rice ripens 42/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Shosho’ / manageable heat, 23rd August – 7th September
Micro climate ‘rice ripens’ 2nd – 7th September.

Aaaah….how I love this letting go….this gathering in….the simple need to light a fire.

A change in the light.

Now privileged to rise with the dawn again.

I breathe in the open fear and controlled panic of those that are awakening and breathe out only LOVE.

She has succeeded, at last, in getting our collective attention.

My only duty now is to continue loving her.

Like the tiny wren, perched in the branches of this sprawling thorn singing out with whole body. Alert and quick. Responsive.

A ripe blackberry sits in my palm.

A fruit of many seeds. Clinging together in shining fullness. Packed with goodness and nutrients. The light bounces off it’s impenetrable dark skin, reflecting the sky and my skin tones. A gift. So many gifts! To be baked, or stewed, made into jam, processed, or simply popped into the mouth to savor, fresh and sharp.

It’s juice royally purples my hungry fingers.

And, as I gather, occasional thorns snag my jacket. I am learning to avoid them. Snaking my arm through those grabbing tendrils and using a stick to pull down the higher branches.

And I sing with gratitude as I pluck them to add to my humble basket.

A dazzling array of fruits, in different stages of ripeness, hanging on this veracious, sprawling, unthinking, rubus.

What once were innocent white star-like blossoms, replaced by almost sinful, dark, inviting, deep, sensational, fruits.

The rain their juice, the sun their sweetness.

“What distinguishes the blackberry from its raspberry relatives is whether or not the torus (receptacle or stem) “picks with” (i.e., stays with) the fruit. When picking a blackberry fruit, the torus stays with the fruit. With a raspberry, the torus remains on the plant, leaving a hollow core in the raspberry fruit.”

I find myself praying that the torus remains with the fruits of this awakening for all of our digestion and healthy nutrition!

Rather be a blackberry, my torus intact, than a ‘hollow’ raspberry!

One year ago I was engaged in a personal, physical, war with this veracious shrub. Protecting ‘others’, less ferocious, from it’s strangling shade….until I learned how it can be an effective, natural, protective, nursery for trees…..now I work with it….and rejoice in its bounty….and weep as I see my husband wield his strimmer, (so helplessly attached to fuel), feeling like he has won, at least for now….

All I now see, where he has been, is ‘less’…..

This is a tiny evolution….

Some other shots from this micro season…

‘Wren: The little king’

The wren has been very prominent in my awareness recently. Accompanying me often in my work outside. Darting around.

This wonderful, tiny, embossed paper artwork hangs in my artden.

Born from the rough hands of one of the most creative and ‘magically nature connected’ men I have ever met. A man who talks the language of changing seasons and who taught me to walk my bicycle up hills on those longer journeys. A real older ‘Dicken’ to my more youthful ‘Mary’, of ‘Secret Garden’ fame.

A hugely prolific local creative. A talented wood worker and enthusiastic communicator and teacher. Affectionately dubbed ‘Martin of Kilmartin’, so much did he contribute to that community, although himself an incomer, from Derbyshire.

But he is older now and seems to be suffering, due to the lack of love for nature (and each other) he witnesses around him. He appears more bitter, tough and, not a little , angry.

He has no access to the re-love-ution I witness here online. He does not deal in these illusions.

I miss seeing him on his exhaustive travels by bicycle and foot from a to b. But I send him love every time I see this tiny (3cm x 3cm) work of love (originally carved from boxwood) and hope he still has the energy in his old bones to pop up here (like he always used to), again, one day. Perhaps it is time to actively seek him out again….and let him know, personally, how I celebrate his existence.

He has written on the back ‘Wren: The little king‘. The link is to the old Celtic tale involving this tiny bird.

I read it now, not as ‘cunning and cleverness’, but as the ability to see the whole picture.

The feminine rising, through working with what is already there. Working with all that is provided to ‘beat’ the hierarchical, patriarchy….and who highlights this truth in flying higher and hiding deeper….the brave little bird who dares to try……

Inspired also to dig out this pendant he gifted me many years ago. He gave a few of these to people he cared about.
The wood is inlaid into a cross section of deer antler….I always see the moon in that ‘knot’ too….and the shape of a foot.

I think I might begin wearing it again.

deer antler and wood pendant

Next ‘act of creativity’ will be installing the wood burner in the Gaia-hut.

I spent yesterday sewing a futon to size as a cot-bed. It fits perfectly. Soon it will be a cozy retreat way from the box/cage-house, and I will be closer to the land.

Dreaming and weaving my shrill, tiny, song into this new narrative…..perched in a sprawling mass of fruit bearing thorns….


  1. kathieace

    OH Kat-such magnificence! All my love Kathie


    *I wish to acknowledge that I live on the traditional lands of the Blackfoot, Cree and Saulteaux First Nations (Treaties 6 & 7) and Metis Nation Region 3. I pay my respects to traditional indigenous elders past, present, and future.*

    Kathie Wallace Re-connecting Wholeness coaching counselling practice BSW SSW Dip. HBA Eng. Alberta, Canada PHONE: No phone E-MAIL: kw7058@gmail.com FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/kathie.wallace.11

    On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 6:21 AM ROLLING OM PRODUCTIONS wrote:

    > Kat Robertson posted: ” working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season > micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters) Japanese > season called ‘Shosho’ / manageable heat, 23rd August – 7th SeptemberMicro > climate ‘rice ripens’ 2nd – 7th September. ” >

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