insects hole up underground 47/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Shubun’ / autumn equinox, 23rd September – 7th October
Micro climate ‘insects hole up underground’ 28th September – 2nd October

Here is just a glimpse of some of the 100 dayers work in the fabulous 100 days project Scotland exhibition…..I did a better job of crediting as many artists as I could (with links to their web presence) on my Facebook Page ,but do not have the time today to do it again!
Just a visual walk through this time. Such a fun exhibition to be a tiny part of!

(click first image to open the gallery and see more of the story)

These are the new squiggles created, live, in the gallery space.
I am glad I did that, as the public did not quite seem to ‘get’ the concept, the ‘game’ of it and momentary creation aspect, unless they saw me actually doing it….

And here are a few pictures of Edinburgh city life….through my lens….

Here also are a few pictures taken in the tiny oasis, away from all the noise and clamor of the city, out the back of my old school friend’s flat, where I was staying….I need spaces like this to be able to cope with the city these days….

Now here is an insect related tale!

Leaving the relative safety of our hill always brings up a great deal of anxiety for me and one aspect of the city is always having to lock up and knowing where your keys/phone is. This seems to cause me more anxiety than anything else! I was forever worrying that I had not locked up properly or that I had lost my keys and/or the keys to my friend’s flat! We are far more relaxed about things like this up our back track, so I am simply not in the habit.
I love the wee tenement garden out the back of her flat and, when I stay with her, I always enjoy my routine of starting the day with a tobacco rollie and a coffee, ‘filling myself up’ with the peaceful green of her wee oasis, before heading out into the concrete jungle.
On a previous visit I had, very embarrassingly, locked myself out, in her tenement garden. I had forgotten to put the lock on the snib! There literally is no way back in, but luckily her next-door, ‘garden’, neighbour was in and had keys!! I was super conscious of this fact on this visit.
When I arrived I was saddened to hear that their wonderful cat Pepperpot had passed (he really was an amazingly beautiful and powerful cat) under quite mysterious circumstances….but delighted to meet their new, crazy (arn’t they all) kitten, Simba. He was, on no account, to be let out yet and he moves like lightening! My dear friend does not approve of my ongoing addition to tobacco and instructed me to smoke on the street side. Fair enough.
But I missed being in her garden so much that I formed strategies of kitten ‘control’ in order to do this….it was quite a palava, encouraging him into another room and closing a few doors before I opened the outside one…but it seemed to work and she relented.

So, on my very last morning, just before I left, I did this and opened the back door……


I had already been admiring the work of this beautiful spider across her door, on previous mornings, and am not phobic at all, but this web was ENORMOUS, I lterally wlked into the centre of it! The shock of this threw me, and more concerned that this large spider was in my hair, I heard the door ‘click’ shut!!

Not again!! How embarrassing!

Luckily her daughter had not gone to school that day and I was able to knock on her bedroom window, she woke and then woke her Mum, who let me in….

So I became the insect! Caught in the web of this magnificent arthropod!

And I did feel like ‘holing up underground’ after that!

So I survived all the city adventures and experienced the most glorious, 4 hour, drive back home, loaded with spices and treats from the Indian supermarket, IKEA and the Loch Fyne Oysters that I picked up along the way. Another dear school friend, in Glasgow, was in (which is unusual) so stopped and had a great catch up and coffee with her too.

It truly was lovely to return to the peace and autumnal shine of our hill and I am looking forward now to finishing the trailer, a drawing I am working on and falling into a deeper winter practice with less pressure to perform.
Closer again to this beloved Nature, with so much space for dreaming.
Supported and entranced by the ever-changing wonder all around.
I welled up with gratitude and deep love for my family on my return and this place I now call home.
It was lovely to go on adventures, but, perhaps with age, I feel like a bit like I never want to go anywhere again….for it it is all here. Everything I need, and more.
My roots sigh as they work their way deeper into this knowing….
Letting go again….

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