Community Earth/Mud Flower blossoms in Ardfern, Scotland.

Inspired by micro-galleries: Change the World in small and creative ways, I was struck by a very simple idea! And despite the 21st September being only a day away, I could not get it out of my head!
So I just went and did it!

It was the most beautiful day. A bit windy, but the sun was shining. (It was actually quite a hot day for Autumn in Scotland….a sign of climate change?)
I rose early with the dawn and sat, as is my habit, just listening to the Earth and asked for guidance and help with making this happen. Then I walked out to a place where no livestock or dog walkers ever go and dug a hole, gathering a bucket full of ‘clean’ earth, whispering my intentions as I did so, and thanking her.
I collected together the necessary materials (including hand washing ‘basin’ and towels) then I drove the short distance to the village.
I set up in the centre of our small, sleepy, village community, wrestling with the big paper in the wind, pinning it on the huge, inviting, building-site hoarding currently dominating the village ‘green’.
There was a handy tap there and I prepared some MUD.
I marked out the circle. Made a space.
I put my two, earth-muddy, hand prints on the paper and just prayed that there would be enough passing hands to make the idea a reality….and there were!
A Community Earth Flower Blossomed!
40 or so passers by added their muddy prints to the work. I added a little poster paint colour to the mix as we went along to differentiate the layers. We even attempted to get some doggy paw-prints, but soon discovered that our canine friends are not keen on working on the vertical!
A friend brought me a surprise afternoon tea, complete with elegant little table!….and a lovely day was had by all… lovely to see so many willingly ‘get their hands dirty for the Earth’!!

(Click on image to see larger and to see a bit more of the story)

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