#100dayssquiggle journey is complete!


100 squiggles.

100 days.

Each day I’d do squiggle, quickly, in biro, then bring to life….or ‘drawn it out’ as I got used to saying!
It was important to me to ‘not think’ too much….just to allow it……the average time taken on each one was about 20 minutes. Some came more easily than others.

Then I took a photograph, reduced the size and photoshopped a good, white, background onto it, to publish online.

The first ones are often squiggled in strange corners of scrap paper, but no.s 70 – 100 are at least captured, as originals, in a sketchbook!

Quite a curious collection all together!

They have proved more popular on Facebook than any of my other creative experiments! Some of which took me days and days to complete….

I guess we live in a bite-sized world.

Comments have been many and varied!

Many suggested I do this on Instagram or other 1-pic -a day sites… I am looking into it….. and it tickled me that someone used them as a calendar to help him stay off the booze for a while! Nice to be of service! But the comment I treasure most is the observation that they are so full of LIFE….

Lots of empty pages left in the sketchbook.

Perhaps I’ll keep this book only for squiggles….
I am already missing the process of doing them, the relinquishing of ‘all of me’ to this simple act.

Now I have to work out a fun way to display them for 100 Days Project Scotland exhibition, Edinburgh, in September!

A flick book perhaps? Or a memory card game?

(Aaargh…just counted and I must have missed a day….or does the animation of HOW they grow count!? Ahhh no….it’s just that one day I did two squiggles in one day to catch up…..)

One comment

  1. linea310

    Love these Kat – so varied & interesting & lively! Fun to see all 100 at once & to see the video example of how they developed. You are amazing!! Love you ~

    Liked by 1 person

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