wagtails sing 44/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Hakuro’ / white dew, 8th September – 22nd September
Micro climate ‘wagtails sing’ 13th – 17th September.

We actually have seen the grey wagtail quite frequently in our garden recently, but never when I have a camera handy! Bobbing about.

Inspired by an initiative called ‘Listen to the Earth‘ I have been introduced to recently, I have been sitting and watching the dawn every morning this mirco-season. Listening with my whole body. Imagine this with a, healthy, morning chorus soundtrack. It is one of the best ways to begin the day!
I think I will listen to the audio clip in this link and see, tomorrow, if I can identify it’s call in the chorus…..

I am often amazed at how divine synchronicity seems to plot my path these days….not only have I been reminded of this simple powerful, ‘earthing’, work, but the Treesister‘s Full Moon Embody call, I joined last night, was all about ’embodying’ nature, and employing all the senses, allowing, fully, all this ‘outside’ in.

Now…..just look at the latest piece that is growing out of a larger, squiggle, experiment I started a week or so ago!
Made the same way as the simple, biro, ‘squiggles’, but on a larger scale and in pencil. Squiggle…then see what presents.
The Norns! Being heard!
Definitely tuning in….
Also I got a nudge, from a local friend, today, re-gathering in healing circle and it looks like 3 of us might be ‘listening to the earth’ together on Monday at 2.30pm (autumn equinox and just before the UN climate summit) with the above project!
Did I weave this into my reality? Probably not, but I do notice these things.

The build/development of tiny gallery intuitively continues.

This is now the fun bit…..

I have found some neglected, old, rusted, corrugated tin and installed it as a ‘fire guard’ behind my wee wood burner. I just love this element-worn texture and colour. The work of water on metal.
I intend to break up the straight edges with other found metal bits, dreamed it had loads of blossoms on it all made out of beer bottle tops, so I guess it is also becoming a tree…

And on the subject of textures….for anyone who did not quite ‘get’ my comment on how ‘wood + fire = water’, in last season’s post… here a couple of shots that illustrate that better!

I have been keeping my eyes open for, quirky, storage solutions for the Gaia-hut and I have scored this, well loved, doll’s house from our ‘dump’ shop for £5! Perfect!

(Not sure where all the, (stupidly cheap), wooden, hexagon boxes I have already ordered from ebay have got to….late in arriving…. but they will also be included as a ‘beehive’ of storage, if they ever get here….and if they do not all fit I can always paint them and make ‘magikal’ objects to sell in my shop.)

The two halves of this dolls house fit together, back to back….the holes are a good size for reaching into and will hold ‘stuff’ well, when in motion.
I intend to paint them the same colour as the trailer walls, perhaps even with real-slate roofs, and create two shelf units.
I can see them multi-tasking as part of the puppet show too and, still, also, as a toy for younger visitors…I do need to half the width of both though.
On the to-do list.

The inside-out (or is that the outside-in?) theme of the Gaia-hut continues!

Then there is what to do with what remains, after recycling the dubious, plastic, characters and furniture, of the contents of this dolls house?!!
I had some fun with that today, for this blog!

So I sit here now, with wet knees, from playing in the garden with my new tiny family.
Such fun.
Once, in a deep, processing, led meditation, I was required to ask my 8 year old self what she wanted to say to me now.
My 8 year old self was absolutely furious that I had stopped making houses for fairies in the woods!
I feel she is happier now. Looking forward to playing more…I have some strong ideas for climate change related work,….and, again, can see that they might play a part in the puppet show too….
They are all watching me now as I type, back in the dry artden…..happy to be loved again.

For the rest of the day I am going to be painting my, old, sandwich board brilliant white (using up old pots of paint), in preparation for my trip to Edinburgh.
I will be using it to display the #100daysquiggles as part of the 100 Days Project Scotland exhibition next week…where I hope to sit ‘in gallery’ doing some ‘live’ squiggling.

And then I plan to, lovingly hand-sew, up the hem of a beautiful, vintage, kimono I treated myself to, last time I was there, in July.
The photographs do not do this vintage fabric justice. It has more of a glow to it.
All hand sewn and, possibly, even, real silk!
It was stunning long, I felt like an elegant mermaid wearing it it, but it was too long.
I hope to wear this at the opening event of the exhibition.

I had to take a new photograph of myself for the exhibition bio. This is it. I have also made it my new gravatar for this blog. I rarely share photographs of myself….but I like this one!
Wagging my, autumnal, tail and ‘singing’ in my element.

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