paulownia trees produce seeds 34/72

working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters)

Japanese season called ‘Taisho’/ greater heat, 23rd July until 7th August.
Micro climate ‘paulownia trees produce seeds’ 23rd – 28th July.

Paulownia trees?
Loving, Living and Learning! (the 3 ‘L’s ?)
Had to look online to see what these were!

This is Paulownia tomentosa, the princess tree, or foxglove tree. Never seen anything like it around here. Lots and lots of foxgloves though!

The record UK temperatures are the most notable natural aspect in this season….this season of ‘greater heat’.

Here in Argyll this is accompanied by heavy humidity and unpredictable winds…..winds which carry an apocalyptic scent and that smash up my garden terribly.

Air that feels thin, lacking and ‘used up’, blows up from the south.

The contrast, the peace and lushness here, (and the unpredictable outdoors), has plunged me into a space of deep thought and re-evaluation after our trip to the city.

So happy to be able to return to this idyll in the hills. To escape the urgency.

But the very slowness of Time here creates a confusion.

“Settle down.” my consciousness whispers.

“Root again”

Back to walking barefoot, in the rain, around our house and garden. Back to having all my precious things around me. Back to that dreaming space……..back to eternal gratitude for all that surrounds…even my crazy family!

It is o.k. to rest a while……the tiny gallery build is going nowhere…it can wait a day or so more….

Besides…’s not as if I have been doing nothing the last week!
Here are some of the designs I have been playing with for Extinction Rebellion….

I have been automatic writing/journalling alot too, dealing with HUGE thoughts and revelations.
Key words this ‘micro-climate’ have been:

(I like how the verb and noun are the same….)

There are pages and pages of incomplete, skeletal, poems…

Also a brutal questioning of ‘right action’ in these times….my inner rebel is screaming at me NOT to affiliate with the protest/action, I can still support this Rising, but I am called instead to continue with my own curious, responsive, experiments of wonder and celebration, with even more intended focus and stillness….

I have been feeling pulled, stretched in different directions….time to ‘work’ again…

As a response to this ‘stretched feeling’ I created this, combining all the logos for my favorite ’causes’, as a way of bringing it all together again…..ONE Earth…..ONE LOVE.

And I have also begun this….painted in Chinese ink and now coloured with touches of pastel….I call it ‘Remember who we really are.’
It was inspired by one of my recent pavement art experiments….I felt it was worth ‘working up’ from the stone, as a large 2D piece…(this is nearly A1!)

It conveys better than words some of the deep melancholy I have been processing….

So……many ‘seeds’ produced, but none of the Paulownia tree!


  1. linea310

    Dearest Kat – Your combining of the 3 logos touches me deeply as does the weeping moth. Thank you for continuing this project & sharing it. Sweet to see your growing plants. Much love to you.

    Liked by 1 person

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