earth is damp, air is humid 35/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Taisho’/ greater heat, 23rd July until 7th August.
Micro climate ‘earth is damp, air is humid’ 29th July – 2nd August.

Struggling still with procrastination and postponement.
This is it! I have set myself up. Must complete!
The gallery (No.10) is due to open on the 22nd, for the Argyll ArtMap open gallery exhibition weekends….and I still have much work still to do! So much I am reluctant to share photos, as it does not yet look like much has changed!
I have promised to take some work to another, connective, ArtMap organised, exhibition today or tomorrow…and, as the weather is clearing now, I am not sure where my priorities lie…dash out to build…or get to work on the gallery, so I have a less stressed day tomorrow?
I have to prepare, and work out, display of another exhibition in Edinburgh with my ‘100 Days Project Scotland’ squiggles (25th-29th September)….only 4 more squiggle days left!
But here I am, still in my nightie, at nearly mid-day, scrabbling to keep up with this project…struggling to suppress other urgent ‘inspirations’…and very aware that my children’s summer holidays are drawing to a close….so must devote some more time to them to them too!

“Breathe, Kat, breathe”… inner guides tell me. “Do not let your anxiety re-almost anything ‘real’, participatory, doom you to failure before you have even begun….slow and steady….one step at a time….”

The season’s name fits.

The dry air was replaced by thick, misty, humid winds just yesterday.

Summer storms brew on every side….our internet constantly threatened…

Dodging heavy downpours to try and get on with the build….

To keep this entry simple I think I will share some moments with the Painted Ladies that currently are migrating across our lands (along with a few native Peacock butterflies)….and some pictures of horizons shrouded in mist from yesterday…..taken at Southend, Argyll, near the Keil’s caves, on a family picnic, after the sea mists rolled in on us….

I feel like a butterfly, jumping from one project to the next, just to keep on ‘flying’ and a ‘mist shrouded horizon’ seems the perfect analogy for what we , as a planet, are now looking toward….

Also I cannot resist sharing this wee notice we spotted in a window in Oban yesterday….as this really made us smile!

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