…..
I….am….All….in love.”
The alien shimmered again….became less apparent….it moved toward me.
Then I was inside it and was feeling everything.
Everything at once.
“This feels like love” I said.
This feels like love” echoed back.”Thank you!” I smiled.
Thank you !”
I could no longer see the alien…..but I felt it smile too.”

Kat Robertson October 28th 2019

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