wild geese return 49/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Kanro’ / cold dew, 8th – 22nd October
Micro climate ‘wild geese return’ 8th – 12th October

I think it’s finished now.
Called from a random squiggle to the simple request of ‘Show me.’
I am not sure I am qualified to call forth such ancient icons, but here they are.
And this was not easy to ‘birth’….or to share.
I am not sure still exactly why I feel so weird about it….( or should that be ‘wyrd’?), but I learn more, the more I sit with it….so with little ceremony, or attempted explanation…it takes its place in this, Rolling Om, documentation of mine….

‘The Whispering Fates’

The image above is photo-shopped to give it a white background.

The images below are ‘as is’ through the lens….

I went on long walks this season looking for local oak galls to make the ‘famous’ oak gall ink from, but could not find any. Lots of acorns though!

The alder stain is a joy to work with. Layers applied for depth of colour.
I made my own black ink using lamp-black, ground yurt charcoal and honey recipe…it did not work too well….although I will use it sometime, as it has its own, bitty, charm.

Then I remembered an old Chinese ink stick I already had. I researched what they are made of and discovered that they are almost the same….soot….some animal ‘glue’ perhaps…but it gives me the ‘black’ I felt I needed and has a delicious herbal smell.

I enjoyed adding prayer to the grinding process….waste not, want not….

(Struggling to connect this with ‘wild geese’, but just noticed what I doodled as a tester!)

A flock of wild geese did actually fly, very low, over my head last season, with some surprising, significant, connections with a Grandmother’s ceremony going on in America, but that is another story…..

And this bright blue is haunting me again, during my meditations, as the colour slowly leaves my garden plot……this is an un-doctored, cropped, picture of a Morning Glory flower, taken years ago in Corfu, with the sun shining through it….beauty, beauty, beauty….thank you Mother, thank you.

And as I type I am listening to this marvellous talk, by Rupert Sheldrake, on his theory of Morphic Resonance , that was jettisoned into my consciousness, today, in an online conversation…..perhaps this explains best this picture…..

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