heat starts to die down 41/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Shosho’ / manageable heat, 23rd August – 7th September
Micro climate ‘heat starts to die down’ 28th August – 1st September.

Heat is really dying down…but rain and wind factors are on the increase!
Could not beat the rain the other day so decided to play with it!
Got out all our metal pots and recorded the sound of the rain playing them.
Then made prints by rolling black poster paint onto a sheet of glass and letting the rain ‘paint’ them…taking mono-prints with paper.
Quite pleased with these and resulting video.
Clever rain.

rain print collection with rain sound track from Kat Robertson on Vimeo.

And right now…..it’s the wind….spun round to a new direction….from the North now…..currently 36mph, but predicted to go up to 45mph within the next couple of hours…..cannot settle to anything….have to keep checking the tent tipi ‘workshop’ …and watching out of the window….had to re-peg a couple of times already as ground is pretty soft….going to be an unsettling afternoon!

Gaia is testing me!

tentipi in 45mph winds from Kat Robertson on Vimeo.

The wee Gaia-hut is standing strong and stable though…..no problems there! Grateful we did not have this wind during the opening!
Here are a few more pictures of it, with a different ‘display’ for the 2nd weekend, and other random pics from this dramatic weather season and had to share this well-dressed caterpillar I caught basking in a quick sunny moment!

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