swallows leave 45/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Hakuro’ / white dew, 8th September – 22nd September
Micro climate ‘swallows leave’ 18th – 22nd September.

As so often happens with this project I was treated to the most spectacular vision of ‘white dew’ one dawn after creating the last post of that title! But still within the season!

I was pretty busy this season, what with supporting the youth strikes (see video from one local strike in Oban below) and spontaneously enabling a community event of our own!

I attended the Lochgilphead youth strike (not this one) and had hoped to record it, but due to getting involved in a car share, I, sadly, left my camera in my car, so was unable to do this!
I am so heart is so buoyed to see our local area waking up to these issues.
It makes a lot more sense when one is enabled to attend events less than 100 miles away!
A huge thank you to all the students involved!
Trust in our children to bring these issues home.

Climate Strike from Andrew Holder on Vimeo.

A by-product of our community action. My own Earth Flower Bloomed!
To see the documentation of Community Action (and this piece) please visit previous posts.

Inspired, by this wonder full day, playing with mud, I wondered if I could create a new logo for this blog.
I have always particularly loved the eye in the foot of my original goddess. It speaks volumes, for me, of this sacred connection.
Playing with this took me on a bit of a journey.
None of the images I made seemed to capture the pure beauty of the first, simple, footprints image.
Sometimes, I believe, we all have a tendency to over complicate matters…..

Returning to the intention of this project…..

I was not treated to our usual display as the housemartin youngsters took their flying lessons in preparation.
I hope this is not yet another sign of climate change.
We only had one nest on our house this year and they were swallows.
I do recall one day when I became aware of them all lining up on our gutters. I chatted with them and wished them luck.

Now all is quiet. The sky no longer full of their wheeling, chattering. The leaves are turning.

On the way to the climate youth strike (it really was the most stunning day. I could not help feeling that this was also in support of all this climate action!) I did capture the wonderful mists lingering over the hills near here though. Shrouding them in magic.

And on my return…. this interesting cloud.
The only cloud in an otherwise clear blue sky. I loved the drama of it and its silver lining.

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